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Internal Affairs Report Slams Officer Who Arrested Nurse

He showed 'extremely poor judgment'

(Newser) - The Salt Lake City police detective who arrested a nurse for following hospital rules may be losing his job on the force as well as his paramedic job . An internal affairs report released Wednesday is extremely critical of both Detective Jeff Payne, who carried out the arrest, and watch commander... More »

Cop Accused of Selling Station's Guns on Street

He allegedly lifted them from colleagues' lockers

(Newser) - An NYPD officer was arrested last night after allegedly stealing his coworkers' guns and selling them on the street, the New York Post reports. Six-year force veteran Nicholas Mina, 31, allegedly broke into fellow officers' lockers to steal four 9mm firearms. Other items, including cash, an iPad, and bulletproof vests,... More »

NYPD Cops Turn Selves In on Ticket-Fixing Charges

Crowd of fellow officers show up to support them

(Newser) - Fifteen NYPD cops turned themselves in to face corruption charges at around midnight today, as a crowd of around 100 fellow officers gathered to scream their support for them—and heap abuse on the Internal Affairs detectives bringing them down, the New York Post reports. A 16th cop was arrested... More »

Gawker: O'Reilly Pushed Cops to Lean on Wife's Beau

Internal affairs allegedly told to investigate cop for affair

(Newser) - Did Bill O’Reilly sic internal affairs on his wife’s police officer boyfriend? That’s the soap opera-worthy tale Gawker is hawking today. A source close to Nassau internal affairs officer Richard Harasym says Harasym was asked to meet with a pair of private detectives working for O'Reilly,... More »

Squirrel Infiltrates Philly PD

Probe under way after costumed human ruffles feathers

(Newser) - Let this be a lesson, kids: Dressing up in a squirrel costume can have unintended consequences. The Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs division is wrapped up in a truly bizarre squirrel case, the Daily News reports, after an officer who caught sight of a colleague in full rodent gear... More »

Cop Stomp Video 'Worse Than Rodney King'

Philly officers ordered off streets amid furor

(Newser) - Authorities have ordered 13 Philadelphia police officers involved in the videotaped beating of three black suspects off the streets, AP reports. The video shows the suspects being kicked, punched, and hit with nightsticks while appearing to offer no resistance. Rev. Al Sharpton compared the incident with the videotaped beating of... More »

6 Stories