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Flying Debris Killed Man a Quarter-Mile From Vape Warehouse Fire

Gas canisters, knives flew up to 2 miles away

(Newser) - The vaping supplies distributor that went up in flames in suburban Detroit on Monday is suspected of illegally storing highly flammable materials, including canisters of butane, which likely contributed to explosions and debris that killed one person a quarter of a mile away. A 19-year-old man was watching the fire...

This Isn't the Sort of Notification You Want to See Midflight

Passenger reports getting bomb threat via AirDrop on Frontier flight to Atlanta; plane landed safely

(Newser) - A Frontier Airlines flight from Maryland to Georgia made it safely to the ground after a passenger made a frightening report midair. WSB reports that Flight 1571 departed from Baltimore at around 7:30pm local time on Thursday, but as the plane cruised through the air, a passenger pulled a...

Yacht, Divers Suspected in Pipeline Sabotage

Theory emerges in investigation update

(Newser) - German investigators have found traces of explosives on a yacht possibly hired to transport material used to blow up the Nord Stream gas pipelines last year. Denmark, Sweden, and Germany are separately investigating the September attack, with Germany focusing on a yacht that six people reportedly hired from a Ukrainian-owned...

Zelensky: Kremlin May Soon Carry Out a 'New Evil'

Says Russia placed explosives on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant; Russia says Ukraine will attack plant

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Volodymyr Zelensky wished the United States a happy Independence Day and offered thanks for supporting Ukraine in its defense against the Russian invasion. Later in the day, however, the Ukrainian president delivered a more ominous-sounding message, alleging that, per Ukrainian intelligence, Russian forces had positioned "objects resembling...

Explosive Found in Bag at Pennsylvania Airport

Authorities say device in suitcase posed 'significant risk'

(Newser) - A man was arrested after an explosive was found in a bag checked onto a Florida-bound flight at an eastern Pennsylvania airport, federal authorities say. Marc Muffley, 40, is charged with possessing an explosive in an airport and possessing or attempting to place an explosive or incendiary device on an...

That's an Unexploded Grenade Lodged Near Ukrainian's Heart
Ukrainian Soldier's Case 'Will
Go Down in Medical Textbooks'
in case you missed it

Ukrainian Soldier's Case 'Will Go Down in Medical Textbooks'

Unexploded grenade successfully removed from soldier's chest, military says

(Newser) - Imagine living with an unexploded grenade, at risk of going off at any moment, lodged just below your heart. That was the reality for a Ukrainian soldier until recently. Doctors succeeded in removing the explosive from the chest of the man in his late 20s during surgery overseen by soldiers,...

Grenades Are Turning Up on the Beach in Oregon

Police in the city of Newport, Ore., say 3 potentially explosive devices have been found so far

(Newser) - Some people collect seashells by the seashore, or even lost jewelry if they've got a metal detector. In one Oregon city, however, locals are making a more surprising, and potentially dangerous, find. In an alert issued last week, police in the city of Newport are warning beachgoers to beware...

2 Men Indicted in Plot to Blow Up Democrats' Office

California defendants hoped a movement would follow, officials say

(Newser) - Two California men plotted to destroy the state Democratic headquarters in Sacramento, hoping the attack would inspire a political movement, the Justice Department says. Ian Benjamin Rogers, 45, of Napa, and Jarrod Copeland, 37, of Vallejo, have been indicted by a federal grand jury, NBC reports. The charges include conspiracy...

Cops: Woman Was Building a Bomb in Walmart

Police arrest Emily Stallard in Florida

(Newser) - A Florida woman is facing charges of attempted arson and firebombing after police say she tried to build a bomb inside a Walmart. Emily Stallard, 37, "had all the supplies she needed to cause mass destruction" when she was arrested at the Tampa store around 6pm Saturday, Hillsborough Sheriff...

Authorities: Man Used Drone to Drop Explosives at Ex's Place

Jason Muzzicato is also accused of illegally owning weapons while using meth

(Newser) - Authorities say a 44-year-old Pennsylvania man used a drone to drop explosive devices onto his ex-girlfriend's property. Jason Muzzicato of Washington Township hasn't actually been charged with detonating the devices, but the Morning Call reported back in June that he was suspected in a "series of explosions"...

Cops: Their Truck Was Bombed—Because of a Honk

'Grievance-fueled violence' follows incident in McDonald's drive-thru

(Newser) - A couple honked at a female driver they thought might hit their vehicle in a McDonald’s drive-thru in Australia on Feb. 22. The next day, the windows of their Ford Ranger pickup were smashed, reports the Sun . Less than two weeks later, a bomb placed beneath the truck exploded....

Explosive Devices Found at 3 London Transport Hubs

They were relatively small, and no travel disruptions resulted

(Newser) - London police are investigating the discovery of explosive devices at three transport hubs around the city on Tuesday, reports the Guardian . The good news is that the devices have been contained and all were relatively small—"capable of igniting an initially small fire," say police, per the AP...

Hunt for Mail Bomb Source Leads to Opa-locka

Investigators believe devices passed through Florida postal facility

(Newser) - A huge postal facility in south Florida was evacuated Thursday night as the search for the person who sent pipe bombs to leading Democrats and other critics of President Trump continued. Miami-Dade County police officers, K-9 units, and federal agents could be seen entering the Opa-locka mail sorting and distribution...

Suspicious Package Sent to Robert De Niro
Add Joe Biden, De Niro
to List of Targets
the rundown

Add Joe Biden, De Niro to List of Targets

More suspicious packages are intercepted

(Newser) - It looks like we can add Joe Biden and Robert De Niro to the list of targets of the person or persons who have been sending pipe bombs to prominent Democrats after more suspicious devices were intercepted Thursday. That brings the count to at least nine devices so far since...

Trump: 'See How Nice I'm Behaving Tonight?'

He says media has to set a 'civil tone'

(Newser) - After day in which explosive devices were intercepted en route to some of his main rhetorical targets —including CNN—President Trump condemned political violence but also singled out the media. Speaking at a rally in Wisconsin, Trump didn't accept any responsibility for the current political atmosphere, but said...

Explosive Device Found at NY Home of George Soros

Billionaire is a target of right-wing groups

(Newser) - Police say a suspected letter bomb was found Monday in a mailbox at a New York state home owned by billionaire George Soros—a frequent target of right-wing groups. Officials tell the New York Times that the device was "proactively detonated" by the bomb squad after an employee found...

Police Find Explosives at Home of Blast Victim's Ex

He's been charged with possessing an unregistered destructive device

(Newser) - Spa owner Ildiko Krajnyak was opening a package that had piled up with mail during her recent trip to her native Hungary when it exploded Tuesday, killing her and injuring three others . News reports of the blast quickly reached Stephen Beal, her ex-boyfriend and a partner in the southern California...

Cops: Latest Austin Bomb May Have Involved Tripwire

'That changes things,' chief says

(Newser) - The explosive device that injured two men in Austin on Sunday night appears to have been a different—and even more worrying—kind of device than the package bombs that killed two people earlier this month, police say. Interim Police Chief Brian Manley said early Monday that investigators believe the...

The Index Card Read, 'the Small Ones Will Know Terror'

Alleged bomb-making twins arrested in the Bronx

(Newser) - A former teacher and his twin face federal bomb-making charges after more than 32 pounds of explosives were found in their Bronx apartment, alongside documents suggesting they planned to kill. Christian and Tyler Toro, 27, were arrested in a Thursday raid in which police say they also found a diary...

Clue in Mail Bomb Sent to Obama: Cat Hair Under Label

Another clue: 'obliterated' eBay shipping label on package sent to Gov. Greg Abbott

(Newser) - A 46-year-old Texas woman faces a host of charges after she allegedly mailed explosives to then-President Barack Obama, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and former Social Security Administration Commissioner Carolyn Colvin. Julia Poff of Sealy had been repeatedly denied Social Security benefits and was also upset with the handling of a...

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