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Larry David Ran Into Alan Dershowitz at the Market. It Didn't Go Well

Topic of conversation reportedly involved former President Trump

(Newser) - The only thing missing from this supermarket confrontation was the mournful tuba accompaniment. What Newsweek deems a "pretty, pretty strange scene" took place recently on Martha's Vineyard, and a "Page Six spy" was there to document it all. Per the gossip section of the New York Post...

Ghislaine Maxwell Has a High-Profile Defender
Ghislaine Maxwell Has
a High-Profile Defender

Ghislaine Maxwell Has a High-Profile Defender

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz makes a case for her, and for himself

(Newser) - Turns out Ghislaine Maxwell—who apparently dodged authorities until her arrest this week—has a rather powerful ally. "We never saw her do anything inappropriate," writes Alan Dershowitz at the Spectator . "We knew her only as Jeffrey Epstein's thirty-something girlfriend." The celebrity attorney often saw...

In Sealed Deposition, Epstein Accuser Names Ex-Israel PM

Victoria Giuffre said she was trafficked to Ehud Barak

(Newser) - Jeffrey Epstein accuser Victoria Giuffre named former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak as one of the men the financier forced her to have sex with, a court heard Tuesday. Lawyers for Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, another Epstein associate accused by Giuffre, said she had named Barak and billionaire Les...

Trump Lawyers Target Obama, Biden
Trump Lawyers Target
Obama, Biden

Trump Lawyers Target Obama, Biden

They argue that the Obama administration was the one that abused power

(Newser) - Much of the second day of President Trump's impeachment defense focused not on the president's actions, but on the previous administration. In what Politico calls "an alternate-reality impeachment of his political rivals," Trump lawyers Pam Bondi and Eric Herschmann argued that former President Obama and Joe...

Impeachment Trial: Trump Defense Resumes
Kenneth Starr to Senate:
'Close This Chapter'

Kenneth Starr to Senate: 'Close This Chapter'

He says Trump charges should be dismissed because president did not commit a crime

(Newser) - The second day of President Trump's defense in his impeachment trial included a big new wrinkle in the form of John Bolton . The former national security adviser's upcoming book reportedly alleges that Trump directly linked Ukraine aid to an investigation of the Bidens, a development that is raising...

Impeachment Managers Turn Focus to Abuse of Power
Impeachment Day 3:
Trump Puts 'Nixon to Shame'

Impeachment Day 3: Trump Puts 'Nixon to Shame'

'This conduct is Donald Trump first'

(Newser) - Day 3 of President Trump's impeachment trial is underway, and Democratic impeachment managers plan to focus much of the day's arguments on the abuse-of-power allegation against the president, reports the Hill . "The Constitution is not a suicide pact," said one of those managers, Rep. Jerry Nadler....

Alan Dershowitz Grilled on New View of Impeachment

Trump attorney says he is 'far more correct now than I was then,' referring to 1998 view of Clinton

(Newser) - Trump attorney Alan Dershowitz went on CNN Monday night and got into a memorable exchange with Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Toobin over how his view of impeachment has changed since the days of Bill Clinton. Background and highlights:
  • 1998: “It certainly doesn’t have to be a crime,”

2 Big Names Join Trump's Impeachment Legal Team

Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr are among the president's defense lawyers

(Newser) - We've met the Democratic managers for President Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate. Now it's time to meet the commander in chief's defense team. A source tells the Wall Street Journal that, under the leadership of White House counsel Pat Cipollone, Trump's trial lawyers will...

New Yorker Profiles Dershowitz, and He Is Not Happy
Dershowitz's Harvard Lectures
Bothered Female Students

Dershowitz's Harvard Lectures Bothered Female Students

'New Yorker' is out with a lengthy, unflattering profile of the law professor

(Newser) - The New Yorker is out with a deep dive into the professional and personal life of Alan Dershowitz, the 80-year-old emeritus professor of Harvard Law who maintains a near-constant presence on TV as a legal analyst. In fact, his public profile has only increased since the election of Donald Trump,...

Dershowitz: Trump Has a Much Bigger Problem Than Mueller

President should be worried about state prosecutors in New York, he says

(Newser) - Michael Cohen's guilty plea . Paul Manafort's conviction . The granting of immunity to longtime Trump allies. Last week provided one big headline after another in regard to the legal trouble swirling around President Trump, and Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz sees a clear takeaway: Trump's biggest legal worry...

Dershowitz Is Now Helping Harvey Weinstein's Defense

Celebrity lawyer joins effort to obtain 'exculpatory' emails

(Newser) - A former member of OJ Simpson's defense team is now assisting Harvey Weinstein. Alan Dershowitz—a Harvard Law School professor and frequent guest on cable news—is serving as a consultant to Weinstein's effort to obtain emails from The Weinstein Company that he sent and received before he...

Could Polanski Case Finally Come to an End?

That seems to be Alan Dershowitz's goal

(Newser) - More than 35 years later, Alan Dershowitz is trying to bring the case against Roman Polanski, who fled the US before being sentenced on a statutory rape charge in 1978, to an end. The lawyer has filed new paperwork in a California court calling for a hearing that could close...

'Double Jeopardy' Could Block Knox Extradition

Experts say case could put US courts in uncharted territory

(Newser) - Amanda Knox won't be going back to Italy for her new murder trial , but if she is found guilty in absentia and appeals fail, she could be facing a mammoth legal battle at home in the US. If Italy seeks her extradition, American courts will have to decide whether...

Pro-Gun Petition Founder Blows Up at Piers Morgan

'1776 will commence again,' Alex Jones warns host

(Newser) - Things got pretty heated on Piers Morgan Tonight as the host came face-to-face with the man who started a petition to deport him for supporting gun control. Morgan barely got a word in as conspiracy theorist talk show host Alex Jones attacked him as a "hatchet man of the...

OJ Team Denies It Tampered With Evidence

Lawyers attack Darden's claims

(Newser) - The surviving members of OJ Simpson's defense team are hopping mad about a prosecutor's claim that the infamous "bloody glove" found at the murder scene of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman was tampered with by their late colleague Johnnie Cochran. Prosecutor Christopher Darden "lost, and he...

Ex-Prosecutor: OJ Defense Tampered With Glove

Simpson's former attorney calls charge 'total fabrication'

(Newser) - It's been 18 years since that infamous white Ford Bronco chase, but arguments over the guilt or innocence of OJ Simpson still run hot. Now a former LA deputy district attorney is accusing the defense team in his murder trial of fiddling with the glove, just hours before Simpson...

Sorry, But Casey Anthony Verdict Was Totally Right: Alan M. Dershowitz
Sorry, but Casey Anthony Verdict Was Totally Right
Alan M. Dershowitz

Sorry, but Casey Anthony Verdict Was Totally Right

Dershowitz: Criminal trials are not about 'justice for the victim'

(Newser) - Alan M. Dershowitz and Marcia Clark were on opposite sides of the OJ Simpson trial, and they're on opposite sides now : In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Dershowitz firmly states that "the system worked" when Casey Anthony was found not guilty. That's because, much as we all...

Don't 'Blackmail' Israel Into Peace Talks Over Iran: Dershowitz

Deal with nukes, then engage with Palestine

(Newser) - Clip Iran's nuclear claws first, then press for peace between Israel and Palestine—not the other way around, Alan Dershowitz argues in the New York Post. Reacting to a recent report, Dershowitz says Rahm Emanuel has it backward in putting Israeli-Palestinian talks before negotiations that could denuclearize Iran. "The...

Powder Mailed to Journal, Dershowitz Is Harmless

(Newser) - White powder mailed to executives of the Wall Street Journal and to Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz is harmless, authorities say. Authorities have no suspects or motive, but the Journal notes that Dershowitz wrote an essay for the paper earlier this month defending Israel's assault on Gaza. The Journal got a...

She Shouldn't Stand by Him
She Shouldn't Stand by Him

She Shouldn't Stand by Him

Spitzer takes backlash for taking wife along; reactions run along gender lines

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer is going up in flames, but Americans are wondering why his wife has to go with him:
  • The Los Angeles Times talks to angry people on the street, including one divorcee who insists, “She should’ve said, ‘This is your fight. ... You stand there and get

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