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Judge Bans Teen From Sex Before Marriage

19-year-old Idaho man committed statutory rape

(Newser) - An Idaho judge has ordered a 19-year-old man not to have sex with anyone before he marries as part of his sentencing for the statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl. Judge Randy Stoker sentenced Cody Duane Scott Herrera of Twin Falls to five to 15 years in prison, but he...

Exactly 2 Premarital Sex Partners Ups Divorce Rate

For women, that is

(Newser) - A new study out of the University of Utah finds that women with either no sexual partners or one—most typically, her future spouse—before marriage are the least likely to get divorced within five years; women with 10 or more are the most. A closer look at the numbers,...

Indonesia Looks to Ban Black Magic, Premarital Sex

Practitioners face 5 years in jail

(Newser) - Indonesian lawmakers are considering a new criminal code that probably won't do much to hold the country up as a bastion of modern thinking. Among the proposals in the new code, drafted by a team led by a conservative Muslim scholar:
  • Premarital sex: Five years in prison
  • Singles living

Catholic 'Guilt' Over Sex Is a Myth: Poll

Other religious folk feel guiltier about such things

(Newser) - Catholics feel no more guilty than any other religious people about "sinful" sexual activities like premarital sex and the use of pornography, according to a British survey. In fact, Catholics are slightly below average on the "guilt-o-meter," with only 14% saying they feel guilty compared to an...

Premarital Sex Isn't Just OK— It's Healthier

Sexual morality isn't about timing: Jill Filipovic

(Newser) - With conservatives touting a wait-until-marriage stance on sex, it's time for "sex-positive liberals" to state things clearly and unequivocally: "Having sex before marriage is the best choice for nearly everyone," writes Jill Filipovic in the Guardian . Sex can bolster happiness and lead to a longer life,...

Is Brandon Davies the Only Guy Getting Laid at BYU?

Probably not, but it looks like he's in select company, explains

(Newser) - Brigham Young University’s decision to suspend basketball star Brandon Davies for having premarital sex stunned the sports world, which got Jeremy Singer-Vine of Slate wondering: Just how common is the horizontal tango at the Mormon university? It’s a tough question to answer. A 1954 study estimated that 14%...

Neighbors Spill the Beans on Christine O'Donnell

Nothing crazy, but she did host frequent slumber parties with boyfriend

(Newser) - Is the real Christine O’Donnell really just like you? Rebecca Dana of the Daily Beast decided to ask the candidate's old neighbors to find out, and most spoke relatively well of her. “To me, she never said anything nuts,” said one teacher at a nearby Catholic school....

Sarah, Bristol Palin Hit Oprah Tomorrow

Mom will talk Fox News gig, daughter will talk teen pregnancy

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is headed back to Oprah Winfrey’s couch tomorrow, the daytime diva’s site announced today, and this time she’s bringing daughter Bristol with her. Mom will chat about her new gig at Fox News, while daughter talks “life as a single teenage mom, premarital sex...

Malaysia Busts 104 for Premarital Sex

Morality cops raid budget hotels in New Year's crackdown

(Newser) - Malaysian morality police burst into budget hotels just before dawn on New Year's Day, and arrested 52 unmarried Muslim couples, officials announced today. The couples, most of them students or young factory workers, could face fines and up to two years in prison.

The Sex Talk: Mom and Dad Are Giving It Too Late
The Sex Talk: Mom and Dad Are Giving It Too Late

The Sex Talk: Mom and Dad Are Giving It Too Late

Study finds 40% of teens have sex before having 'the talk'

(Newser) - We may be letting awkwardness get the best of us: More than 40% of teens have had sex before their parents talked to them about it, finds a new study. Parents and teens from 141 families were quizzed separately on 24 sex-related issues: Forty percent of girls said they didn't...

Death Penalty for Virginity- Faking Kit: Egypt Scholar

Said to spread vice, violate Islamic law

(Newser) - An Egyptian scholar wants the death penalty for anyone importing a device that helps women fake virginity—claiming it violates Islamic law by spreading perversion in society. The gadget releases a liquid that looks like blood, allowing a new bride to make it appear her hymen has been ruptured. The...

Abstinence Vows Don't Work: Study
Abstinence Vows Don't Work: Study

Abstinence Vows Don't Work: Study

Teens who pledge purity still do it, and they use protection less

(Newser) - Taking an abstinence pledge made teenagers no less likely to have sex before marriage but significantly less likely to use contraceptives when they did have sex, the Washington Post reports. “Previous studies would compare a mixture of apples and oranges,” said Janet Rosenbaum, the author of a new...

Premarital Sex, Abortion on Rise in Iran

Marriage rates dip, despite Tehran's efforts

(Newser) - Iran’s Islamic law bans premarital sex and abortion, but an increasing number of Iranians are engaging in both, the Guardian reports. More than a quarter of men aged 19 to 29 had premarital sex, and 13% of those situations resulted in the termination of an unwanted pregnancy, a state...

Hookups Won't Ruin Her Life
 Hookups Won't
 Ruin Her Life

Hookups Won't Ruin Her Life

Flings help today's young women grow and learn

(Newser) - New books are urging girls in the "hookup generation" to stay chaste, but Tracy Clark-Flory trumpets the virtues of casual sex in Salon. While abstinence authors rate women as whores or angels, the 24-year-old argues that hookups help women vet partners physically and emotionally. Today's females take a feminist...

Sex Please, We're Drunk
 Sex Please, We're Drunk 

Sex Please, We're Drunk

Hooking up is the aim of booze and alcohol binging: study

(Newser) - Young people intentionally binge on booze and drugs to improve their sex lives, according to new research. A third of European men under the age of 36 and a quarter of women said they drank to increase their chance of sex—and were more likely to engage in unsafe sex...

China Strips Down Sexual Mores
China Strips Down Sexual Mores

China Strips Down Sexual Mores

Sex education hasn't caught up

(Newser) - After years of Maoist repression, during which sex was considered bourgeois and hand-holding was a major taboo, Beijing is alive with seedy clubs and no-tell motels catering to one-night stands. Most Chinese—60% to 70%—have indulged in premarital sex, compared with just 15% in 1989. But lingering disapproval has...

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