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'Super Bowl'-Style Deal May Soon Bring $1.6B to Texas Teachers

Details on education plan unveiled by Gov. Greg Abbott, including teacher raises, are still scarce

(Newser) - The Texas Legislature has been grappling lately with a slew of issues, from immigration and abortion to LGBT rights. Now, a big move for lawmakers there on one particular front: GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has announced relief will soon arrive to help his state's public school teachers. The AP...

Calif. Teacher With Cancer Must Pay for Her Substitute

It's in the state code, officials say

(Newser) - A California teacher battling cancer has to pay for her substitute, but school district officials say it's not their fault. "This is not unique to San Francisco," a spokesperson emailed BuzzFeed , saying it's all in the state's Education Code. "This is not a district-only...

Striking LA Teachers Returning to Work
LA Teachers Return
to Work Tomorrow

LA Teachers Return to Work Tomorrow

Tentative deal reached to end strike

(Newser) - A tentative deal reached Tuesday between Los Angeles school officials and the teachers union will allow educators to return to classrooms after a six-day strike in the nation's second-largest district, officials said. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, accompanied by leaders of United Teachers Los Angeles and the Los Angeles...

As Los Angeles Teachers Strike, District Hires Subs

Contract negotiations failed in nation's second-largest school district

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of Los Angeles teachers are striking after contentious contract negotiations failed in the nation's second-largest school district, the AP reports. Members of United Teachers Los Angeles voted last year to walk off the job for the first time in 30 years if a deal wasn't...

Give Teachers 40% Raise— but They Need to Work for It
Give Teachers 40% More,
but With Caveats

Give Teachers 40% More, but With Caveats

'WSJ' columnist says certification needs to be better to ensure higher-quality teachers

(Newser) - Robert Maranto thinks public school teachers should be paid more—up to 40% more, in fact. But they'll have to work for it, he writes in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal , because "you can't get something for nothing." Maranto talks about differing viewpoints...

Solution for US Teacher Shortage Slammed as 'Abuse'

Some schools recruit teachers from overseas to work for wages that Americans won't accept

(Newser) - As teachers in multiple states stage walkouts to protest low pay, the New York Times reports on a trend taking place in some public schools: hiring foreign workers willing to teach for the wages that Americans aren't. Those who support the practice, which involves overseas teachers coming in via...

Another State's Teachers Are Going on Strike

Arizona teachers vote for statewide walkout

(Newser) - Arizona teachers have voted to walk off the job to demand increased school funding, marking a key step toward a first-ever statewide strike that builds on a movement for higher pay in other Republican-dominant states. A grassroots group and the state's largest teacher membership group said Thursday that teachers...

Okla. Politicians to Striking Teachers: Keep Striking

Legislature isn't exactly leaping to meet demands as strike enters its 8th day

(Newser) - A top GOP lawmaker said Tuesday that the Oklahoma Legislature has no plans to bow to striking teachers' demands to eliminate a capital gains tax break as a way to end a walkout in its second week. Rep. John Pfeiffer, a House majority floor leader, also said lawmakers are unlikely...

Teachers in 2 More States Walk Off the Job

Educators in Oklahoma, Kentucky are protesting everything from pay and pensions to state budgets

(Newser) - First teachers in West Virginia did it. Now educators in Oklahoma and Kentucky are walking out on their jobs and rallying at their respective state capitols, reports CNN . The issue, as it was in West Virginia, is money, though the particulars vary. In Kentucky, teachers are marching over the state...

Teachers in This County Could Soon Live at School

Miami-Dade in preliminary planning stages for apartments on school grounds

(Newser) - Home is where the heart is, and maybe soon for some South Florida teachers, where the whiteboard is. Miami-Dade County has worked up a rough draft of plans for apartments on school properties in an effort to make housing for teachers more affordable and the commute obviously easier, per the...

Teacher Posts Salary Online to Prove Point About Her State
Teacher Peeked
at Raise, Laughed,
Then Posted
Salary Online

Teacher Peeked at Raise, Laughed, Then Posted Salary Online

'I mean really, I need a college degree to make this?,' says Arizona's Elisabeth Milich

(Newser) - Discussing politics and religion is just as charged on social media as it was at dinner parties of yore, but now add teachers' salaries into the mix. It all comes courtesy of Elisabeth Milich, a second-grade teacher at Phoenix's Whispering Wind Academy who, per the Arizona Republic , posted a...

Teachers Again Close Every West Virginia Public School

Statewide strike now impacts a third school day

(Newser) - A teacher's strike is keeping public schools closed for a third day in West Virginia. The state Department of Education's website shows all school districts are closed in all 55 counties Monday morning. Gov. Jim Justice has signed teacher pay raises of 2% next year and 1% the...

All West Virginia Public Schools Closed as Teachers Walk Out

Educators are protesting for better pay

(Newser) - In what appears to be the biggest strike in West Virginia history, thousands of teachers walked off the job Thursday, closing schools in all of the state's 55 counties, the Wall Street Journal reports. The central issue is teacher pay. The starting salary for a teacher in West Virginia...

It Doesn't Pay to Teach in South Dakota

The state trails the nation in teacher salary

(Newser) - Jessica Ries works at a tux shop. Lori Brandt covers the desk at a Super 8 motel. Jared Baumann works for a moving company. What do they have in common? They're also all teachers in South Dakota, which pays its teachers less than any state in the union—making...

How $125K-a-Year Teachers Affect Kids' Test Scores

New York charter school pays hefty salaries, sees results, turnover

(Newser) - A charter school in Manhattan has been conducting an experiment of sorts: How do students perform if teachers are paid $125,000 a year? The results so far at the Equity Project Charter School look promising, the Atlantic reports. The fifth- through eighth-graders slowly saw test scores rise over the...

More Teachers Spending Salary on ... Supplies

Study finds a quarter now spend $400 a year

(Newser) - With school budgets being slashed across the country, more and more teachers are paying for classroom supplies with their own money, according to a new study. The survey, by Horace Mann insurance, found 26% of teachers polled reported spending $400 of their own hard-earned on school supplies last year—up...

God Doesn't Want Teachers to Be Paid More: State Sen.

Alabama's Shadrack McGill: But lawmakers should definitely get raises

(Newser) - Teacher pay shouldn't be increased, an Alabama lawmaker explained at a prayer breakfast this week, because the Bible says so. "If you double what you're paying education, you know what's going to happen?" asked state Sen. Shadrack McGill. "I've heard the comment many times,...

What's a Great Teacher Worth? $700K
What's a Great Teacher Worth? $700K
Nicholas Kristof

What's a Great Teacher Worth? $700K

Nicholas Kristof explains why teacher quality is so important

(Newser) - What should you do if the excellent teacher your child was supposed to have next year retires? "Correct answer? Panic!" writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times , or better yet, get the incoming class to raise $100,000 to convince the teacher to stay—it would be...

What If NFL Players Were Paid Like Teachers?
What If NFL Players Were
Paid Like Teachers?

What If NFL Players Were Paid Like Teachers?

The league would suffer, just like our education system: Fran Tarkenton

(Newser) - Imagine if every NFL player's salary was based on how long he had played, and if players who made it through three seasons could almost never be fired. "It's about tenure, not talent" in this alternate reality, writes NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton in the Wall ...

For Backbreaking Work, Teacher Pay Is Staggering
For Backbreaking Work, Teacher Pay Is Staggering

For Backbreaking Work, Teacher Pay Is Staggering

Like soldiers, teachers need more resources to compete, not blame.

(Newser) - When America fails in combat, we don't blame the troops for being lazy, we blame the top brass. So why is it that our response to a failing education system is to blame the teachers? asks Dave Eggers, writing with Nínive Clements Calegari in the New York Times...

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