Bill Ayers

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Megyn Kelly to Bill Ayers: 'You Sound Like bin Laden'

Fox News host confronts former Weather Underground member

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly's interview with former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers got a little heated last night. The Fox News host repeatedly questioned Ayers about bombings and killings attributed to the radical group, and Ayers denied involvement in many of them, Mediaite reports. At one point, Politico reports, Ayers said...

Breitbart: I Have ‘College Days’ Obama Videos

They will show the president's radical roots, he says

(Newser) - Conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart says he has video of Barack Obama from the president's "college days," and he plans on using it in the coming election cycle to show "why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008,...

Palin: Obama a Hypocrite on Terrorist Rhetoric

If Tea Partiers were terrorists, he'd want to pal around with us, she says

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has resurrected her 2008 " palling around with terrorists " line of attack on President Obama for use in today's controversy. The Alaskan, defending the Tea Party from comparisons to terrorists , told Sean Hannity that "if we were really domestic terrorists, President Obama would want to...

Donald Trump: Bill Ayers Wrote Obama's Book

The Donald repeats wild rumor, says he's 'proud' to be a birther

(Newser) - Donald Trump isn’t content with questioning Obama’s citizenship —now he’s questioning his authorial accomplishments, too. In an interview with Laura Ingraham yesterday, Trump espoused the theory that Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s memoir, Dreams of My Father, Aol News reports. Obama is only the president “...

University of Wyoming Cancels Bill Ayers Lecture

President insists he didn't cave to public

(Newser) - The University of Wyoming has canceled a planned public lecture from famous ex-Weatherman and Obama compadre Bill Ayers, citing an “outpouring of criticism” and “security concerns.” The university says it had received 300 calls and emails as of yesterday, and the “vast majority” of them were...

Bill Ayers Protests Obama
 Bill Ayers Protests Obama 
clarence page

Bill Ayers Protests Obama

Calls his Afghan benchmarks 'a myth and a lie'

(Newser) - The honeymoon’s over for Bill Ayers and Barack Obama. The former Weather Underground member—that would be Ayers—was out protesting last night against Obama’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan, columnist Clarence Page blogs for the Chicago Tribune . In this clip, he says he’s “appalled...

'Rogue' Palin Was Reading From Script

McCain team wrote 'palling around with terrorists' line: book

(Newser) - Sarah Palin was actually on message when she attacked Barack Obama’s relationship with former Weatherman Bill Ayers during last year's campaign, the Atlantic reports. A new book, The Battle for America, reveals that Palin received an email from top McCain staff suggesting she use the Ayers attack. It even...

Ayers, Rev. Wright Team Up for Middle East Peace

Obama's former liabilities joke about their roles

(Newser) - Two of the toughest thorns in Barack Obama's side during the presidential campaign joined together in Chicago yesterday for the first time, the Tribune reports. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers shared a stage at a kickoff rally for a march for Mideast peace. It was their work on...

Canada Rebuffs Ex-Radical Ayers at Border

(Newser) - Former Weatherman Bill Ayers was denied entry yesterday into Canada, where he planned to speak at an education conference, the Globe and Mail reports. The controversial academic, who made headlines during the election for his link to Barack Obama, said he had visited Canada more than a dozen times. "...

Bill Ayers: I Was Not a Terrorist
 Bill Ayers: I Was Not a Terrorist 

Bill Ayers: I Was Not a Terrorist

But I saw no 'path to a rational discussion' during campaign

(Newser) - Even as John McCain was painting him as a domestic terrorist in Barack Obama’s rogues gallery of acquaintances, William Ayers kept silent. “I saw no viable path to a rational discussion,” he writes in today’s New York Times. Now that the election’s over, it’s...

Why Terry Gross Is Great
 Is Great 

Why Terry Gross Is Great

NPR host's interview of Bill Ayers is absolutely textbook

(Newser) - Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers in the business, and her recent session with Bill Ayers proves why, writes James Fallows in the Atlantic. The host of NPR’s Fresh Air avoids common modern pitfalls: She’s neither attack dog nor lapdog, and doesn’t try to prove...

Unrepentant Ayers: I Was 'Demonized'

Campaign piñata says of his radical past: We didn't do enough

(Newser) - William Ayers broke his silence this morning on Good Morning America, and he was anything but repentant. The former ‘60s radical called the attacks on him “a profoundly dishonest narrative” designed to “demonize” him, ABC reports. But he didn’t apologize for controversial deeds by him or...

Bill Ayers Will Appear on ABC Tomorrow

Campaign bogeyman will discuss path to '60s radicalism

(Newser) - After keeping a low profile through the presidential election in which he became a talking point, Chicago activist Bill Ayers will appear on Good Morning America tomorrow, ABC News reports. In the exclusive TV interview, Ayers will discuss his transformation into a 1960s radical and his memoir, Fugitive Days.

Palin: 'It Would Be My Honor' to Help Obama

Alaska governor says Ayers ties still concern her

(Newser) - Sarah Palin said it would be her "honor" to help the Obama administration, though she's “still concerned” about his ties to “an unrepentant domestic terrorist,” CNN reports. Palin said that while it was fair to continue discussing William Ayers, it's “time to move on.”...

Bill Ayers Gives First Interview
Bill Ayers Gives First Interview

Bill Ayers Gives First Interview

Speaks of 'distant' relationship with Obama, calls Palin's charges 'absurd'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's infamous terrorist Bill Ayers was busy palling around with his first interviewer yesterday, having his first say since his name became a campaign hot button, reports the Washington Post. Although Ayers says he does not "feel very victimized," but thinks that "they made me into...

GOP Offered $10K to Prove Ayers Authored Obama Book

Goal was to prove Ayers penned 'Dreams From My Father'

(Newser) - A Republican congressman and his brother-in-law approached an Oxford philosophy don in an attempt to prove that Barack Obama's autobiography had been ghostwritten by William Ayers, the Times of London reports. Peter Millican says he was offered $10,000 to analyze Obama's Dreams From My Father and Ayers' Fugitive Days...

Mac Hypocritically Mum on Felonious Pal Liddy

Republican won't cough up details despite hammering Obama on Ayers

(Newser) - Bad enough for a presidential candidate to pal around with a “lawless radical,” Steve Chapman writes in the Chicago Tribune, but worse to clam up about it even as you blast your opponent for the same thing. That’s exactly where John McCain is over dealings with G....

Is Obama a Radical or Reconciler?
 Is Obama a Radical 
 or Reconciler? 

Is Obama a Radical or Reconciler?

Or Niebuhrian waffler?

(Newser) - Barack Obama may be on the brink of the presidency, but many still wonder whether he’s a closet radical, Michael Gerson writes in the Washington Post. He carries a liberal Illinois legislature record, associations with Ayers, Alinsky, Wright, and ACORN, and an “elitist disdain for bitter, God-clinging conservatives,...

GOP Ticket's Disagreements May Be His Idea ... Or Hers

Palin could be shoring up support for her political future

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has publicly disagreed with John McCain on several issues, from giving up in Michigan, to the gay marriage ban, to attacking Barack Obama’s connection to Rev. Wright. A VP hopeful’s job main job is to agree with the ticket, notes John Dickerson for Slate, so why...

Planned Ayers Talk a No-Go at U. Nebraska

School rescinds Nov. 15 invite under fire from donors, pols

(Newser) - Though the invitation went out months ago, recent protests from politicians, donors and the online community led the University of Nebraska to pull a speaking invitation to William Ayers, the former radical agitator and current Chicago academic who’s become a talking point in John McCain’s criticisms of Barack...

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