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Zinke Rips Staff Loyalty, Notes God's 'Sense of Humor'

Interior secretary estimates 30% of staff 'not loyal to the flag'

(Newser) - Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Monday that nearly one-third of his department's workers aren't loyal to him and President Trump, adding that he's working to change the regulatory culture to be more business friendly. Zinke, an ex-Navy SEAL, said he knew when he took over the 70,...

Faithful Dog Waits 2 Weeks for His Murdered Owner

'He would just stand there and look helpless'

(Newser) - Loyalty between dog and man once again has no bounds, this time via a German shepherd who waited two weeks for an owner who'd never come home again. The dog was first spotted at an apartment complex near Houston's Hobby Airport, KTRK reports—sometimes on the steps, sometimes...

Here's Why Your Cat May Not Care When You Leave
Here's Why Your Cat May
Not Care When You Leave

Here's Why Your Cat May Not Care When You Leave

New study shows domestic cats don't show signs of secure attachment to humans

(Newser) - There are a lot of cats in the United States. Perhaps close to 95 million live with us as pets, reports the Times-Picayune . But does our affection for these feline friends move in just one direction? New research in the journal PLoS One suggests that domesticated cats are more independent...

Your Dog Can Tell if Someone Is Mean to You

They'll even refuse food from people who snub their owners

(Newser) - Your dog really may be your best friend, according to a new study out of Japan that highlights just how far canine loyalty can go. In a study to be published later this month in the journal Animal Behaviour , cognitive researchers at Kyoto University found that dogs will actually ignore...

Iran and American Jews: 'Divided Loyalties'?

Right-wingers get 'vicious,' 'dishonest' in bashing perceived critics

(Newser) - With rhetoric on Iran escalating almost daily, Glenn Greenwald reviews recent charges that Israel's agenda is what's behind all this agitation for war. When Joe Klein argued last week in Time that some war proponents are “motivated by their allegiance to Israel,” reaction was "as vicious, furious...

Tenn. GOP Rips 'Anti-American' Mrs. O on Web

Obama camp blasts 'shameful' tactic

(Newser) - The Tennessee GOP has produced a controversial internet video attack on Michelle Obama, blasting her recent remarks that she was proud of America "for the first time in my adult life." The four-minute video, released yesterday to coincide with her campaign visit to the state, features Tennessee residents...

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