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Kyiv Bomb Shelter Gets a Surprise Concert

Bono, the Edge put on 40-minute show with Ukrainian band Antytila

(Newser) - On Sunday morning, two stars from U2 made an unexpected announcement. "President @ZelenskyyUa invited us to perform in Kyiv as a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and so that's what we've come to do," tweeted Bono and the Edge, but they didn't play...

U2 Will Break 'Sacred Pledge,' and You Could Take Part

Up for a game of mini-golf?

(Newser) - When the members of U2 were just young Irish lads, they made "a sacred pledge" to each other that has remained steadfast throughout their decades-long run as rock stars: Never play golf. "We didn't think it was rock 'n' roll," frontman Bono tells the AP...

Bono: I May Never Play Guitar Again

He reflects on bike accident in blog post

(Newser) - In a very long New Year's Day blog post , Bono revealed yesterday that he may have to put down his guitar for good after his traumatic bike accident in November. "Recovery has been more difficult than I thought," he writes under the section "I IS FOR...

2014's Least Influential People
 2014's Least Influential People 

2014's Least Influential People

'GQ' takes down Obama, Goodell, the Mo. governor, and ... Zach Braff

(Newser) - If you're wondering who "took up vast clouds of oxygen, gave us back nothing of use, and probably helped accelerate the death of our planet" most this year, Drew Magary has 30 of them ranked and ready for our review in GQ's "Least Influential People of...

Bono's Bike Crash Injuries Are Pretty Serious

U2 frontman will need 'intensive' therapy

(Newser) - U2 recently revealed that Bono took a bit of a "cycling spill" and had to have surgery on his arm, but the details are a bit more gory than that phrase might have led you to believe. The singer was riding his bike through Central Park in New York...

U2 Gives Away Surprise New Album

'Songs of Innocence' available for download on iTunes

(Newser) - Bigger iPhones and a high-tech watch were ostensibly the stars of yesterday's much-hyped Apple event, but a few other luminaries showed up to grace the stage in Cupertino, Calif. U2 made a surprise appearance and unexpectedly announced that a) it has a new album out, and b) all 500...

2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You
2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You
'forbes' list

2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You

'Forbes' releases annual list of highest-paid musicians

(Newser) - The top-earning musician of 2012 is ... Dr. Dre? Yes, the rapper tops Forbes ' annual list of the highest-paid musicians, thanks mostly to his wildly successful Beats headphone line, which also scored him a spot in Forbes' top five highest-paid celebrities this year . The top 10 musicians who raked in...

U2 Tour Costs $750K a Day
 U2 Tour Costs $750K a Day 

U2 Tour Costs $750K a Day

Bono and the boys talk pop stardom, expansive tour with Rolling Stone

(Newser) - Rolling Stone goes behind the scenes—and tags along in a private jet—for its cover story on the U2360° Tour (aka “the biggest rock tour of all time”), which is comprised of a 170-ton stage carted around by 200 trucks, 250 speakers, almost 400 employees—and $750,...

U2 Tour Not So Eco-Friendly
 U2 Tour Not So Eco-Friendly 

U2 Tour Not So Eco-Friendly

No word from Bono on whether or not he's offsetting his emissions

(Newser) - U2 is all about “looking after our planet,” as frontman Bono once said—but they’re not practicing what they preach, according to Carbonfootprint.com: The band’s 44 concerts this year are the equivalent of “the four band members traveling the 34.125 million miles from...

Web Killed Big Acts, Saved Music: Kot
 Web Killed Big Acts, 
 Saved Music: Kot 

Web Killed Big Acts, Saved Music: Kot

Each tech advance stirred unfounded fears: Kot

(Newser) - The Internet has so fragmented music that there may never be another big act like U2. But that’s just fine for music critic Greg Kot, author of Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music. “Art thrives best when it’s created without regard to making any kind of...

Irish Angry at U2's Tax Evasion

Group criticized as hypocritical in light of history of activism

(Newser) - U2 is under fire for possible tax evasion as the Irish government pushes for a bigger slice of the band’s earnings, the Christian Science Monitor reports. U2 moved its publishing company to Amsterdam in 2006 after a tax bill limited artists’ tax-free earnings to $315,000. With Irish deficits...

Money Woes Ground Spidey, Other Musicals

Stephen Sondheim revue stumbles before opening

(Newser) - Financial woes are forcing more musicals to face the music: Spider-Man’s Broadway appearance has been delayed until next January, while Stephen Sondheim’s latest couldn’t raise the cash for tryout performances, Bloomberg reports. Spidey’s show, with tunes by U2’s Bono and the Edge, costs a record...

Bono: Fans Wish I'd Die Young

Singer rails against rock star 'mythology'

(Newser) - Sorry, U2 fans: Bono is sticking around for a while. The frontman discussed the mystique of rock stars dying young with a BBC TV show, claiming “people do want you to die on a cross age 33, with a Jack Daniels in your hand,” the Mirror reports. But...

U2's $31M Spider-Man Musical Hits Delays

Show is most expensive Broadway production ever

(Newser) - Spider-Man has hit more snags en route to its debut as a Broadway musical, Bloomberg reports. Rehearsals for the U2-scored production, set to begin this spring, have been postponed indefinitely. With its budget currently at $31.3 million, the Spidey musical is the most expensive Broadway show ever, and costs...

U2 Gets a Line on New Release
 U2 Gets a Line on New Release 

U2 Gets a Line on New Release

Band's 12th studio effort is due March 3

(Newser) - U2’s hotly anticipated new album is finally on the horizon: No Line on the Horizon is set for release March 3, E! Online reports. The band delayed the release to polish the songs and add two tracks. Although U2 worked with its “usual suspects,” guitarist the Edge...

Equation Helps Procrastinators Overcome Their Stall Tactics

You know, when you get around to it

(Newser) - The legions of those of us who "will do it later" are growing, reports the Sunday Times, but now there's a formula to figure out what chance you have of beating back your delay tactics. A Calgary University business professor claims in a new book, The Procrastination Equation,...

Facebooked: Bono Caught Cavorting With Teens

19-year-olds post photos on social site after partying in St. Tropez with U2 frontman

(Newser) - Sorry, Bono fans, Facebook doesn't lie. The married U2 frontman spent a night in St. Tropez partying with two 19-year-olds, Australia’s News Network reports after the girls posted pics—and details—on their Facebook pages. But Bono didn't cross the line. “For somebody who's much older than I...

Bono Joins Op-Ed Page of NYT

U2 singer joins Grey Lady's ranks as columnist

(Newser) - Bono may have finally found what he’s looking for: the New York Times’ op-ed section will be the U2 singer’s new print home, Radar reports. Editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal announced his newest columnist last night, telling Columbia's School of Journalism that the activist/sunglasses aficionado will pen between...

It Might Get Loud Hits Guitar Hero Trifecta

Jimmy Page, U2's Edge and Jack White get their axe grind on in new documentary

(Newser) - There's no Behind the Music-style debauchery to be found in It Might Get Loud, Rolling Stone reports. Rather, the documentary more resembles “having three carpenters talk about a radial-arm saw,” quips Jack White, who along with the Edge (of U2) and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), form the heart...

G8 Concludes with AIDS Pledge
G8 Concludes with AIDS Pledge

G8 Concludes with AIDS Pledge

World leaders renew $60B pledge to fight disease in Africa

(Newser) - Global leaders renewed their vow to spend $60 billion to help fight AIDS, TB, and malaria in Africa today as the G8 summit wrapped up. But they set no deadlines for delivering the relief, leading critics to question the pledge. "I think it is deliberately the language of obfuscation,...

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