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Moment of Passion Leads to Odd Car Insurance Claim
Unusual STD Case Takes
a Turn in Geico's Favor

Unusual STD Case Takes a Turn in Geico's Favor

For now, ruling that insurer owes woman $5.2M is overturned

(Newser) - Geico is at least temporarily off the hook in a bizarre case involving an STD. A woman in Missouri sued the company after she contracted HPV, human papillomavirus, in the car of a man who was insured by the company. This week, the Missouri Supreme Court overturned a lower court'...

Fatal Crashes Are Surging; Buffett Says He Knows Why

It's not just about more cars on the road, he insists

(Newser) - If automobiles are constantly improving, why are traffic deaths going up? Warren Buffett thinks he knows. Fatal accidents surged 14% in the first half of the year, and one of the consequences of that is that Geico lost money and is now raising insurance premiums. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns...

GEICO Fires Voice Actor After He Insults Tea Partiers

But it wasn't the guy who does the gecko

(Newser) - They didn't stop the health care bill, but tea partiers have gotten the voice of GEICO fired. No, not the gecko, the guy who says, "GEICO, real service, real savings." It seems he called up the group FreedomWorks and left a long, nasty message with lines like, "...

US in Recession Now: Buffett
US in Recession Now: Buffett

US in Recession Now: Buffett

Billionaire says crisis is already here

(Newser) - The US is already in a recession for all practical purposes, even if economic conditions haven't yet met the technical definition of at least two consecutive quarters of negative growth. That's the verdict of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who tells CNBC that a serious economic slowdown is obvious in reports...

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