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Someone Just Stole a Lot of Bull Semen

Cops in Northern Ireland probe theft of cryogenic storage tanks used for artificial insemination

(Newser) - Police in Northern Ireland are on the hunt for a "large quantity" of stolen bull semen. Two cryogenic storage tanks holding cattle sperm were stolen from a farm in the village of Clogher, part of County Tyrone, sometime between 3pm on Oct. 21 and 1pm on Oct. 23, Newsweek...

In Sperm Donor 'Case Without Precedent,' a $10.7M Deal

Fertility doc accused of impregnating women with his own sperm agrees to settlement

(Newser) - A Canadian fertility doctor who lost his medical license in 2019 after being accused of impregnating multiple women with the wrong sperm—sometimes his own—has now agreed to fork over millions in a "groundbreaking" settlement. The Ottawa Citizen reports that the $10.7 million offer from Norman Barwin...

The Sperm Donor Was Carefully Chosen. Decades Later, a Shock
The Sperm Donor
Was Carefully Chosen.
Decades Later, a Shock

The Sperm Donor Was Carefully Chosen. Decades Later, a Shock

'NYT' looks at cases in which women learned they got the wrong sperm

(Newser) - There are no firm numbers on how often this is happening, just anecdotes—and they're "piling up," writes Jacqueline Mroz for the New York Times in a look at what some families are learning about donated sperm in the age of easy access to DNA testing. Namely,...

Woman 'Horrified' by Connection

Fertility doctor used own sperm to impregnate patient: suit

(Newser) - Kelli Rowlette thought she knew who her biological father was. So when showed her DNA matched a sample from a retired fertility doctor, she assumed the service was unreliable, per the Washington Post . That was until she learned the same doctor had artificially inseminated her mother with his...

Woman Bugged by Cops' Reaction to Thermos of Semen

Felicia Nevins called cops fearing it might explode, isn't happy about the publicity

(Newser) - A Florida woman trying to get pregnant via artificial insemination called police because she feared the thermos she was using to store sperm and dry ice might explode. Felicia Nevins sought the Pasco County Sheriff's Office's help after she forgot to remove a rubber O-ring from the container,...

US Helped Cuban Spy Impregnate Wife

Cuban officials transported sperm sample to Panama

(Newser) - One of the Cuban spies released by Washington last week is due to be a father in two weeks, thanks to what the New York Times calls "one of the strangest subplots in the annals of secret negotiations between Washington and Havana." Gerardo Hernandez, one of the "...

Why Pigs Don't Have Sex Anymore

Artificial insemination is better and faster for farmers

(Newser) - Pity the modern boar: He roams the pen for a sow that's ready to breed and when he's about to, er, take action, a farmer appears with a catheter in his hands. The poor guy has been replaced by artificial insemination. That's because nearly 90% of today'...

Judge: Sperm Donor Owes Child Support

William Marotta to appeal ruling in controversial case

(Newser) - The latest twist and turn in the case of a man who provided sperm to a same-sex couple who then had a daughter: A Kansas judge ruled Wednesday that William Marotta is the "presumptive father as a matter of law," not a sperm donor, and must pay child...

Fertility Clinic Worker May Have Secretly Fathered Kids

Woman discovers this felon is her dad, and more cases may follow

(Newser) - An exceedingly creepy story out of Utah suggests that a male receptionist at a fertility clinic secretly swapped in his own sperm during treatments, fathering at least one child and probably more, reports LiveScience . Oh, and this receptionist just happened to be a convicted kidnapper who once held a woman...

Kansas: Sperm Donor Mom Lied for Child Support

Jennifer Schreiner said she didn't know who the father was: filing

(Newser) - In seeking state child support, a Kansas mom said she didn't know who donated the sperm to conceive her daughter, but that's not true, the state says. Jennifer Schreiner wrote on the application that she had "no idea" who'd fathered her child, the Topeka Capital-Journal reports....

Kansas to Sperm Donor: You Owe Child Support

He is contesting state's case

(Newser) - A sperm donor in Kansas is fighting an effort to force him to pay child support for a child conceived through artificial insemination by a lesbian couple. William Marotta told the Topeka Capital-Journal newspaper he's "a little scared about where this is going to go, primarily for financial...

National Zoo Welcomes Panda Cub

Mei Xiang gives birth to long-awaited second cub

(Newser) - After five consecutive false pregnancies since 2007, the National Zoo finally has a little panda bundle of joy: The zoo's giant panda female, Mei Xiang, gave birth to a cub last night at 10:46pm, reports the AP . Zoo staffers have yet to see the cub, which is ensconced...

Demand for US Sperm on the Rise

Jumps as much as 40% in past 5 years, according to The Daily

(Newser) - From Chile to Sweden, people around the world want more and more of our ... sperm? That is indeed the case, according to the Daily , which reports that demand for American men's genetic material has climbed as much as 40% over the past five years. "In the last three...

Supreme Court Takes on Govt. Surveillance Case

Justices reject file-sharing case

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is taking on the heightened government surveillance that's sparked a furor since the 9/11 attacks. Justices will determine the validity of a 2008 law that has allowed the government to keep a closer eye on international communications, the New York Times reports. Activists, lawyers, and journalists...

Fertility Clinic Boss Likely Fathered 600 Kids

Bertold Wiesner secretly made 20 donations a year for decades

(Newser) - The biologist Bertold Wiesner set up a fertility clinic for high IQ donors in London in the 1940s, helping women conceive 1,500 babies before he died in 1972. But what he did not tell those using his clinic was that he was the clinic's major donor, likely making...

From One Sperm Donor, 150 Siblings

One father, tons of kids: Is it a problem?

(Newser) - When Cynthia Daily, her partner, and their son vacation with other families, "it's wild," she says. The kids "all look alike." That's because Daily turned to a sperm donor seven years ago; using the number assigned to her donor, she later searched an online...

The Switch: Good Acting, Bad, Bad Writing

'The film offers few—make that no—surprises'

(Newser) - Fine acting by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston can't save The Switch. The film, an adaptation of a short story published in the New Yorker, promises an off-beat take on parenthood, but delivers a formulaic, and not-so-funny, rom-com plot. Here, the lackluster reviews:
  • "When you laugh at a line

A Mother's Ordeal: Fertility Treatment, Then Abortion
Fertility Treatment Leads
to Twins, Then Abortion

Fertility Treatment Leads to Twins, Then Abortion

Author recounts her use of 'selective reduction'

(Newser) - At age 43, Bettina Paige turned to fertility treatments to get pregnant to provide a sibling for her young son. It worked, too well. When the doctor used the word she didn't want to hear—twins—Paige, faced with the possibility that "we’d have to leave our beloved...

'Hotties Only' Dating Site Starts Virtual Sperm Bank

Non-members can use service to get beautiful genes

(Newser) - Controversial dating site —the one that kicked off 5,000 "fatties" for gaining weight over the holidays —has started a "virtual sperm bank" to share the genetic material of its attractive clientele. Both members and non-members can use the new fertility forum to contact...

Jacko's 2 Eldest Kids Aren't His: Ex-Wife

Says anonymous donor is the dad

(Newser) - Michael Jackson isn’t the dad of his two oldest kids, their mother says: The father is an anonymous sperm donor, the New York Post reports. Jackson’s former wife Debbie Rowe doesn’t want custody of “Prince” Michael Joseph, 12, and Paris Michael Katherine, 11, she told the...

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