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Mexico Drug Cartels Move Into ... Mining?

Criminals tighten hold on country's economy

(Newser) - Mexican drug cartels are expanding their Mafia-like hold on the country's economy by diversifying into many other sectors, even including mining, the AP finds. Officials say that in addition to stealing shipments of iron ore and extorting payments from transport and mining companies, the cartels are now illegally extracting... More »

Carbon Monoxide Kills 2 Miners in Colo. Accident

20 others injured

(Newser) - Two miners were killed in Colorado early yesterday, and authorities say they died of carbon monoxide poisoning, the Denver Post reports. The incident at the Revenue-Virginius Mine, near the town of Ouray, was described as a "powder-smoke incident" and was not a cave-in or collapse, the Ouray Watch reports.... More »

Scientists Find Gold in Eucalyptus Trees

Discovery could be used by miners searching for the metal

(Newser) - Money may not grow on trees, but gold might grow in them. Such is the fascinating conclusion of a group of Australian researchers who studied eucalyptus trees in two groves in the country's west and south. The specific locations were chosen because the scientists knew there was gold in... More »

Grand Canyon Uranium Mine to Reopen Despite Federal Ban

Native tribe, environmentalists react with angry lawsuit

(Newser) - An energy company plans to reopen its uranium mine near the Grand Canyon despite a 20-year federal ban on new uranium mines in the area, the Arizona Republic reports. The Huvasupai Tribe and environmentalists are hopping mad, but Energy Fuels Resources has an argument: Its mine is grandfathered because it... More »

Coming in 2015: Asteroid Miners

Space materials can 'expand the civilization of Earth out into the cosmos,' firm says

(Newser) - Asteroid mining is just a few years away, according to a US company, but there won't be any jobs for pickaxe-wielding spacemen just yet: The first probes will only be the size of laptops. Deep Space Industries plans to send the probes on prospecting trips to some of the... More »

Possible Heir to Recluse's Fortune Is Found Dead

Kids stumble on Timothy Henry Gray, frozen to death

(Newser) - The messy estate of reclusive millionaire Huguette Clark took a sad turn today when a possible heir to her fortune was found frozen beneath an overpass in Wyoming, NBC News reports. Children sledding in Evanston, a small mining town, discovered 60-year-old Timothy Henry Gray dead from hypothermia in freezing temperatures.... More »

World's Richest Woman's New Idea: Wages of $2 a Day

Gina Rinehart, gaffe magnet?

(Newser) - Gina Rinehart, that charming Australian billionaire who last week advised the world's "jealous" poor to stop whining and drinking so much, is back with more priceless advice. The world's richest woman, who amassed her family fortune via iron-ore mining, thinks Australia's struggling mining industry should look... More »

Bad News for Miners: Black Lung Is Back

Cases have doubled in a decade despite regulations

(Newser) - Black lung was thought to be on its way out following new mining regulations in 1969—but the disease is resurging and has some health experts using the word "epidemic," according to an NPR /Center for Public Integrity investigation. Its occurrence has doubled over the past 10 years,... More »

Sand Mining Craze Stirs Up Health Fears

But fracking companies love the tiny particles

(Newser) - The upper Midwest is home to the latest craze in American mining: sand. Mining companies are knocking on doors in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and nearby states to dig up tons of the stuff so oil and gas producers can inject it into the ground in a process known as fracking. Sand... More »

Asteroid-Mining Company Flooded With Applicants

Planetary Resources forced to stop accepting applications

(Newser) - Looking for a career in asteroid mining ? Get in line. Celestial treasure-hunting firm Planetary Resources put out a call three weeks ago for applicants, and was soon so swamped with resumes that it had to stop accepting them. According to an update on the company's website , spotted by... More »

Good News for Haiti: Gold!

Troubled nation starts digging for $20B fortune

(Newser) - What news for a nation blighted by poverty , disease , and a devastating earthquake : Haiti is home to lucrative gold mines. And copper and silver ones too. Potentially worth $20 billion, the precious metal finds are already creating hundreds of jobs and new roads, the AP reports. What's more, mining... More »

Californian Busted for Lucrative Illegal Gold Mine

Sierra Nevada digger hit with environmental charges

(Newser) - California authorities aren't buying landowner Joseph Hardesty's excuse that he is merely running a gravel business from a Gold Rush-era mine in a gold-rich part of the state. Authorities in El Dorado County say he is running one of the most blatantly illegal gold-mining operations ever seen in... More »

The Dirty Secret Inside Your Prius

'Rare earth' mining can hurt the environment

(Newser) - So, you bought a Prius or know someone who has. Beautiful. But look under the hood and you'll find some neodymium, one of the "rare earth" minerals that help run all kinds of green technology—and other high-tech stuff like smartphones and flat-screen TVs. So far so good,... More »

25 Dead in Ukraine Mining Accidents

Two separate incidents highlight safety lapses

(Newser) - Rescue workers have found five more bodies at two Ukrainian coal mines where accidents occurred, raising the death toll to 25. Twelve other miners remain missing. The accidents in the eastern region shocked the country and highlighted the dangers of the nation's mining industry. It is believed to be... More »

Major Ocean Mineral Find Could Transform High-Tech

Mineral trove vital for industry at bottom of Pacific Ocean

(Newser) - Japanese scientists have discovered mammoth deposits of rare earth minerals—essential in the manufacture of many high-tech devices—at the depths of the Pacific Ocean, reports Reuters . The find could transform the international market for these vital materials. Discovered as deep as 20,000 feet at 78 locations, particularly around... More »

China Accidents Trap 40 Miners

Cave-in and flood hit separate mines

(Newser) - A coal mine flood in southwestern China trapped 21 miners underground, while a cave-in at another mine today killed at least three workers and left 19 others sealed off, officials said. Rescuers scrambled to reach the miners at the Niupeng coal mine in the county of Pingtang in Guizhou province... More »

Underground Acid Lake Threatens Johannesburg

City needs millions to pump toxic water from mines

(Newser) - Johannesburg is frantically attempting to procure millions of dollars for a new pumping station, before a rising tide of toxic mine water seeps into the city’s streets. Abandoned mine shafts in and around the city have filled up with ground water, which oxidizes with the metals within the mines,... More »

Did Pentagon Use the Times to Hype its Afghan Auction?

Timing of miracle minerals story fishy

(Newser) - There has been much grousing about the New York Times’ non-scoop on Afghanistan’s trillion-dollar mineral deposits. Most people figured the Pentagon spoon-fed the paper the story to drum up public support for the war. But now it looks like it may have been trying to drum up customers, says... More »

Real-Life Avatar Unfolds in India

Tribe battles to stop mining of their sacred mountain

(Newser) - Take away the six-legged lemurs, the banshees, and the moon of Pandora, and the plot of Avatar sounds a lot like the mining battle playing out in real life in the Indian state of Orissa. There, indigenous tribespeople are fighting to stop a mining company from extracting bauxite from the... More »

Dow Up 85; Alcoa, Intel Rally

Mining giants Bucyrus, Terex to merge

(Newser) - Stocks saw broad gains today as analysts upgraded blue chips Alcoa and Intel and big mergers were announced in the mining and health-care sectors, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The Dow rose 85.25 points to close at 10,414.14.
  • The Nasdaq added 25.97, ending the session at
... More »

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