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Plantation Worker Mauled to Death by Tiger

He was reportedly 3rd person in Indonesia killed by Sumatran tiger in 5 months

(Newser) - Screams were heard on Indonesia's Sumatra island before a man's body was discovered Thursday, with one of the hands torn off. Authorities say the 26-year-old, found dead on a plantation in Riau province, was attacked by a tiger. "The area is within the tiger habitat," said...

3 Endangered Sumatran Tigers Die in Traps

They represent almost 1% of the estimated population

(Newser) - Three endangered Sumatran tigers have been found dead, dealing a blow to a population thought to number around 400. Conservation officials discovered the bodies of a male and female tiger, whose legs were ensnared in a trap, in Aceh, at the northern tip of Indonesia's Sumatra island, on Sunday....

Zookeeper Was in the Tiger Habitat. So Was the Tiger

She's in stable condition after being attacked by 7-year-old male

(Newser) - A zookeeper at the Topeka Zoo is in stable condition after finding herself on the wrong end of a tiger attack early Saturday. The unnamed woman and a 7-year-old male Sumatran tiger named Sanjiv inadvertently ended up in the outdoor tiger habitat at the same time, and zoo director Brendan...

Plan to Mate Endangered Tigers Has Deadly End

The signs were 'positive,' but one Sumatran tiger ended up dead

(Newser) - The aim was a noble one: Bring the male Sumatran tiger Asim from Denmark to the London Zoo to mate with a female named Melati as part of an effort to increase the endangered species' population. What happened instead left the zoo heartbroken: The two were brought together for the...

Tiger Killed by Mating Partner at California Zoo

Attack occurred within moments of introduction

(Newser) - A Sumatran female tiger was killed at the Sacramento Zoo by her mating partner Wednesday after the two felines were put in the same enclosure for breeding, zoo officials said. The male tiger became aggressive with the 15-year-old Baha minutes after a physical introduction, the zoo said in a statement....

Rare Tiger Kills Veteran Zookeeper

But Oz was 'acting in line with instincts,' won't be euthanized

(Newser) - A New Zealand zoo has decided that it won't euthanize a Sumatran tiger that attacked and killed a veteran zookeeper. The male tiger, named Oz, killed 43-year-old Samantha Kudeweh yesterday morning inside the animal's enclosure at the Hamilton Zoo. Kudeweh had been a zookeeper for more than 20...

Rare Tiger Devours Own Cubs at Zoo

Hana seemed to be taking good care of her 2 little ones, Jerusalem zoo officials say

(Newser) - Everything had been going so well, staff at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo claim. Hana, a rare Sumatran tiger, had given birth to three cubs on Nov. 17, and though one hadn't made it long past the birth, the other two seemed to be thriving and bonding with their mother,...

Zoo's Rare Tiger Drowns 3 Weeks After Birth

London zookeepers think mom might have carried it out of den

(Newser) - London zookeepers are using the word "distraught," and understandably so: The city's zoo has lost the first Sumatran tiger born there in 17 years; the three-week-old cub apparently drowned on Saturday morning. Keepers realized something was amiss after failing to locate the newborn using the cameras trained...

Rare Tiger Cubs Born at National Zoo

Endangered Sumatran breed gets two new members

(Newser) - Endangered Sumatran tigers got two new additions this week: A female named Damai at the National Zoo in DC gave birth to a pair of healthy cubs on Monday. Only about 500 of the tigers exist in the wild, with 65 in zoos in North America, notes the Washington Post...

Tigers Have Trapped 5 Men in Tree ... Since Thursday

Men entered Indonesian jungle looking for rare wood

(Newser) - Five Indonesian men have been trapped up a tree since Thursday, when they accidentally killed a tiger cub and were subsequently chased up the tree by Sumatran tigers. A sixth member of the group was killed by the tigers, the BBC reports. The group was in a national park looking...

Thieves Kill Sumatran Tiger, Swipe Pricey Fur, Bones

Sales of endangered species persist despite tough laws

(Newser) - Thieves at an Indonesian zoo slaughtered an endangered tiger and swiped most of its body in a caper officials believe was motivated by greed, the AP reports. “It was sadistic,” said the director of the zoo, where staffers found the remains of the female tiger yesterday. “The...

Sumatran Tigers Kill 3 in Indonesia

Illegal loggers were sleeping in Sumatran preservation

(Newser) - Sumatran tigers have killed six Indonesians in the last month, including three over the weekend. The latest victims include a father-son pair of illegal loggers who were attacked while they slept in a protected forest, AP reports. Sumatrans are the world's most endangered tiger subspecies. Poaching and forest destruction have...

Endangered Tigers Fading Fast
Endangered Tigers Fading Fast

Endangered Tigers Fading Fast

Numbers plummet as WWF calls for quick action

(Newser) - The World Wildlife Fund has warned that the world's tigers are in grave danger of extinction, reports the BBC. Experts believe tiger numbers have fallen in half over the last 25 years to as few as 3,500 worldwide, the WWF said. The South China tiger and the Sumatran tiger...

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