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Ex-FLDS Member Wants Hard Time for Polygamists
Ex-FLDS Member Wants Hard Time for Polygamists

Ex-FLDS Member Wants Hard Time for Polygamists

Author: Texas hung Eldorado kids out to dry

(Newser) - Former FLDS member Flora Jessop is “hoping against hope” that the men charged with child abuse at the polygamist compound in Eldorado get harder time than those convicted  in similar crimes elsewhere, she told the Houston Chronicle. “Thirteen days, 45 days, nine months,” says Jessop, rattling off...

Jeffs, Sect Members Face Sex Charges

Polygamist leader, 4 others accused of assaulting young girls

(Newser) - Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs and four members of the Texas ranch raided by authorities in April now face charges of sexually abusing girls under the age of 17, the Houston Chronicle reports. One of those indicted also is charged with bigamy, and a sixth person is accused of failure...

Sect Leader's Daughter Still in State Custody

As other kids return home, 16-year-old remains in foster care

(Newser) - The hundreds of kids returned to their FLDS-member parents over the past 2 days did not include one high-profile child: the 16-year-old daughter of sect leader Warren Jeffs. The girl's lawyer pushed to keep her in state custody because she has been sexually abused by an adult sect member—not...

Texas Appeals to Keep Sect Kids in Custody

Challenge of ruling means case may go to state supreme court

(Newser) - Texas officials today appealed yesterday’s ruling that the state acted incorrectly when it took custody of 460 FLDS children, the San Antonio Express-News reports. The ruling could have meant family reunions within weeks, but today's emergency filing means the children could remain in foster care pending state supreme court...

10 of Sect's 'Child Brides' Are Adults

But state may return to ranch to look for more children

(Newser) - Texas authorities have admitted that 10 of the "children" taken into custody from the Eldorado polygamist sect are actually adults—including one who is 27—and more could be reclassified this week, reports the Houston Chronicle. This development could weaken the Child Protective Services' case that the sect was...

Huge Polygamist Custody Case Divvied Up Today

Individual cases to be set for 400 kids

(Newser) - The mammoth custody case of more than 400 children seized from a polygamist ranch in Texas will be broken up into individual cases today, the Houston Chronicle reports. Each will examine whether parents can demonstrate that their children will be safe from abuse before they can win them back from...

Polygamy Hubby Tallies 21 Wives
 Polygamy Hubby Tallies 21 Wives

Polygamy Hubby Tallies 21 Wives

And 36 children

(Newser) - A husband in the Texas polygamist ranch where children were seized to protect them from suspected child abuse has 36 kids and 21 wives—with the youngest 43 years his junior, reports CNN. The information on the 67-year-old member—whose youngest child is 6 months old—is included on a...

Many Kids From Sect Had Broken Bones

State also says boys may have been sexually abused

(Newser) - Of 463 children seized from a Texas polygamist compound, 41 show evidence of broken bones at a young age, the Dallas Morning News reports. "Several of these fractures have been found in very young children," said the head of Child Protective Services, which also said it's looking into...

Teen From Texas Sect Gives Birth
Teen From Texas Sect Gives Birth

Teen From Texas Sect Gives Birth

State says she's younger than 18, but ranch officials deny it

(Newser) - One of the teens taken from a polygamist sect in Texas gave birth to a boy today as state police stood guard outside her hospital room, the Houston Chronicle reports. State officials say the mother is younger than 18 and that she will be taken to a foster care facility...

Eldorado Sect Has Branch in South Dakota

No abuse allegations, but police wonder about 'locked-down operation'

(Newser) - The polygamous sect currently under investigation in Eldorado, Texas, has a sister compound in Pringle, SD—and it's making locals queasy, USA Today reports. The Pringle compound was started by the same leader in 2003, and is valued over $4.5 million. "They don't just open their doors,"...

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