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Coronavirus May Have Killed Playboy Magazine

Spring 2020 issue will be last of the year, possibly forever

(Newser) - It may not be the first casualty that comes to mind in regard to the coronavirus outbreak, but the Spring 2020 issue of Playboy magazine about to hit the stands will be the last one of the year—and maybe ever. Playboy Enterprises CEO Ben Kohn made the surprise announcement...

Playboy Launches First Hebrew Edition

Now Israelis can read it for the articles

(Newser) - Israelis can now read Playboy 'for the articles' with the launch of the magazine's first Hebrew-language edition. Playboy has been widely available in Israel for years but this marks the first local edition of the magazine. It features Israeli models and articles by Israeli writers. Owner and publisher...

Is This Playboy's Last Shot at Relevancy?

Magazine, Lindsay Lohan both looking a bit desperate

(Newser) - There's plenty of buzz around Lindsey Lohan's upcoming appearance in Playboy , and even suggestions that it could revive the former child star's film career, but it seems like "a last gasp for relevancy by the aging magazine" to Rene Lynch at the Los Angeles Times . The...

First Turkish Woman Strips for German Playboy

Muslim actress Sila Sahin says she 'feels like Che Guevera'

(Newser) - Germany's debate over multiculturalism just got a lot spicier. Soap opera star Sila Sahin has become the first woman from the country's 3.5 million-strong Turkish community to strip for the German version of Playboy, reports Time . Sahin says she "feels like Che Guevara" and she wants...

Penthouse Founder Dead at 79
 Penthouse Founder Dead at 79 

Penthouse Founder Dead at 79

Bob Guccione built, lost porn empire

(Newser) - Porn pioneer Bob Guccione has died aged 79 after a long battle with cancer. The Penthouse magazine founder built a soft-core publishing empire worth billions, starting out in 1965 with a loan for $1,170 and an idea for a magazine with nude photos more provocative than Playboy's, the New ...

Some Things Are Too Over the Top Even for Playboy

Portugal edition depicts Jesus with naked women

(Newser) - Playboy has terminated the publisher of its Portugal edition over a photo shoot depicting a Christ-like figure cavorting with naked women. The layout, intended to be an homage to Nobel prize-winning author Jose Saramago's book The Gospel According To Jesus Christ, went too far even for the folks at Playboy,...

UK Study Warns of 'Pornification'

Calls for crackdown on lads mags, sexist billboards

(Newser) - Britain must crack down on nudity and sex on television, in men's' mags, and on billboards to prevent the 'pornification' of society, a new study warns. The research, commissioned by the government, also rips digitally altered photographs, saying children are being pressured to conform to unrealistic images and gender stereotypes...

Tiger Lady Mulls Playboy Offer

Uchitel negotiating for 'big money' to pose nude: sources

(Newser) - Alleged Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel is considering an offer to pose nude in Playboy, sources say. The nightclub hostess "wants a lot of money" and no deal has been made, sources tell Extra. Uchitel—who hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred after the Tiger scandal broke—has been paid "...

Playboy on Block for $300M

Hef said to be loathe to part with firm

(Newser) - With the magazine at its heart struggling against the tide of the Internet, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire is seeking a buyer for $300 million, the New York Post reports. That’s three times its current market capitalization, but sources say Hef won’t sell unless he can get the...

Jobless Women Turn to Porn, Stripping

(Newser) - With unemployment rising, more women are moving on up by stripping down, the AP reports. The adult entertainment industry, is receiving a barrage of applications from women seeking good pay and job security in fields ranging from porno to exotic dancing. "You're seeing a lot more beautiful women who...

Bad Porn Spurs Flynt V. Flynt
Bad Porn Spurs Flynt V. Flynt

Bad Porn Spurs Flynt V. Flynt

Hustler mogul sues to block nephews' use of his name on 'knock-off' smut

(Newser) - Larry Flynt is taking his nephews to court to stop them from slapping the Flynt name on what he considers to be low-quality porn, reports the Los Angeles Times. The porn mogul accuses his kin of tarnishing his famous name with "inferior products" and "knock-off goods,"...

Lisa Rinna to Bare All for Playboy

Dancing With the Stars contestant ready to strip down for adult magazine encore

(Newser) - Lisa Rinna may be in her 40s, but she's planning to pose nude for Playboy again, OK! reports. "I'm the worst liar on the planet, I can't lie," the former Dancing With the Stars contestant said when asked if she was planning on stripping down for the mag....

Priest Slams 'Blasphemous' Playboy Cover of Veiled Maria

Church still furious after magazine apology

(Newser) - Playboy's apology for a cover appearing to show a breast-flashing Virgin Mary isn't penance enough, a furious priest tells CNN. Playboy Mexico said the picture of a veiled model in front of a stained-glass window with the caption "Te Adoramos María"—"We Adore You, Maria"—...

Playboy Woos Posers Who Lost Shirt on Wall St.

Magazine seeks to make best of bad news with 'Women of Wall Street' special

(Newser) - The bear market could create some new bunnies, Reuters reports, with Playboy seeking females from the financial world to pose for an upcoming "Women of Wall Street feature. The magazine—which ran "Women of Enron" and "Women of WorldCom" specials after those companies folded—says it is...

Hef Calls Miley Bunny Material
 Hef Calls Miley Bunny Material 

Hef Calls Miley Bunny Material

He'd welcome a Cyrus centerfold—as soon as she turns 18

(Newser) - Hugh Hefner says he'd definitely like to see Miley Cyrus in Playboy when she's old enough, OK! Magazine reports. "Very pretty lady," the 81-year-old adult mag tycoon said of the 15-year-old superstar. Hefner scoffed at the flap over the teen's racy Vanity Fair photos, saying it showed "...

Naughty Playboy Goes Nice
 Naughty Playboy Goes Nice 

Naughty Playboy Goes Nice

No full frontal nudity in Philippines' ‘dad mag’ edition

(Newser) - A Philippines edition of dependably naughty Playboy magazine launches Thursday, but fans looking for flesh can forget it, Reuters reports. Instead of aiming at lads, the mag targets mature dads, and religious considerations mean full-frontal nudity is a no-no. It’ll burst instead with well-written articles on “everything under...

Playgirl Proposes Spitzer Spread
 Playgirl Proposes Spitzer Spread

Playgirl Proposes Spitzer Spread

'How about ... showing us what you saved for such a select few?' mag asks in open letter

(Newser) - Playgirl feels sorry for Eliot Spitzer, what with the public-opinion crucifixion and $1 million Hustler offer to call-girl “Kristen." He’s unemployed, and might face some stiff legal fees in the near future, so the girls are extending an offer on their blog: “How about making some...

'Kristen' Could Make Millions on Instant Fame

Experts advise cashing in on notoriety fast— and investing well

(Newser) - Fame (or infamy) is beginning to pay off for Eliot Spitzer "escort" Kristen: the aspiring R&B star has now scored $200,000 from downloads of her song—which the New York Post helpfully calculates is worth over four dozen Spitzer hookups. Meanwhile, men's mag Hustler has offered Ashley...

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