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Britney Spears Joins X Factor for $15M

She will join Simon Cowell on his Fox talent show

(Newser) - And the new judge on The X Factor is ... Britney! The pop idol will join the talent show on Fox, reports RadarOnline , and will rake in $15 million a year. (The latter is a scoop from E! News .) Spears first had to meet with a real judge who oversees...

Fox Censors Phone Hack Jibe at Emmies
 Fox Censors 
 Bit at Emmys 
Emmy Night

Fox Censors Phone-Hacking Bit at Emmys

Alec Baldwin pulls videotaped skit after joke is axed

(Newser) - Alec Baldwin squashed his videotaped appearance on last night's Emmy Awards after Fox axed his joke about the phone hacking scandal at newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., Fox's parent company. Baldwin demanded his entire videotaped bit, which was to air at the beginning of the...

CNN's Ed Henry: New Fox Chief White House Correspondent
 CNN's Ed Henry Jumps to Fox 

CNN's Ed Henry Jumps to Fox

Taking same White House correspondents gig, but with new boss

(Newser) - CNN White House correspondent Ed Henry is jumping to Fox News to take the same job over there, the network announced yesterday. Henry joined CNN in 2004 from Roll Call, and he covered the president, Congress, and politics for the network. A Fox News exec says the network has been...

Cable Fight May Leave Fans in Philly, NYC in the Dark

Fox, Cablevision dispute could black out baseball, football games

(Newser) - Hey, no rush or anything, but suits from Cablevision and News Corp's Fox have about 7 hours to hash out a deal or baseball fans in Philly aren't going to be able to watch a playoff game tonight, reports AP . Fox pulled its channels from Cablevision when a contract expired...

Fox Stations Will Stay on Time Warner Cable

News Corp. makes a deal well past original deadline

(Newser) - Time Warner Cable and News Corp. made a deal tonight that will keep the Fox networks on the cable giant's systems. The agreement came nearly a day after the original midnight deadline and minutes before the kickoff of the Sugar Bowl. Terms were not disclosed, but News Corp. had been...

Time Warner, Fox Extend Talks, Keep Channels On

News Corp., cable giant keep negotiating over fees past deadline

(Newser) - Time Warner subscribers can still get their fill of college bowl games and the Simpsons, at least for the time being. Talks between Fox parent News Corp. and the cable giant have been extended into the new year. News Corp. had threatened to turn Fox stations dark at midnight if...

Time Warner Fox Stations May Go Dark Tomorrow
Time Warner Fox Stations May Go Dark Tomorrow
see ya, homer

Time Warner Fox Stations May Go Dark Tomorrow

News Corp. memo says no deal in sight

(Newser) - Either News Corp. is getting a little careless with its memos, or it’s trying to ratchet up pressure for an 11th-hour deal. An internal letter from its COO to employees warns that no deal is in the offing with Time Warner ahead of tomorrow's midnight deadline regarding the Fox...

Simpsons Premiere Has Rogen in Double Duty

(Newser) - The Simpsons season premiere tomorrow night will feature rare double duty by a guest. Seth Rogen, a self-described "obsessed" fan, not only voices a character but co-wrote the episode. "I can die a happy man," he says. The show, in which Homer has to get in shape...

FOX Network Won't Air Prez Health Care Address

So You Think You Can Dance kicks speech

(Newser) - The Fox Broadcast Network won't carry President Obama's congressional address on health-care reform Wednesday, and will instead run So You Think You Can Dance, reports Broadcasting & Cable. The Fox News cable channel will carry the address. The Fox network also skipped Obama's July 22 speech. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC...

Beck Loses Advertisers for Calling Obama a Racist

(Newser) - Glenn Beck's assertion that President Obama is a racist is rattling at least a few advertisers. Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, and have stopped running ads on Beck's Fox show, reports the TV Newser blog on Mediabistro. The network itself isn't hurting, however: A spokesman says the...

Beck Wins It All in Stewart's Jackass Derby

Beck crowned king in new segment

(Newser) - “Apparently, any jackass in a suit willing to go on television and criticize the president can make a pretty hefty living,” Jon Stewart said last night on The Daily Show. To crown the biggest jackass of all, Stewart trotted out a new segment: "So You Think You...

Please, Osbournes, Go Away
 Please, Osbournes, Go Away 
TV review

Please, Osbournes, Go Away

(Newser) - Ozzy and his brood returned to TV last night with the debut of Osbournes: Reloaded, their version of a crude variety show on Fox. As far as critics are concerned, it can't be canceled quickly enough.
  • Tom Shales, Washington Post: This "revolting debacle" should be "the first TV

Obama to Face O'Reilly During McCain Speech

Democrat's first visit to Fox News show follows Murdoch truce

(Newser) - It seems the "tentative truce" between Barack Obama and media mogul Rupert Murdoch is beginning to bear fruit, Politico reports, with the Democratic candidate set to appear on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor tomorrow before John McCain’s speech to the Republican National Convention. It will be Obama’s...

Family Guy Neighbor Gets Own Show

Affable Cleveland Brown will step out on his own

(Newser) - Fox's hit cartoon Family Guy is spinning off a new show centered around Cleveland Brown—the soft-spoken neighbor to Peter Griffin. The Cleveland Show will debut in 2009, and follow a recently divorced Brown on a quest to his Virginia hometown, where he falls in love with an old flame.

Network TV Records Worst Ratings Ever
Network TV Records Worst Ratings Ever

Network TV Records Worst Ratings Ever

Fox is tops in dismal strike-plagued season; cable's gain continues

(Newser) - With just a few days left in the 2007-'08 TV season, Fox is set to take the ratings belt from five-time winner CBS. But it’ll be something of a hollow victory, because network TV on the whole recorded its worst year ever, Variety reports. Among the top five networks,...

Numbers Back American Idol Worship
 Numbers Back
 American Idol Worship 

Numbers Back American Idol Worship

From viewers to votes, box office to bank, no arguing Fox franchise is king

(Newser) - American Idol—the highest-rated show of the 21st century—finishes its seventh season tomorrow, moving Portfolio to some Idol chatter:
  • Total number of episodes since its debut in 2002 (as of May 19): 270
  • Number of seasons ranked the No. 1 show on television: 3
  • Value of the Idol franchise,

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