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He's Singing One Garth Brooks Song for 36 Hours Straight

Cliff Satterwhite is singing 'Friends in Low Places' over and over and over again

(Newser) - As we write this, Cliff Satterwhite is in the home stretch of an epic karaoke marathon: He's singing Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" for 36 hours straight. Why? The Seattle-area karaoke host is performing the feat as part of the breast cancer awareness fundraiser he's hosting...

Michelle Obama Spits Rhymes in Carpool Karaoke

Obama, aka 'Renaissance,' can belt out a tune

(Newser) - It's been almost eight years since Michelle Obama was able to sit in a passenger seat and sing along to the radio, so it's a good thing James Corden stopped by the White House recently. In the latest edition of Carpool Karaoke, Corden drives Obama repeatedly around the...

Bar Owner Fined $21K— Over Karaoke

Her establishment wasn't registered with BMI

(Newser) - A few weeks after some newly-returned vets sang patriotic Toby Keith songs at a Colorado Springs bar's karaoke night in 2012, the bar owner found herself slapped with a $21,000 fine for not having permission to play the songs in her bar. LeShawn Carey registered the Carey-On Saloon...

Bad News for Man Who Hated Karaoke Singer's Voice

...and then punched the singer

(Newser) - What not to do when you're not a fan of someone's karaoke prowess: After complaining about a 79-year-old man's singing in a hotel bar, a man in upstate New York punched the elderly singer, breaking his nose and facial bones and putting his head through a window....

Music Pioneer Mitch Miller Dead at 99

Record exec went on to host karaoke precursor 'Sing Along With Mitch'

(Newser) - Mitch Miller, the goateed orchestra leader who asked Americans to "Sing Along With Mitch" on television and records, died Saturday at age 99. Miller was a key exec at Columbia Records in the pre-rock 'n' roll era, making hits with singers Rosemary Clooney, Patti Page, Johnny Mathis, and Tony...

My Way Killings Plague Filipino Karaoke Bars

Bad singers face the final curtain

(Newser) - If you sing My Way at a karaoke bar in the Philippines, the end may be nearer than you realize: A spate of killings of people singing the Frank Sinatra song has prompted many bars to remove it from their playbooks and many Filipinos to avoid singing it. In a...

Free Tomorrow in LA? Karaoke With Porn Stars

If you're in the industry, or want to be, hit Sardo's on Tuesday

(Newser) - Karaoke and porn are about as popular as pastimes get—and if you’re free tomorrow night you can combine ‘em at a Los Angeles-area bar. Industry types started hanging out at Sardo’s —which also hosts G-rated Family Fridays—a few years ago, and now on Tuesdays,...

The Best and Worst Karaoke Songs

(Newser) - For the incoherent drunkards, the friends who get yanked onstage, and all other would-be singers, Entertainment Weekly offers the best and worst karaoke songs: The Best:
  • "I Want It That Way," Backstreet Boys: The entire room will be singing with you; getting audience members to admit they like

You Can Dance If You Want to ... Just Not in Vietnam

Ban mulled to curb drugs, prostitution

(Newser) - Vietnam is considering a measure aimed at eliminating drugs and prostitution that might seem strange to Westerners: banning dancing. The edict would only apply to karaoke bars, reports GlobalPost, and it has a surprising amount of support from people who agree that dancing in such venues is usually a cover...

Karaoke Rage Will Only Get Worse
 Karaoke Rage 
 Will Only 
 Get Worse 

Karaoke Rage Will Only Get Worse

Assaults based on musical taste and performance come to a crescendo

(Newser) - Karaoke is getting downright dangerous, Brian Rafferty writes in Slate. Last fall, a drunk in a Wisconsin bar pummeled a man for singing a heavy metal tune; a Seattle man's version of Coldplay's Yellow earned him a beating the year before. It's even worse in Bangkok, where a gunman allegedly...

Bizarro Travel-Industry Jobs
 Bizarro Travel-Industry Jobs 

Bizarro Travel-Industry Jobs

Gigs that straddle the line between necessary and absurd

(Newser) - From Parisian sewer guides to a coconut safety engineer in St. Thomas, some travel industry jobs straddle the line between necessary and absurd. Travel and Leisure highlights some of the strangest.
  1. Tourism ambassador, Japan. Diplomacy never looked so soft and cuddly after Japan appointed elder statesfeline Hello Kitty for PR

Irked Irish Bar Bans 'Danny Boy'
 Irked Irish Bar Bans 'Danny Boy' 

Irked Irish Bar Bans 'Danny Boy'

St. Paddy's Day revelers will have to do their crooning elsewhere...

(Newser) - That annual Guinness-fueled serenade led by green-hat-and-bead-clad Yanks wearing "Kiss me, I'm Irish" pins won't be heard at Foley's Pub in New York today; barkeep Shaun Clancy has banned the maudlin lyrics of "Danny Boy" during the month of March, and especially on St. Patrick's Day. "Everybody...

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