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It's Time to Give Teachers a Fat Raise

Teachers should be praised, not vilified

(Newser) - Right-wing propaganda aside, America's teachers are underpaid and need to make more if the United States is to compete internationally, writes Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times . "We should be elevating teachers, not throwing darts at them," he says. In 1970, a starting public school teacher earned... More »

Schools Not Using Stimulus to Hire Teachers

They're saving it for an imminent rainy day

(Newser) - The federal government gave schools around the country $10 billion to bolster their budgets this spring, in the hope that it would allow them to avoid layoffs or hire new teachers. But many of the nation’s biggest districts aren’t doing that, the New York Times reports. Instead, they’... More »

DC Teacher's Union Agrees to Merit Pay

Hard-won deal could become model for country, but it's pricey

(Newser) - Washington DC’s school district has struck a breakthrough deal with its teacher’s union that includes a merit-based pay system and eliminates what DC’s school chancellor called “ridiculous hurdles” to firing ineffective teachers. Teacher’s unions have long opposed linking pay to classroom performance, but they agreed... More »

Obama to Push Merit Pay for Teachers in Schools Plan

Prez to push teacher merit pay, lower dropout rates

(Newser) - In a speech today before the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, President Obama will lay out his plan for American schools, reports the Wall Street Journal. Most controversially, the president aims to expand merit pay for teachers, a measure that Democratic teacher unions are traditionally leery of. If teachers develop... More »

How to Fix the Education Divide

Racial gap is 'last great civil-rights battle': Klein and Sharpton

(Newser) - America is facing its “last great civil-rights battle”: the racial education gap, write Joel I Klein and Al Sharpton in a Wall Street Journal. “Today the average 12th-grade black or Hispanic student has the reading, writing, and math skills of an eighth-grade white student,” they note. But... More »

42% Would Dump Job to Teach

But schools will have to show them the money

(Newser) - Almost half—42%—of college-educated adults would consider becoming teachers, the Christian Science Monitor reports.That's good news, since US schools will be on the hunt for 3 million to 5 million teachers by 2020, thanks to rising enrollment and baby boomers who are laying down the chalk. But to... More »

Obama Runs to Center on Education, Touts Charters

Democrat will support charter schools, merit pay for teachers

(Newser) - Barack Obama will come out today in favor of merit pay for teachers, doubled federal support for charter schools, and other centrist strategies to boost American education, reports Time. In the draft of a speech he's giving in Ohio, Obama warns that teachers who fail to improve will “be... More »

NYC Charter School To Pay Teachers $125K

Only public funds and grants to be used in test of teacher quality

(Newser) - A New York City charter school plans to employ a radical new setup meant to test the value of teacher quality over extras in the educational experience, the New York Times reports. Though the Equity Project, set to open in 2009, will have large classes and fewer classroom resources, teachers... More »

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