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After 21 Years, the iPod Is Being Discontinued
Time to Say
Goodbye to
the iPod

Time to Say Goodbye to the iPod

Apple is discontinuing device after 21 years

(Newser) - Some 21 years after Apple introduced a device that the company boasted could "put 1,000 songs in your pocket," it's time to say goodbye to the iPod. Apple announced Tuesday that the iconic device is being discontinued, though it will still be available online and at...

Steve Jobs' 'Spiritual Partner' Is Leaving Apple

Jony Ive designed iPhone, iPad, iMac

(Newser) - The man Steve Jobs once called his "spiritual partner" at Apple is leaving the company after nearly 30 years. British industrial designer Jony Ive—who became Sir Jonathan Ive in 2012—designed the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, among other products. He joined the company in 1992...

Say Goodbye to 2 of These iPods
Say Goodbye to
2 of These iPods

Say Goodbye to 2 of These iPods

Apple discontinues the Nano and Shuffle—but it's upgrading the Touch

(Newser) - It's only been three years since fans said goodbye to the iPod Classic, but they'll now have to prep for another period of nostalgia-infused mourning. "Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup," an Apple spokesperson said in a Thursday statement, per TechCrunch . The company has confirmed...

Easy Trick Turns iPhone Folders From Squares to Circles

Because who wants to be square?

(Newser) - Looking to gussy up your iPhone or iPad home screen? Lifehacker reports on a "fun little trick" that changes your lame, old square folders to awesome circle folders. All it takes its setting a very small image—like 3 pixels by 3 pixels small—as your home screen wallpaper...

Apple Unveils Phones, TV Update, Bigger iPad

Here comes '3D Touch'

(Newser) - Apple is unveiling its new toys in San Francisco today, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus, a bigger iPad, and an update to Apple TV:
  • Phones: The new models have faster processors, sharper cameras ( 12 megapixels ), stronger frames, and a feature called 3D Touch, which allows

Apple Wins $1B iTunes Case
 Apple Wins $1B iTunes Case 

Apple Wins $1B iTunes Case

Trial included testimony from Steve Jobs

(Newser) - After just three hours of deliberation, a federal jury decided yesterday that Apple didn't compete unfairly when it sold music players and songs with copy-protection software that was incompatible with rival devices and music from competing online stores. The jury handed Apple a victory by rejecting a claim from...

Steve Jobs to Testify in Apple Trial

Deposition could be bad news for firm in antitrust suit

(Newser) - Steve Jobs is remarkably busy for a dead man. Not only has the Apple founder received 141 patents since his death in 2011, he will be the star witness in a class-action antitrust lawsuit set to open in California today. The case will feature a videotaped deposition from Jobs, as...

How Technology Led to a Child's Abduction— and Rescue

iPod helped authorities find girl said to have been talking to man online

(Newser) - The story of a 12-year-old girl's kidnapping fuels concerns about the dangers of the Internet—even as it demonstrates how today's devices can come to the rescue, Ars Technica reports. The Baltimore-area girl, identified in court as Jane Doe, communicated with several men via Xbox Live and social...

The iPod Is Kaput

 The iPod Is Kaput 

The iPod Is Kaput

Sales way down this holiday season: Sean Hollister

(Newser) - This holiday season, Apple sold 6 million iPods—a 52% decline over the year before, and a paltry number compared to the 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads it unloaded. Apple brought in $57.6 billion in revenue last quarter, of which iPod sales contributed only $973 million. Other...

12 Key Tech Products of the Past 2 Decades

Walt Mossberg lists most important devices, software

(Newser) - Walt Mossberg has been reviewing consumer technology for the Wall Street Journal for 22 years, and now he's signing off—but not before reflecting on the most important gadgets and software in his time with the paper. And a very fruitful period it has been. A timeline of the...

Now OK in Prison: MP3 Players
 Now OK in Prison: MP3 Players 

Now OK in Prison: MP3 Players

Many inmates to get OK to carry devices, pick songs from pre-approved list

(Newser) - The music industry will soon have another chart to keep track of: jailhouse rock. The Bureau of Prisons plans to allow many of its 200,000+ federal inmates to own MP3 players and pick their own soundtrack to prison life, USA Today reports. The devices will be sold in prison...

Apple Asks Outside Group to Inspect Plants

FLA to audit working conditions at Apple suppliers

(Newser) - Apple, facing worldwide protests over conditions for workers who make its gadgets, says it has opened up its supply chain to a level of scrutiny unprecedented in the electronics industry. An outside group, the Fair Labor Association in Washington, DC, has been asked to audit conditions at the plants where...

What Facebookers Plan to Do With Their IPO Riches
What Facebookers Plan to
Do With Their IPO Riches
in case you missed it

What Facebookers Plan to Do With Their IPO Riches

At least 1K new millionaires will likely be created

(Newser) - When it comes to Facebook, most of us ponder big questions like, "Is my profile picture cute enough?" But for a group of around a thousand people, the big Facebook-related question is more along the lines of, "Do I sail around the world in a hot air balloon...

Gmail Immediately Pulls Buggy iPhone App

Users complain it's 'unusable'

(Newser) - Google finally released its long-awaited stand-alone Gmail client for iPhones, iPads, and iPods today—only to immediately pull it down after a flood of complaints over bugs. “The iOS app we launched today contained a bug with notifications. We have pulled the app to fix the problem,” Gmail’...

Apple Directors Discuss CEO Succession: Report

With Steve Jobs' ailing health, company looking at options: Journal

(Newser) - As much as Apple fans might believe otherwise, Steve Jobs might not be able to run the company forever. With the company CEO on another medical leave , some board members have held discussions with recruiters and the head of another big tech company to talk about succession, says the Wall ...

Apple's iOS Harbors Security Flaw, Germany Warns

Opening infected PDFs could install malware

(Newser) - IPads, iPhones, and iPods are all vulnerable to “critical weaknesses” that could “allow possible attackers to gain administrator rights and get access to the entire system,” Germany’s IT security agency warned today. Clicking on an infected PDF could allow attackers to install malware without your knowledge,...

Vatican Lending iPods to Tourists to Cut Noise

Tourists silently explore Rome's oldest basilica with an app

(Newser) - The Vatican is lending iPods to pilgrims in a pilot program aimed at coupling ancient basilicas with modern technology to lower the noise level from tour guide chatter. From a tiny booth in the back of St. John in Lateran, the Vatican has been quietly asking tourists if they want...

Steve Jobs Unveils iCloud, New iOS

Apple also unveils new version of Mac OS

(Newser) - Steve Jobs took a break from his medical leave to show off some major new Apple software today, including its hotly anticipated new cloud computing service. The service, predictably dubbed “iCloud,” lets users keep all manner of data online, including books, apps, and music, syncing it all across...

The iBike, and 9 More Exciting Apple Patents

The iKey? Why not?

(Newser) - Steve Jobs may be stepping back , but that’s no reason to stop being jazzed about all things Apple: The company snagged a whopping 563 patents last year, some of which are sure to eventually see the light of day. Mashable reports on 10 you should be particularly excited about:...

9 Great Products Launched in Downturns

Recessions don't kill innovation

(Newser) - Who says the worst recession since the 1930s means you can't debut a great product? The Huffington Post lists 9 hugely successful ones launched in tough economic times:
  • iPod: Apple unveiled it less than 2 months after the September 11 attacks, amid the resulting recession.
  • Microsoft Office: Bill Gates launched

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