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Sex Tape Isn't Sexy—or Funny

 Sex Tape Isn't 
 Sexy—or Funny 
Movie Review

Sex Tape Isn't Sexy—or Funny

(Newser) - Critics were neither titillated nor amused by Sex Tape, the new romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a married couple that tries to spice up their lives by recording a marathon 3-hour bedroom session, and wind up accidentally sending it to everyone they know. As of this...

11 Surprising Celebrity Couples
 11 Surprising Celebrity Couples 

11 Surprising Celebrity Couples

Yep, they really dated

(Newser) - "Wait... they were together?" That's the reaction you'll probably have to the long list of surprising celebrity couples rounded up by ETOnline , including:
  • Sofia Coppola and Keanu Reeves: Dated in 1992 after Coppola's famous director father worked with Reeves on Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Kathy Griffin

10 Stars Who've Officiated Weddings

The latest: Ian McKellen marries Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell

(Newser) - Professor X got married last weekend and Magneto officiated. Translation for the non-geeks: Patrick Stewart married Sunny Ozell, and Ian McKellen officiated. But he's not the first celebrity to play the big role in a fellow celebrity's (or a complete stranger's) wedding; PopSugar rounds up nine more....

Jason Segel, Michelle Williams Both Move On

He's dating Bojana Novakovic; she's with Dustin Yellin

(Newser) - Looks like formerly adorable couple Jason Segel and Michelle Williams really is no more : Both have been spotted with new partners recently. E! identified Segel's "mystery woman" as Bojana Novakovic, a 31-year-old Serbian-born Australian actress with whom he's been spotted quite a few times over the past...

Ozzy Osbourne: I Relapsed, Used Drugs

But no divorce from Sharon, he says

(Newser) - Rumors have been swirling that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are headed for Splitsville, but last night Ozzy took to Facebook to "set the record straight": It's not divorce that's the problem, it's a relapse into drugs and alcohol. "For the last year and a half...

Michelle Williams, Jason Segel Are No More

And the world wept

(Newser) - Well, there goes another celebrity couple you could actually get behind : Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are over, sources tell People . After dating for a year—and just months after starting to stay together in Brooklyn —it seems distance took its toll a few weeks ago. Despite the Brooklyn...

Michelle Williams, Jason Segel Shack Up
 Michelle Williams, 
 Jason Segel 
 Shack Up 
say it: aww

Michelle Williams, Jason Segel Shack Up

Come on, how can you not love these two?

(Newser) - Finally, a celebrity romance we can really get behind: After dating since the beginning of the year, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are now living together. Williams has moved out of the Brooklyn home she shared with Heath Ledger into a new waterfront apartment, also in Brooklyn. "She is...

9 Stars With Weird Habits

 9 Stars With 
 Weird Habits 

9 Stars With Weird Habits

Olivia Munn rips out her eyelashes, Johnny Depp plays with Barbies

(Newser) - Lots of people bite their nails, but not Olivia Munn: She plucks out her eyelashes, she told the New York Daily News this week. The odd tendency stems from a disorder called trichotillomania, the Huffington Post notes. Eight more stars with habits that are a bit strange:
  • Johnny Depp: He

Hillary Clinton to Jason Segel: Maybe I'll Work With You...

But only if Muppets are involved

(Newser) - Jason Segel has made no secret of his love for Hillary Clinton, telling Us earlier this year that he wants to co-star with her ("I just feel like she would be good at comedy") and, he admitted to Jimmy Fallon last week, often joking with How I Met ...

Five-Year Engagement a Bit Drawn Out
 a Bit Drawn Out 

Five-Year Engagement a Bit Drawn Out

Jason Segel, Emily Blunt star in truthful romantic comedy

(Newser) - The Five-Year Engagement clocks in at over two hours, which is a bit too long for many critics. But its honesty about relationships makes the Jason Segel-Emily Blunt rom-com stand out from the pack.
  • "Because it's so willing to drill down into Tom and Violet's misery, The

21 Jump Street Collars Box Office

Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum flick snags top spot from 'The Lorax'

(Newser) - 21 Jump Street busted the weekend box office with a healthy $35 million take, appealing to both genders and drawing in viewers of all ages, the LA Times reports. No other film debuted nationwide, but in smaller markets Will Ferrell's Casa de Mi Padre banked a solid $2.2...

Muppets Movie Reviews: Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and Kermit Bring Franchise Back to Life
 New Muppets 
 Movie Is Terrific 
movie review

New Muppets Movie Is Terrific

Jason Segel, Amy Adams bring franchise back to life

(Newser) - Resurrecting a legendary franchise is a daunting task—but Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and the guys behind Flight of the Conchords have done it with roaring success. In the new Muppets film, the stars track down the Muppets in puppet retirement for a whole new show. (It's got a...

'Bad Teacher' Movie Reviews: Yes, it Really Is Bad
 Bad Teacher 
 Definitely Not Good 
review roundup

Bad Teacher Definitely Not Good

Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake star in Jake Kasdan film

(Newser) - Bad Teacher has one bad script, critics say—so bad that a good cast can’t make it work. If you’re feeling nasty, though, you may find a few laughs.
  • In short, it’s “blandly, boringly bad,” writes Ann Hornaday in the Washington Post . “This fitfully

I Love You, Man : Bromance at Its Best
 I Love You, Man
 Bromance at Its Best 

I Love You, Man: Bromance at Its Best

Stars keep formulaic satire on male friendship fresh

(Newser) - I Love You Man's tale of a guy searching for a best friend rolls out every buddy movie cliché from the Odd Couple onward but stays likable, thanks to its stars, say critics.
  • Rossiter Drake, San Francisco Examiner: Paul Rudd and Jason Segel "take what might have been a

Tab: Dad Makes Brit Read Bible
 Tab: Dad Makes 
 Brit Read Bible 

Tab: Dad Makes Brit Read Bible

Also: Not all stars Tweet, and more

(Newser) - It might seem like every celeb is Twittering these days, but not so. “I don't need to invite stalkers into my life. I just don't really see the point,” Rashida Jones tells E!, while Jason Segel adds, “If I didn't talk to you in high school, I...

Vanity Fair 's Naked Spoof Not So Funny
 Vanity Fair's Naked 
 Spoof Not So Funny 

Vanity Fair's Naked Spoof Not So Funny

Shot spoofs past controversial cover

(Newser) - Vanity Fair reproduced its controversial cover featuring a naked ScarJo and Keira Knightley—with men. But the results are more irritating than avant garde, writes Tracy Clark-Flory on Salon: The men, a quartet of Judd Apatow favorites, are more silly than sexy. They’re not actually naked, just clothed in...

Sarah Marshall Is Memorable
 Sarah Marshall Is Memorable

Sarah Marshall Is Memorable

Apatow project racy, touching, hilarious

(Newser) - Forgetting Sarah Marshall is another raunchy romantic comedy from Judd Apatow's repertory company, with an important difference: star/screenwriter Jason Segel. His performance as a clueless spurned boyfriend is "awkward and embarrassing," yet "sweet" and "disarming," writes Scott Tobias of The Onion A.V. Club. Segel...

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