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I'm the Gay Guy Whose Marriage Is Ruining Yours

Jose Fidelino is behind all those celebrity divorces

(Newser) - Jose Fidelino has a confession: He’s to blame for Al and Tipper Gore’s breakup, all seven of Larry King’s divorces, and the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James split. “No, I am not a 50-something masseuse or a tattoo model with a thing for Nazi outfits,” he writes...

Sandra-Jesse Reunion Looms
 Sandra-Jesse Reunion Looms 

Sandra-Jesse Reunion Looms

Love prevails? Or something like that

(Newser) - If, for some reason, you’re just dying to see Sandra Bullock reunite with Nazi-saluting cheater Jesse James, get excited. “Sandra has made it clear that Jesse is the love of her life,” a friend of hers tells PopEater , adding that the actress “misses him and their...

Sandra Bullock Divorce Final
 Sandra Bullock Divorce Final 

Sandra Bullock Divorce Final

Actress now clear to adopt as single mom

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have signed documents that make their divorce final, sources tell TMZ . The paperwork ends a messy process that began April 23, when Bullock filed over "discord or conflict of personalities." With the split official, Bullock is now clear to complete the adoption of...

Bullock Pleads for Normal,' Makes Out With Scarlett,
 Sandra Makes Out With Scarlett 
MTV movie Awards

Sandra Makes Out With Scarlett

'Everybody has cellulite,' deadpans Bullock

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock wants everyone to know she's not dead—and to prove it, she planted a hot smooch right on Scarlett Johansson's kisser at the MTV Movie Awards last night. "I love what I do. I'm not going anywhere," the Oscar-winning actress vowed after collecting the Generation Award...

Stepmom: Jesse Killed Animals 'Like Mengele'

He's attracted to 'the power race thing'

(Newser) - Cheating hubby Jesse James has another woman on his case. Now it's his former stepmom, who knows all his kid secrets, like the time he used to kill rats by injecting them with alcohol, Radar reports. “When Jesse was about 15 years old he started killing baby rats by...

Child Abuse Made Me Cheat: Jesse James
 Child Abuse Made Me 
 Cheat: Jesse James 

Child Abuse Made Me Cheat: Jesse James

Finally, the full interview airs

(Newser) - The Jesse James interview aired on Nightline yesterday, and America finally found out why he cheated on Sandra Bullock: “Because, you know, I've basically never felt good enough for anyone” as a result of childhood abuse, he said. His father “beat my ass pretty good a bunch of...

Jesse James: About That Nazi Photo...

 Jesse James: 
 About That 
 Nazi Photo... 
it's not so funny now

Jesse James: About That Nazi Photo...

Sandra Bullock's soon-to-be-ex talks adoption, rehab

(Newser) - Sick of the constant trickle of Jesse James interview teasers? They’re still worth watching, if for no other reasons than James’ voice is not exactly the macho timbre you expected it to be, and it’s amusing to watch George Stephanopoulos pretend to take the whole thing so very...

James: I 'Wanted to Get Caught'

He's setting the record straight...vaguely

(Newser) - ABC has begun to trickle out the juiciest tidbits from the Jesse James interview airing tomorrow on Nightline, starting with a two-minute clip that ran on today’s Good Morning America . In it, Vicki Mabrey asks him the questions on everyone’s mind: Why would you hurt Sandra Bullock, and...

Jesse James Hawks His Stuff on eBay

Sandra's ex is 'highly recommended! Great eBayer!'

(Newser) - When Jesse James isn't busy crying about the breakup of his marriage , he's apparently unloading all his crap on eBay. The serial cheater and soon-to-be-ex Mr. Bullock has what RadarOnline terms a "vast collection" of possessions online, and eBayers are apparently bidding to get a piece of the trainwreck....

Tearful Jesse James: 'I Threw Away an Amazing Marriage'

Sandra Bullock's husband opens up about infidelity

(Newser) - Jesse James says he threw away "a pretty amazing life and marriage" by cheating on Sandra Bullock. In an interview with Nightline—his first TV sit-down since his marriage became a tabloid staple—an emotional James admits to cheating on Bullock and says his actions have made him "...

Jesse James Was at Sandra's Baby Photo Shoot

People pics taken before scandal broke

(Newser) - Turns out it wasn't just Sandra Bullock, new baby Louis, and the photographer in the room on the day of her People shoot: Jesse James was there, too. The photos were taken March 9, two days after her big Oscar win and before her husband's cheating scandal broke, hinting at...

Jesse's 'White Pride' Mistress Blames Bullock

Actress' bed went to the dogs, 9 of 'em

(Newser) - Jesse James' notorious mistress Michelle McGee—who describes herself as more of a "white pride" person than a white supremacist—blames Sandra Bullock for her hubby's wandering ways. "I feel bad for her, I do," McGee told Howard Stern yesterday. But the couple "slept with 9...

How Sandy Kept Him Secret
 How Sandy 
 Kept Him Secret 

How Sandy Kept Him Secret

Bullock dishes on tactics—and accidental clues

(Newser) - The paparazzi are confounded: How in the world did Sandra Bullock manage to keep her baby boy a secret, even through months in the spotlight first as an Oscar frontrunner and then as a scorned wife? By using “decoys and dark cars” and refusing to let anyone into her...

His Own Words: Jesse James Reacts to Divorce Filing - Divorced, Jesse James, Sandra Bullock :

 Jesse James: 
 'Huge Hole in 
 My Heart' 
divorce reaction

Jesse James: 'Huge Hole in My Heart'

Plus, Sandra Bullock didn't know about Nazi obsession

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock isn’t the only one who talked to People: The magazine released Jesse James’ full statement, in which he expresses remorse and talks about the “huge hole” in his heart. “The decision to let my wife end our marriage, and continue the adoption of Louis on...

Sandra Adopts, Files for Divorce
 Sandra Adopts, 
 Files for Divorce 

Sandra Adopts, Files for Divorce

Bullock reveals secret adoption 3 months ago in 'People' exclusive

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock went from total silence to HOLY COW! in no time flat: In a People exclusive, she reveals that she has adopted a baby boy and filed for divorce. After starting the adoption process four years ago with her soon-to-be-ex-hubby, 3½-month-old Louis Bardo Bullock came into the Bullock-James...

Jesse's Nazi Obsession Started Young: Dad

All those Nazi books and the Nazi friend didn't help

(Newser) - Turns out Jesse James' penchant for posing in an SS hat is nothing new: His father tells TMZ his son’s “fascination with the Nazis” started young. “He liked their war machine, he liked their uniforms, he liked their guns, he liked everything about them,” says Larry...

Wedding Ring-Free Jesse James Out of Rehab

Another alleged mistress apologizes to Sandra Bullock

(Newser) - Jesse James took his kids to school today in full view of the paparazzi, who noted that he's out of rehab and not wearing a wedding ring—a sure sign that his marriage to Sandra Bullock is over, reports PopEater. "Jesse is finally admitting to himself that he blew...

10 Celebs Accused of Animal Abuse

Yes, even the Dog Whisperer made it on the list.

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian is PETA’s latest target, but her crime (holding a kitten by the scruff of the neck) is tame compared to what other celebrities have been accused of. The Frisky rounds up nine more who are in the doghouse with animal rights organizations:
  • Paris Hilton: She has a

Tiger, Jesse Galpals to Host Reality Show
 Tiger, Jesse 
 Galpals to Host 
 Reality Show 
a classy duo

Tiger, Jesse Galpals to Host Reality Show

'Celebrity Cheaters' will be about...celebrities cheating

(Newser) - It’s a good thing Jesse James got caught in his own sex scandal—otherwise, who would have been Jamie Jungers’ cohost for an awful-sounding new reality show called Celebrity Cheaters? Yes, it’s true: You may soon be able to watch Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and alleged Tiger Woods...

Jesse James Gay Bashes, Too
 Jesse James Gay Bashes, Too 
email proves it

Jesse James Gay Bashes, Too

Just when you thought Sandra's errant hubby had hit bottom

(Newser) - As if the Nazi photo and the cheating on his universally beloved wife weren’t bad enough…it turns out Jesse James is also a gay-basher. In a foul-mouthed and grammatically lamentable email obtained by Radar , James tells a former coworker, “Don’t worry though you 2 f***ots will...

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