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Wine Consumption Slips as Millennials Turn Elsewhere

Baby boomers had kept sales flowing until now

(Newser) - In another what-is-it-with-millennials moment, they've been found to be drinking less wine than their elders. Consumption fell last year in the US for the first time since 1994, a 0.9% drop, the Wall Street Journal reports. An industry researcher said baby boomers had driven the good years. "... More »

Grape-Harvesting Accident Claims Napa Worker's Life

Leon Marcelo Lua was 49

(Newser) - A grim work-related death out of California's Wine Country, where a Napa man working at Beaucanon Winery's Deconinck Vineyards got pulled into a grape harvesting machine with fatal results. KTVU identifies the victim as Leon Marcelo Lua, 49. The San Francisco Chronicle reports his clothing got caught in... More »

US Is Making More Wine, but Italy Is Crushing Us

And overall, there's going to be 5% less wine made this year

(Newser) - It may be too early for panic buying, but wine production has taken a hit from climate events this year and is close to a 20-year low, the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) warns. According to estimates released Thursday, global wine production will be down around 5% for... More »

Wasps: The Wine Lover's Best Friend?

The insects leave behind yeast from their guts

(Newser) - Wasps: What are they good for, again? Wine-making, for one thing. Scientists say that wine drinkers can thank wasps and hornets for the complex aroma and taste of their favorite vino, NPR reports. The insects help by biting grapes on the vine and leaving behind yeast from their guts that... More »

After Pouring a $300 Bottle, White House Mum on Wine

Ends state dinner tradition of releasing info about the wine list

(Newser) - Last night, British PM David Cameron enjoyed his very first taste of March Madness, compliments of President Obama. At tonight's state dinner, he'll likely enjoy some American wine as well—but don't expect too many details about the winery, year, or appellation. That's because Obama put... More »

Forget Snobbery: Drink Cheap Wine

You won't be able to tell the difference: Brian Palmer

(Newser) - Studies have shown that wine drinkers can’t tell the difference between cheap and expensive bottles, and may actually prefer the cheap stuff in a blind taste test—so why are we still paying at least 15 bucks for a supposedly “everyday” bottle of wine? Because, as other studies... More »

Finally, World-Class Wine From Japan

Critics applaud vino from local grape

(Newser) - For decades, critics wouldn’t give Japan’s wine industry a second sniff—but a new wine from a local grape could change all that. One firm’s koshu wine has won over taste buds from France to the US, the Guardian reports. The “crisp and pleasant” Cuvée... More »

French Wines Wither Under Climate Change

Industry pushes President Sarkozy for carbon emission cut

(Newser) - A warming world has French winemakers sweating more than a little, experts tell the Financial Times. “Current research suggests that by the end of the 21st century, one summer out of two will be at least as hot as 2003,” the year of a record-breaking heat wave that... More »

In Search of Profit, Tobacco Farms Morph Into Vineyards

(Newser) - A falloff in demand and an end to subsidies has tobacco farmers across the country turning to the vino, the Wall Street Journal reports—farming grapes and making wine, that is. “The small-plot tobacco farmer is a thing of the past,” says a North Carolina wine official, who... More »

Chianti Makers Not Toasting Powdered Wine

(Newser) - Angry Italian winemakers say a product that changes water into wine is more insulting than miraculous, Der Spiegel reports. The vintners complain that the "wine powder," made by a Swiss company that caters to hikers, is a "terrible copy" of Italy's Chianti and gives the entire... More »

S. African Wines Aim to Put Brakes on 'Burnt Rubber' Rap

Exporters try to cast off a critic's harsh judgment

(Newser) - South African is the ninth-largest producer of wine, with several distinctive varietals that should be poised to break into the global marketplace, the New York Times reports. But the country’s wines have been dogged by comments made in 2007 by an influential British wine critic, who said after a... More »

Genetically Altered Yeast Ends Wine Hangovers

But remedy doesn't sit well with purists

(Newser) - A Canadian scientist has found a genetically modified hangover cure. He distributes an altered yeast, MLo1—which eliminates compounds that cause headaches in red and many white wines—to 40 winemakers in the US and Canada. But some vintners and winos are resisting the genetic alteration of their craft, which... More »

US' Yellow Tail Fever Taints Aussie Wines

Australia's bargain reputation hurts exports of primo stuff

(Newser) - Droughts, wildfires, and weak currency have hurt Australia's wine exports—but for losing their reputation as premium vintners, the Aussies have no one but themselves to blame. When $7 Yellow Tail flooded US markets three years ago, "Australia made itself synonymous with cut-rate, generic wines," Mike Steinberger writes... More »

In Recession, Wine Drinking Falls—But Not in US

(Newser) - Shun that bottle and save your euros: That's what French and Italians are saying as the recession cuts into wine consumption—but only in traditional lands of the vine. New World drinkers are still sipping steadily, with US tippling surpassing Italy's for the first time. After years of non-stop growth,... More »

In Wine Market, a Bubble Has Burst

Futures sales in trouble after years of spiraling prices

(Newser) - The most serious wine collectors buy their bottles "en primeur"—paying vineyards for futures of wines that haven't been produced yet. Futures prices for wine had spiraled higher and higher in recent years, even for inferior vintages, as a new class of big spenders moved into the market.... More »

Winemakers Hope Obamas Help Rekindle Sales

Domestic producers expect Obamas will continue to drive sales

(Newser) - President Barack Obama’s affinity for wine is the toast of American winemakers, hopeful that after eight years of teetotalling rule, the new first family will boost domestic sales, Reuters reports. Obama reportedly has a 1,000-bottle cellar in his new $1.65 million Chicago home, drawing raves from oenophiles.... More »

Rising Star: Washington Syrah

Syrah hailed the new American ZInfandel

(Newser) - Heavy-handed treatment of Zinfandel has left American palates lusting for big wines that don't blow you away, Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher write in the Wall Street Journal. Syrahs from Washington state—which has more than 550 wineries—have replaced Zins as "the most exciting red wines being made... More »

How-to Guides for New Tipplers

Five new guides to seasonal cheer

(Newser) - The holiday season tends to produce a glut of books on wine, and while all primers leave out the most important part—actual bottles—five new reads get a once-over by Eric Asimov in the New York Times.
  • Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course, by Andrew Jefford: a "poetically inspirational"
... More »

New Wine Season Begins; Merchants See Slower Sales

(Newser) - Today is the third Thursday of November, which makes it a holiday of sorts for wine merchants: Beaujolais Day. It's the first day of the year (as dictated by French law) that the first wine of the season—Beaujolais Nouveau, made from Gamay grapes—can be sold worldwide. Wine purists... More »

Comic Becomes Bible of Asia's Wine Culture

Wannabe oenophiles takes cues from The Drops of the Gods

(Newser) - What do Freddie Mercury and a Jean-François Millet painting have in common? Both have been used to describe wine in The Drops of the Gods, a Japanese comic series that’s quickly becoming the go-to wine literature in Asia, reports the New York Times. Customers tend to ask for... More »

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