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Owner of Foot Found in Yellowstone Hot Spring ID'd

Il Hun Ro of Los Angeles died in 'unwitnessed incident' at Abyss Pool in July

(Newser) - The partial foot found in a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park in mid-August belonged to a 70-year-old man who is believed to have died weeks earlier. Il Hun Ro of Los Angeles was identified in the last three weeks using DNA analysis, park officials said Thursday, per Fox News...

15 Human Feet Washed Ashore. Science Explains Why
15 Human Feet
Washed Ashore.
Here's Why

15 Human Feet Washed Ashore. Here's Why

The mystery started in 2007

(Newser) - "Please don’t call them 'severed feet.'" So says forensic scientist Gail Anderson of Simon Fraser University, whose research involving dead pigs plays a big role in getting to the bottom of a mystery that flummoxed Canadian locals and police near the Salish Sea off British...

Recognize This Shoe? Its Owner Is Missing a Foot

Authorities look to identify 15th foot washed ashore in Canada

(Newser) - Canadian police say they're not alarmed by a human foot on a British Columbia beach—at least the 15th discovered since 2007. The left foot washed ashore in West Vancouver in September, though the BC Coroners Service is just now looking for help identifying its owner. "Typically …...

Hiking Boot Stuck in Logjam Still Had Foot Inside

This is 14th such find in BC since 2007

(Newser) - A hiking boot stuck in a logjam on the shores of British Columbia's Gabriola Island yielded a grim find—yet another severed foot. This is at least the 14th time since 2007 that a foot has washed up on the coastline of the Canadian province, the Guardian reports. There...

13th Foot Washes Ashore in BC
13th Foot
Washes Ashore
in Canada

13th Foot Washes Ashore in Canada

Man's dog made grisly find

(Newser) - Yet another human foot has washed up in British Columbia—this time with part of a leg attached. The grisly find, which is at least the 13th foot to wash up on the province's coastline since 2007, was made by a man walking his dogs along a beach in...

Alaska Workers Make Grisly Find in Channel Debris

State employees find a boot with a leg inside

(Newser) - A human leg with a fishing boot still on was found in a debris pile that collected in the waters near Alaska's capital city, reports the AP . Juneau Police Lt. David Campbell says the leg—from the knee down—was found by state game workers clearing out the debris...

They're Back: Shoes Containing Human Feet Found in Canada

More than a dozen have washed ashore since 2007

(Newser) - After a short respite, athletic shoes containing human feet are once again washing up on Canadian shores, the Guardian reports. Earlier this month, a family visiting a Vancouver Island beach made a "grisly discovery," according to the CBC . "We had a look at it for about five...

Boy 'a Little Upset' After Leg Severed by Train

Florida teen was rushing to make curfew at youth center

(Newser) - A Florida teenager lost part of his leg early this morning rushing to make curfew at a youth center, WJXT Jacksonville reports. Police say Jayson Ahrens, 15, slipped and fell while trying to board a moving train just after midnight, and his leg was severed "slightly above the ankle....

Bloody Foot Sent to Canada's Conservative Party HQ

Police intercept another package containing severed hand

(Newser) - A gruesome mystery in Canada's capital: Police in Ottawa are investigating two severed body parts found in packages, reports the National Post . A blood-soaked foot was found in a package delivered to Conservative Party headquarters yesterday morning, and hours later, a severed hand was found in a package at...

More Body Parts Found Near Hollywood Sign

Cops collect hands, feet

(Newser) - A day after dogs came upon a severed human head near the Hollywood sign , police have amassed several more body parts. Some 30 officers and dogs combed seven acres in a homicide probe yesterday, and a cadaver dog discovered two hands. Then, just before police called it a day, they...

Tourist Finds Human Leg on Florida Beach

Police mystified by cleanly cut limb

(Newser) - A family visiting St. Petersburg, Florida, got a nasty surprise yesterday, when they stumbled upon a severed human leg that had washed ashore on a small beach tucked behind a waterfront neighborhood. The leg was pale, white, and shaven, bent at the knee and cut with eerie cleanness at the...

9th Foot Washes Up in BC
 9th Foot Washes Up in BC 

9th Foot Washes Up in BC

Buoyant footwear behind grisly finds, coroner says

(Newser) - Another foot missing its owner has washed ashore in southwestern British Columbia—the ninth such grim discovery in the last four years. Unlike the others, this one, found by a group of teens, was in freshwater and was in a hiking boot, not a running shoe, CBC reports. Investigators believe...

Boy's Foot Washes Ashore in Washington State

It's the second in four months

(Newser) - Police are looking for answers after a small human foot washed ashore near Tacoma, Washington. The foot was still lodged inside a boy’s size 6 hiking boot, and likely belonged to a juvenile or small adult, police tell the AP . It’s the second foot to wash ashore in...

7th Severed Foot Hits Canadian Shores

Like others, severed by natural causes, but no less mysterious

(Newser) - Another foot has washed up on a British Columbia beach, bringing the total to seven over the last two years. The right foot, inside a running shoe like some of the others, was separated from the body through a “natural process,” police officials tell the Vancouver Sun. Officials...

Canada May Have a Match in Case of Severed Feet

New left foot also in New Balance sneaker

(Newser) - Another severed foot in an athletic shoe has washed up on a Canadian shore, the sixth in a bizarre series of feet found over the last 15 months, reports the Vancouver Sun. The left foot, encased in a New Balance running shoe, was found earlier this week on a riverbank...

Canadian Foot Linked to Depressed Man

First to be identified in mysterious case of dismembered feet

(Newser) - One of five dismembered feet that have mysteriously washed ashore near Vancouver over the past year has been linked by DNA to a depressed man who disappeared a year ago, police announced. Investigators released no other information at the family's request. The foot is the first to be identified in...

DNA Tests Yield Few Clues on Canada Victims

But authorities say two of the floating feet belonged to one man

(Newser) - Canadian authorities have determined that two of the five feet found floating on British Columbia's coastline came from the same man. The only other information about the mystery victim are his shoe size (11) and brand preference (Nike), and fact that he must have been alive in early 2003 when...

Mysterious Human Feet Baffle Police
Mysterious Human Feet Baffle Police

Mysterious Human Feet Baffle Police

Speculation afoot around washed up body parts

(Newser) - Police are struggling to explain a string of washed up human feet found on beaches along one 125-mile stretch of British Columbia. So far five of the grisly, sneaker-clad appendages have been found, and all are right feet. “It’s a mystery,” said one Royal Canadian Mounted Police...

Sixth Foot to Wash Ashore Is a Hoax

Prankster in Canada put animal paw in running shoe

(Newser) - The latest severed foot to wash ashore in Canada is a hoax, the Toronto Globe and Mail reports. The sneaker found this week near Vancouver actually contained an animal paw stuffed into a sock, authorities say. An official described the prank as “reprehensible and very disrespectful to the families...

Sixth Foot Washes Ashore in Canada
Sixth Foot Washes
Ashore in Canada

Sixth Foot Washes Ashore in Canada

'It's very unusual,' say stumped local cops

(Newser) - Yet another severed foot—the sixth in a year and second this week—washed ashore yesterday in Canada on an island near Vancouver. Like all but one of the others, it was a sneaker-clad right foot. "It's very unusual," said a police spokeswoman. "To my knowledge, we...

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