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Twitter's New Logo: Just the Bird, Please

'Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter'

(Newser) - Twitter unveiled a new logo today, and it looks like the site is kind of pulling a Prince. It seems that from now on, the word "Twitter" won't be part of Twitter's branding: The new logo is nothing but a redesigned, simplified version of the site's...

Obama Campaign Sues Site for Selling Obama Gear

Lawsuit says 'Demstore.com' has violated trademark

(Newser) - President Obama's re-election campaign is suing a website that hawks T-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons with the campaign's signature "O" logo, claiming the store is infringing on its trademark. In a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in Washington, the committee asks the court to stop Demstore....

New York City Cops Can't Own NYPD Merchandise

That means no hats, shirts, even coffee mugs

(Newser) - The NYPD logo is emblazoned on everything from hats and shirts to tie clips and coffee mugs, but all those items are now off limits to New York City cops, reports Murray Weiss at DNA Info . Police chief Ray Kelly has issued a new rule forbidding the city's 35,...

It's True: Designer Labels Will Make Your Life Better
It's True: Designer Labels
Will Make Your Life Better
in case you missed it

It's True: Designer Labels Will Make Your Life Better

But only if it's obvious you're wearing a designer logo

(Newser) - It's true: Wearing designer fashion will very likely improve your life. But not because the clothes are so attractive, oh no: It's the label that matters. A new study shows that designer logos bring benefits including more cooperation, job recommendations, and even money from others. In one experiment, when presented...

Iran Threatens Olympic Boycott Over 'Racist' Logo

2012 logo spells out 'Zion,' Iranians complain

(Newser) - When the logo for London's 2012 Olympics was unveiled a few years ago, its many critics said it looked like anything from a swastika to a Simpsons character performing a sexual act. Iran has now joined them, saying the jagged logo looks like the word "Zion" and threatening to...

Facebook Almost Had a Blue Hedgehog Mascot

 Almost Had a 
 Blue Hedgehog 

Facebook Almost Had a Blue Hedgehog Mascot

Maybe they'd never heard of Sonic?

(Newser) - Facebook for a while actually considered adopting a blue hedgehog mascot—no, not that blue hedgehog mascot—in the apparent belief that friendly animals were the key to winning over businesses. In a recent response to a Quora question , spotted by the LA Times , an ex-Facebook employee reveals that back...

NBC Loses Peacock&mdash;Sort Of
 NBC Loses Peacock—Sort Of  

NBC Loses Peacock—Sort Of

And the new internal logo isn't receiving rave reviews

(Newser) - Comcast takes over NBC Universal today, and some feathers are already being ruffled—the peacock has been removed from the corporate logo. Though the colorful, 55-year-old mascot will still be used on television, internally, it's been swapped out in favor of the the name NBCUniversal on a purple background, reports...

New Starbucks Logo: Critics Are Baffled
Starbucks' New Logo a
Grande Mistake?
OPINION roundup

Starbucks' New Logo a Grande Mistake?

What's up with the total lack of words?

(Newser) - The new Starbucks logo is here: Is it a disaster of Gap logo proportions ? Not quite, but critics are still a bit baffled:
  • Why did they remove “those pesky words that say Starbucks Coffee?" wonders Meg Marco on the Consumerist . “Coffee, we assume, was the primary problem.

Starbucks Unveils New Logo, Drops Word 'Coffee'

Mermaid will be on her own now

(Newser) - Starbucks is making its mermaid a little more prominent. A new corporate logo unveiled today to celebrate the company's 40th anniversary drops the words "coffee" and "Starbucks" and lets the green mermaid stand on her own, reports MarketWatch . The dropping of "coffee" comes as the company expands...

Gap Abandons Logo Change

 Gap Abandons Logo Change 

Gap Abandons Logo Change

Retailer decides to stick with the classic

(Newser) - Gap is ditching that ugly new logo . Just one week after it unveiled the cheap-looking design, the retailer announced (on Facebook) that is has decided to stick with its classic white-on-navy look. "We've heard loud and clear that you don't like the new logo," the company said. "...

Gap's New Logo Looks Ridiculously Cheap
Gap's New Logo Looks Ridiculously Cheap

Gap's New Logo Looks Ridiculously Cheap

This is an improvement?

(Newser) - The Gap rolled out a new logo this week with little fanfare. Unfortunately for the retailer, the response hasn't been so quiet. The biggest complaints seem to revolve around the use of Helvetica (yes, that hated font) lettering, and the decision to shrink the big navy box that used to...

Bunny Logo Multiplies, Collectors Disgusted

Push for licensing bucks annoys hard-core fans

(Newser) - Playboy bunny logos have been multiplying like rabbits, appearing on everything from tanning spray and lighters to drinks promising to boost the libido. But longtime bunny collectors-- people like Ken Ritchie of Memphis, whose collection of Playboy paraphernalia fills a wing of his house--are not impressed. "How many guys...

2012 London Olympics Logo Still Hideous
2012 London Olympics Logo Still Hideous

2012 London Olympics Logo Still Hideous

Design has not 'grown on us,' despite organizers' promise

(Newser) - When organizers unveiled the logo for the 2012 London Olympics, they said people would learn to love it. Well, that was 3 years ago, and "tastes do change," so let’s check in. Yeah, still hideous, writes graphic designer Alice Rawsthorn in the New York Times . “Far...

MTV Loses 'Music Television' From Its Logo
MTV Loses 'Music
Television' From Its Logo

MTV Loses 'Music Television' From Its Logo

After all, music videos aren't even an afterthought now

(Newser) - In a move likely only to surprise anyone just out of a 25-year coma, MTV is dropping the words “Music Television” from the channel’s logo. MTV has been mostly music-video-free for some years now, giving over its airwaves to reality standbys like The Hills, The Osbournes, and its...

Worst Logos in Sports
 Worst Logos in Sports 

Worst Logos in Sports

(Newser) - A sports logo is a team's badge of pride—or a complete joke.  AskMen.com rounds up the worst:
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Don’t forget to flush!
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Stingrays and Manta rays would have been cool, but the team found it more appropriate to represent light shining on

'Cloud' Ads Float Sky-High
 'Cloud' Ads Float Sky-High 

'Cloud' Ads Float Sky-High

Flying logos don't pollute, either, company says

(Newser) - Forget blimps. A new kind of advertising sends company logos sky-bound in the form of clouds themselves—or almost. “Flogos” are flying, cloud-like shapes created from a soapy mixture pumped up with helium and other gases. The floating messages, sent up by repurposed snow machines, are completely safe, both...

Drug Giant Sues Red Cross Over ... Red Cross

Johnson & Johnson claims trademark infringement

(Newser) - Pharmaceutical behemoth Johnson & Johnson has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the American Red Cross over its signature logo, the Wall Street Journal reports. The suit claims the humanitarian organization is violating the Johnson & Johnson trademark by licensing the signature red cross symbol to companies for use...

'No Go to the Logo,' Say Londoners

Olympics logo is making people not only furious but physically ill

(Newser) - Londoners loathe the logo unveiled Monday for the 2012 Olympics so much that 30,000 have already signed a petition demanding a new one. The jagged pink-and-orange rendition of 2012  took a brand-consultancy firm $800,000 and more than a year to design; Olympics organizers, calling it "dynamic" and...

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