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Top French Chefs: Let's Stop Food Porn

They ask diners to stop photographing, start eating

(Newser) - Food porn—the incessant taking and sharing of photos of meals—has been around for a while now, as have complaints against it, notes the Eater blog . But a story by Francetv info and AFP is catching some attention because it features two top chefs, from France no less, who... More »

More Americans Eating ... Guinea Pigs

They've long been popular food in some South American countries

(Newser) - New Mexico is thinking about processing horse meat . Montanans have roadkill . And now the latest in offbeat meat appears to be ... guinea pigs. NPR reports on an American trend fueled by South American expats and the US restaurants that serve such cuisine, and bolstered by foodies' penchant for trying—and... More »

Insects: Our Next Food Craze?

UN agency considers benefits of a critter diet

(Newser) - Cambodian deep-fried tarantula, anyone? A chocolate ant wafer or curried cockchafer? Such meals are already popular in many nations, but now the UN is investigating whether we should all munch on the critters. In his Guardian blog, Fraser Lewry says stats favor an insect diet: After all, the world population... More »

Panda Express May Open in ... China

But chain's 'Chinese' food is very different from traditional fare

(Newser) - Panda Express is weighing an expansion to China—but it could be tough sell for the Chinese food chain, given that American-style Chinese food here is “very alien” in China, writer Jennifer 8. Lee tells NPR . Indeed, American-Chinese food is a cuisine all its own, she notes. Take General... More »

Food and Wine Pairings? All Lies!

Study suggests wine aficionados often skip the meal

(Newser) - We’re always hearing that this wine goes with that food, and feel guilty when we get it wrong—but what if it’s all a scam? asks Jason Wilson in the Washington Post . A new study suggests it might be: More than 60% of wine sipped by “high-frequency... More »

Toking Chefs Cook Up 'Haute Stoner Cuisine'

Sensuous texture, deep flavors mark new dishes

(Newser) - A new "haute stoner cuisine" is being developed by chefs influenced by the weed with which they unwind, reports the New York Times . “Everybody smokes dope after work—people you would never imagine,” says author chef Anthony Bourdain. The inventive touch of a marijuana high has inspired... More »

Try Some Locusts on Your Pizza

Australians beset by plague of insects try to make the best of it

(Newser) - When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you swarms of locusts, make pizza. One enterprising politician in the Australian state of Victoria, which is under siege by the aggressive insects, collected a garbage bag full to be used in place of pepperoni and meatballs. "You can't... More »

Americans Learn to Say 'Mmm, Rabbit'

Furry friends are also perfect food animal for budding DIY farmers

(Newser) - Rabbit as food is a troubling conceit for many Americans—“it’s this weird association with Easter,” a chef says—but the animal is taking off with a small group of budding butchers, urban farmers, and those just enamored of its lean, healthy meat. “This is my... More »

Gone With Gourmet: a Taste for Expertise

There is no 'hard-won blood-on-the-floor kind' of editorial experience on the Web

(Newser) - When Gourmet magazine absorbed his Cook’s in 1990, Christopher Kimball discovered the hard way that the publishing business is “a top-down, winner-take-all proposition, an oligarchy of sorts.” But the frazzling encounter also afforded him a meeting with Conde Nast chairman Si Newshouse, who “poured his fortune... More »

Jell-No! Hospital Chow Goes Upscale

(Newser) - If an industry group's cooking competition is any indication, the Wall Street Journal reports, hospital food ain’t what it used to be. This year's winner of the National Society for Healthcare Foodservice Management's gold medal produced a “Machaca Flat Iron Steak” that met with his hospital nutritionist’s... More »

Best Cities for Good Eats

Local cuisine is ranked

(Newser) - Paris is for lovers—food lovers. The city came in first on a Forbes list of the world’s best cities for eating well, based on a 2009 survey ranking 50 cities. Notably absent from the top 10 are New York and London, which don’t boast much of a... More »

Scots' Delicacy May Actually Be...English

To kilt-wearers' horror, haggis was probably invented down south

(Newser) - Alongside bagpipes, whiskey, and plaid kilts, there's naught so Scottish as haggis, the mash of sheep heart, liver, and lung disgusting to many and a delicacy to some. But recently a Scottish historian discovered the earliest ever reference to haggis—in an English cookbook. The idea that the ultimate Scottish... More »

Designer Cocktails Call for Designer Ice

(Newser) - Innovation in cocktails has spread to their simplest component, the Globe and Mail reports—ice. “Ice is the equivalent to a stove for a chef,” says one bartender whose watering hole boasts three kinds of frozen water. Another Canadian bar produces seven varieties for different drinks. Mixologists use... More »

Lard: Good Fat at a Good Time

(Newser) - Now is lard’s time to shine, Regina Schrambling writes for Slate. “The redemption of lard is finally at hand because we live in a world where trendiness is next to godliness,” Schrambling reasons. “And lard hits all the right notes, especially if you euphemize it as... More »

China Orders Chicken Killed By Snakes Off Menus

(Newser) - China is cracking down on restaurants that serve chicken killed by forced snake bite, Reuters reports. A recent Internet video of a chef urging a snake to repeatedly bite a bird inspired the move. “Snake-bite chicken” is popular in Guangdong and Chongqing provinces. “Not only is it cruel... More »

Baseball-Savvy Actress Explores Mets' New Park

Mets fans will take time to warm to new stadium, actress says

(Newser) - The name of the Mets' new ballpark may evoke unpleasant parallels between the crashing economy and the team's penchant for late-season collapses, but maybe Citi Field can still represent a fresh start for the Mets, writes Julia Stiles for the Wall Street Journal. The award-winning actress, an avid fan, opens... More »

G20 Leaders Will Eat Well

But menu could represent some of the 'new Britain', chef says

(Newser) - President Obama and his fellow world leaders have their work cut out for them at the G20 summit tomorrow, but at least they won’t have to tackle the problems of global finance hungry. Star chef Jamie Oliver is planning a menu of organic Shetland salmon, Welsh lamb with mint,... More »

It's Time to Discover Goat, the Other Red Meat

Already-popular 'bearded ruminant' catches on in US

(Newser) - Goat is the most widely consumed meat in the world, but unless you live in an ethnic restaurant enclave, it's unlikely that you're a convert—yet. Henry Alford has recently been impressed by "chevon," the meat with less fat than chicken and more protein than beef. He describes... More »

Italian Cities Ban Foreign Food

Laws against new ethnic eateries prompts charges of gastronomic xenophobia

(Newser) - Kebabs, Chinese food, and curries are the targets of a growing Italian campaign against foreign food, the Times of London reports. The Tuscan town of Lucca has slapped a ban on new foreign eateries opening in the city, and Milan has now followed suit. Government-backed campaigners say they are fighting... More »

Let Them Eat Fast Food

French restaurateurs open moins cher eateries amid financial crisis

(Newser) - French cuisine just got a little less haute, the Daily Telegraph reports. As the recession hammers consumers and restaurants alike, some of France’s top chefs are opening fast-food offshoots. Expense-account meals running $450 per head are out and $6 ham sandwiches are in as famed restaurants like l'Auberge du... More »

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