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Teachers Union Sues to Stop Adams' Cuts to Schools

Filing says the mayor is overstating New York City's fiscal crisis

(Newser) - New York City's teachers union is suing to block planned cuts to public schools, warning that steep budget reductions proposed by Mayor Eric Adams would weaken key education initiatives and violate state law. For months, Adams has argued that slashing city spending—including a $550 million cut in education...

Teachers in This State's Largest City Hit the Picket Line

Educators in Portland, Oregon, are striking over salary, class sizes, lack of resources

(Newser) - Teachers in Portland, Oregon, walked off the job on Wednesday for the first day of a strike that shuttered schools for some 45,000 students in Oregon's largest city. Concerns over large class sizes, salaries that haven't kept up with inflation, and a lack of resources prompted the...

Chicago Teachers Vote Against Returning

Union wants vaccinations first. The school district says it considers the action a strike

(Newser) - Public school teachers in Chicago have voted to keep holding classes online, despite the school district's plan to have them back in classrooms Monday. The Chicago Teachers Union resolution received about 61% approval from the total membership of 25,000, the Sun Times reports, or 71% approval among the...

Teacher Unions Call for End to Active Shooter Drills

Drills can harm students' mental health, they say

(Newser) - The nation's two largest teachers' unions are calling for schools to revise or eliminate active shooter drills, saying they can harm students' mental health and that there are better ways to prepare for the possibility of a school shooting. The American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association joined...

Chicago Teachers' Strike Comes to 'Historic' End
Chicago Teachers
OK 'Historic' Deal

Chicago Teachers OK 'Historic' Deal

Among other things, teachers get a 16% raise

(Newser) - Chicago teachers on Friday approved the contract deal that ended an 11-day strike and includes pay raises, $35 million to enforce limits on class sizes, and a pledge to supply each school with a nurse and a social worker, the AP reports. The Chicago Teachers Union’s 25,000 members...

Chicago Students Will Return to School Friday

Teachers strike ends after 11 days of canceled classes

(Newser) - Chicago teachers and the nation's third-largest school district reached a labor contract deal on Thursday, ending a strike that canceled 11 days of classes for more than 300,000 students, the AP reports. Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that the district had reached a deal with the Chicago Teachers Union...

Chicago Teachers Strike: It's Not Money, 'It's the Kids'

They say the issues have to do with resources, class size

(Newser) - Chicago teachers went on strike Thursday, marching on picket lines after failing to reach a contract deal with the nation's third-largest school district in a dispute that canceled classes for more than 300,000 students. The strike came after the Chicago Teachers Union confirmed Wednesday night that its 25,...

Striking LA Teachers Returning to Work
LA Teachers Return
to Work Tomorrow

LA Teachers Return to Work Tomorrow

Tentative deal reached to end strike

(Newser) - A tentative deal reached Tuesday between Los Angeles school officials and the teachers union will allow educators to return to classrooms after a six-day strike in the nation's second-largest district, officials said. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, accompanied by leaders of United Teachers Los Angeles and the Los Angeles...

As Los Angeles Teachers Strike, District Hires Subs

Contract negotiations failed in nation's second-largest school district

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of Los Angeles teachers are striking after contentious contract negotiations failed in the nation's second-largest school district, the AP reports. Members of United Teachers Los Angeles voted last year to walk off the job for the first time in 30 years if a deal wasn't...

Thousands of Teachers March Amid Looming Strike

Los Angeles teachers rejected their last contract offer

(Newser) - Thousands of teachers who may go on strike against the nation's second-largest school district next month marched and rallied in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, the AP reports. The teachers and their supporters wore red shirts, banged drums and carried signs that read "Stand With LA Teachers!"...

Mexico Arrests Its 'Most Powerful Woman'

Elba Esther Gordillo accused of embezzling millions from union workers

(Newser) - She's known as Mexico's most powerful woman, and she's currently sitting in prison. Elba Esther Gordillo was arrested on corruption charges last night after landing near Mexico City in a private plane, reports the AP . It's things like private planes that appear to be the problem:...

Teachers Now Backing ... the GOP

Republicans see more union dollars roll in

(Newser) - Talk about strange bedfellows: Some American teachers' unions, bruised by struggles with Democrats like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel , are lending their support to ... Republicans, the New York Times reports. Reaching across the aisle in states like Illiinois, Ohio, and Texas, teachers' groups gave $1.2 million to GOP state candidates...

Chicago Teachers End Strike
 Chicago Teachers End Strike 

Chicago Teachers End Strike

Classes will resume tomorrow

(Newser) - Your extended break is over, Chicago kids. The city's teachers ended their strike of more than a week today, and classes will be back in session tomorrow, reports the Chicago Tribune . The move came after about 800 union delegates debated a tentative pact that emerged over the weekend. Today'...

Chicago Teachers Should Have Taken the Deal
Chicago Teachers Should Have Taken the Deal

Chicago Teachers Should Have Taken the Deal

It was the best they could have gotten: James Warren

(Newser) - When the Chicago Teachers Union declined to vote on a new contract that would have ended the ongoing strike Sunday, it lost its best chance at a quick and fair deal, writes James Warren in the Daily Beast . Union President Karen Lewis seriously "miscalculated" by giving few details about...

Chicago Teachers Say Strike Continues; City to File Suit

Union isn't happy with proposed contract

(Newser) - So much for that tentative deal . Chicago teachers this evening opted not to vote on a pact that would end their weeklong strike, saying they needed more time to digest the details, reports the Chicago Tribune . Union chief Karen Lewis said the earliest classes could resume is Wednesday. But soon...

Chicago, Teachers Have 'Framework' to End Strike

'Heavy lifting' is over: school board president David Vitale

(Newser) - The city's nearly weeklong teachers strike appeared headed toward a resolution today after negotiators emerged from marathon talks to say they had achieved a "framework" that could end the walkout in time for students to return to class Monday. Chicago School Board President David Vitale said the "...

Teachers Don't Strike Deal, But Remain Upbeat

Chicago board thinks it can get done by 2pm, teachers less sure

(Newser) - The Chicago Teachers Union and Public Schools Board failed to strike a deal in time to get kids back to classes today, but remain optimistic that something would get done sooner rather than later. Negotiations broke off around 12:45am, the Chicago Tribune reports, after what CPS Board President David...

Teachers' Strike End in Sight After City Makes Concessions

Sides hoping to have school tomorrow

(Newser) - Bad news, kids of Chicago: There may be school tomorrow. Negotiators for both the city and the teachers union emerged from yesterday's talks with fresh optimism, saying they hoped to have school back in session by Friday, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. "I'm smiling. I'm very happy,...

Teachers Force Rahm to Deny ... Liking Nickelback

Will he be denying secret yearning for Creed next?

(Newser) - One of the striking Chicago teachers infused a bit of hilarity into the situation with his protest sign—"Rahm Emanuel likes Nickelback"—which went viral Monday, and actually prompted Emanuel to officially deny liking the much-maligned band in question. RedEye asked the mayor's spokesperson if, in fact,...

Rahm: We're Close; Teachers: That's 'Lunacy'

Sides 'kilometers apart,' union president says

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union are so far apart that they can't even agree on how far apart they are. Emanuel emerged from yesterday's negotiations saying that only one or two major issues separated the sides. Union President Karen Lewis had a slightly different take, saying...

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