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Congress May Kill Chance of Free IRS Tax Filing

ProPublica reports that a bipartisan bill would bar the creation of such a system

(Newser) - It's beginning to look like the IRS will never provide a free online tax-filing system for Americans, reports ProPublica . The news outlet blames heavy lobbying from the likes of TurboTax and H&R Block. A bill with bipartisan support has cleared the House Ways and Means Committee, and one...

Tax Day Argument: Let the IRS Do Our Taxes

Advocates push 'return-free filing' as a way to simplify a painful process

(Newser) - With "tax day" upon us, critics of the current filing system are staking out their usual ground and calling for reform. One of the big alternatives being pushed is "return-free filing," which, advocates say, would simplify a system that's needlessly painful and complicated. As Farhad Manjoo...

TurboTax Processing State Returns Once Again

The halt due to fraud lasted about 24 hours

(Newser) - TurboTax, the country's most popular do-it-yourself tax preparation software, is back up and running after it halted processing state tax returns for about 24 hours because of a spike in fraudulent filings . Intuit, the company behind TurboTax, said it resumed filing of state returns at about 6pm Eastern time...

TurboTax Stops All State Filings

Intuit identified 'an increase in suspicious filings'

(Newser) - On the heels of Minnesota putting a halt on accepting returns filed using TurboTax over fraud concerns, the tax-preparation software company has disabled all state tax return e-filings as of yesterday. The company acknowledged that it has identified "an increase in suspicious filings," USA Today reports; the situations...

Minnesota Isn't Taking Any More TurboTax Returns

'Potentially fraudulent activity' has been discovered

(Newser) - Minnesota residents who had hoped to file their 2014 tax returns from the comfort of their home offices using TurboTax will need to find another alternative. The state's Department of Revenue announced in a conference call last night that it's no longer accepting returns filed using Intuit's...

TurboTax Tricks People Into Fighting Free Tax Prep

Lobbyist with ties to software maker plants stories with community leaders: ProPublica

(Newser) - It sounds like an uncontroversial proposal: The IRS could set up a simple, optional, online tax tool, filling out your forms automatically using info the government has on file. Yet over the past year, community leaders have been coming out of the woodwork against such a thing. Rabbi Elliot Dorff,...

TurboTax Maker Fights to Keep It Harder to Do Taxes

Intuit has been lobbying against 'return-free filing': ProPublica

(Newser) - If only it were quicker, easier, and cheaper to prepare and file your taxes. Oh, wait—it could be. Denmark, Sweden, and Spain use a system in which the government pre-fills your tax returns using info from your employer and bank. You tweak whatever is incorrect and you're done,...

Oregon Woman Arrested for Illegal $2.1M Tax Refund

Krystle Marie Reyes went on $200K buying spree: investigators

(Newser) - Krystle Marie Reyes has been busted for what is thought to be one of the biggest cases of tax fraud in Oregon history, reports the New York Daily News . Reyes was able to get $2.1 million back from the state after claiming on her TurboTax return that she had...

Top Tax-Procrastination Cities

Houston takes over No. 1 spot, TurboTax says

(Newser) - Your taxes are due April 15, and TurboTa x says it has a pretty good idea of who’s going to file late. Herewith, its list of US cities most likely to procrastinate:
  1. Houston (up from No. 2)
  2. Chicago (up from 4)
  3. New York (holding steady)
  4. Austin (a big jump,

TurboTax Tries to Avoid '07 Filing Nightmare

No error messages this time around, Intuit promises

(Newser) - It’s April 15 again, and perhaps nobody has their fingers crossed quite like Intuit software. A year ago 170,000 people rushed to file last-minute tax returns online through TurboTax… only to get an error message, delaying their filings for up to 13 hours. This year, Intuit’s done...

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