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NY Sues Beef Giant Over 'Greenwashing'

Lawsuit seeks court order for JBS to end 'Net Zero by 2040' campaign

(Newser) - Brazilian beef giant JBS made "sweeping representations to consumers" about plans to become more environmentally friendly when no such plans existed, New York Attorney General Letitia James says in a lawsuit over alleged "greenwashing." The lawsuit against the American arm of the world's largest meat producer...

We Probably Didn't Have a Meat Shortage After All

House panel report: Tyson, other meat-processing companies made 'baseless' claims of scarcity

(Newser) - Workers at meat-processing plants were forced to clock in to work during the early days of the pandemic, thanks to an executive order out of the Trump administration deeming them essential workers amid what was said to be a beef and pork shortage. Except now it seems that last part...

Ranchers' Beef: Slogan Isn't American Enough

Cattle producers say marketing campaign is milking them to pay for foreign, fake products

(Newser) - Cattle producers for 35 years have been bankrolling one of the nation's most iconic marketing campaigns, but now many want to end the program that created the “Beef. It's What's for Dinner” slogan. What's the ranchers' beef? It's that their mandatory fee of $1...

Where's the (Cheap) Beef? US Prices Soar

Cattle population at 1951 levels

(Newser) - Another downside of weird weather: Beef prices have hit a record high. "All-fresh" USDA choice-grade beef had a retail value of $5.28 a pound in February; the year before, it was $4.28. A few years before that, in 2008, it was just $3.97. At about 87....

8.7M Lbs. of 'Diseased, Unsound' Meat Recalled

California-based firm's beef, veal products weren't properly inspected

(Newser) - Bad news for Americans who consume food, specifically of the meat variety: California-based Rancho Feeding Corporation is recalling some 8.7 million pounds of beef and veal products after feds determined that it "processed diseased and unsound animals and carried out these activities without the benefit or full benefit...

McDonald's: We'll Serve Sustainable Beef ... Someday

First step: Define 'sustainable beef'

(Newser) - McDonald's hopes someday all its beef will come from sustainable sources—but there's a lot of work standing between it and that lofty goal, CNBC reports. One key step: figuring out just what sustainable beef is. "There hasn't been a universal definition," the company says...

Ikea's Meatball Mess Spreads to 24 Countries

Meanwhile, frozen burger sales take huge dive in UK

(Newser) - Ikea's horse-meatball mess continues to grow. The retailer has now stopped offering meatballs in 24 European countries, der Spiegel reports. The company explained in a statement that, "The sales stop concerns meatballs manufactured by one supplier in Sweden and applies to all European countries except for Norway, Russia,...

Jamie Oliver, ABC Sued Over 'Pink Slime'

Former beef worker says phrase figured in his firing

(Newser) - The war over pink slime has resurfaced: Now, a former beef worker is suing TV chef Jamie Oliver, ABC News, and a food blogger for using the unappealing term . Bruce Smith brought the lawsuit after he and some 750 others were fired from a company that makes lean, finely textured...

McDonald's Dumps Beef Plant Linked to Abuse

Joins In-N-Out in exodus over video of abused cows

(Newser) - McDonald's is quickly backing away from the California beef plant linked to animal abuse in an undercover video that's reverberating around the meat industry, reports ABC News . The fast-food joint joins In-N-Out as the second major chain to dump Central Valley Meat after the feds shut it down,...

Pink Slime Maker's Plants to Officially Close

Just one to remain open, at reduced capacity

(Newser) - In March, Beef Products Inc. halted work at 75% of its plants—and those conveyor belts will remain off. The purveyor of pink slime will close processing plants in three states this month because of the controversy surrounding its meat product, company officials announced yesterday. About 650 jobs will be...

Mad Cow Was Lame, 'Recumbent'

Animal was 10 years old: USDA

(Newser) - Officials previously said that the California Holstein with mad cow disease had shown no signs of the illness . Now they say it was lame and had taken to lying down, the AP reports. It was "humanely euthanized after it developed lameness and became recumbent," according to the USDA....

Mad Cow Discovery? Chalk It Up to Pure Luck

Infected cow showed no signs of the disease

(Newser) - This may not help you sleep better tonight. The discovery of mad cow disease in California was the result of ... luck, reports the AP . It explains that the state's dead cows are transported to a central California facility, where a very small number of the carcasses are tested. Officials...

S. Korea Stores Yank US Beef Over Mad Cow

Mad Cow scare affects two major retailers, but EU, Japan keeping cool

(Newser) - Two of South Korea's biggest grocery chains have temporarily halted the sale of US beef in response to the latest mad cow scare . "Not that there were any quality issues in the meat," a spokesman for the country's third-largest chain tells the AP , "but because...

Ammonia an Ingredient in More Than Pink Slime

Health officials gave ammonium hydroxide the OK in 1974

(Newser) - If you were appalled by the revelation that the meat industry grinds up beef byproducts and gives them a nice ammonia bath, steel yourself: Experts say ammonia compounds are pretty commonly used in food. Ammonium hydroxide, which was given the OK by health officials in 1974, is added to milk...

Pink Slime-Loving Governor Has Task for Congress

...figure out source of the 'smear campaign' against the 'healthy, safe' product

(Newser) - He tried chowing down on pink slime, but Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is ready to take his lean-finely-textured-beef-love one step further: He wants Congress to pitch in. Branstad on Monday called for a congressional investigation into how the pink slime "smear campaign" began. Of course, Branstad has his own...

Beef Industry Pins Bullseye on Gen Twitter

'MBA' certificate program aimed at 21 and younger demographic

(Newser) - After a five-decade slide in US meat consumption, the national beef industry is enlisting college students across the country in its public relations fight for America's hearts, minds, and stomachs. The Masters of Beef Advocacy program, or MBA, typically recruits farmers, ranchers, high-end chefs and school dietitians to spread...

Beef Industry Fights Back Against Michael Pollan

Agriculture students getting lesson in PR warfare

(Newser) - The beef industry realizes it's taken a beating in the public relations department from the likes of Michael Pollan, and it's attempting to lay the groundwork for a comeback. An industry-funded online program called the Masters of Beef Advocacy has trained 3,000 students and farmers in the art of...

Danger Lurks in Ammonia-Treated School Lunch Beef
Danger Lurks in Ammonia-Treated School Lunch Beef
it's in fast food burgers, too

Danger Lurks in Ammonia-Treated School Lunch Beef

E. coli, salmonella found in product exempted from testing

(Newser) - Most school lunches and fast-food burgers contain processed beef, a product considered so safe from contamination that the USDA exempted it from meat testing—but that has in fact been found to include E. coli and salmonella, according to a lengthy expose in the New York Times . The product, made...

Vaccine Tested to Prevent E. Coli-Tainted Beef

Cattle vaccine could curb strain of deadly bacteria

(Newser) - New vaccines are being tested that could make tainted beef scandals a thing of the past. The vaccines—currently undergoing large-scale trials after decades of bureaucratic delays—make cattle immune to the strain of E.Coli that kills dozens and sickens thousands of Americans every year. Scientists believe the combination...

US, S. Korea Reach Beef Deal
 US, S. Korea Reach Beef Deal 

US, S. Korea Reach Beef Deal

Imported US meat must come from cattle younger than 30 months

(Newser) - All US beef imported into South Korea will come from cattle less than 30 months old, officials said today, in a deal made to placate South Korean protesters worried about mad cow disease. Nonetheless, thousands of protesters returned to the streets of Seoul, calling for a complete renegotiation of an...

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