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Jury Awards $7.1M to Woman Burned by Cooking Spray

Attorney says this case is just one of many against Conagra Brands involving 'defective' cans

(Newser) - A jury in Illinois has ordered Chicago-based Conagra Brands to pay $7.1 million to a Pennsylvania woman who was badly injured in 2017 when a can of commercial brand cooking spray ignited in a kitchen at her workplace and set her aflame. The verdict, issued Monday in favor of...

Woman Who Ran Through Burning Maui Field Dies

Laurie Allen, who escaped Lahaina's wildfire 7 weeks ago, succumbed to her injuries Friday

(Newser) - A woman who escaped Hawaii's Lahaina wildfire by running through a flaming field has died after spending more than seven weeks in a hospital burn unit. Laurie Allen died Friday at Straub Medical Center in Honolulu, according to a GoFundMe page set up for her and her husband, Perry...

Cops: Video Doesn't Show Boy, 6, Being Intentionally Burned

Family of Dominick Krankall, 6, who suffered serious burns to face, had claimed bully attacked him

(Newser) - Update: Police in Bridgeport, Conn., have examined footage to see what they could find out about a 6-year-old who was seriously burned in late April—and their assessment is that there's no evidence from that footage that Dominick Krankall was deliberately attacked, per NBC News . Authorities are said to...

His Dad Set Him on Fire. He Refused to Be a Victim
Set on Fire by Dad in 1983,
He's Dead at Age 42

Set on Fire by Dad in 1983, He's Dead at Age 42

David Rothenberg, aka Dave Dave, led a 'rich' life

(Newser) - Dave Dave, a respected Las Vegas artist who was badly scarred as a boy when his father tried to burn him to death in Southern California, has died. He was 42. Dave, born David Rothenberg, died on July 15 at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg...

Victim Will Testify in Her Own Murder Trial

Judy Malinowski testified from hospital room, and judge will allow video to be used at murder trial

(Newser) - "She may be the only victim to testify in their own murder trial." So says the defense attorney for Michael Slager, who is accused of dousing his ex-girlfriend, Judy Malinowski, with gasoline and setting her on fire in 2015. The Ohio woman survived nearly two years before dying...

Florida Teen Nearly Dies While Making S'mores

Layne Chesney suffered third-degree burns to 95% of her body

(Newser) - A 14-year-old girl suffered third-degree burns to 95% of her body while roasting marshmallows for s'mores on New Year's Eve, and her family is thankful it wasn't worse. The mother of Florida teen Layne Chesney says her daughter was severely injured when a gas can exploded near...

As Scavengers Flocked to Wrecked Oil Truck, an Explosion

At least 153 dead in Pakistan after someone lit a cigarette

(Newser) - It was a simple highway accident: A tanker blows a tire, and overturns. But it overturned Sunday in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, carrying 6,600 gallons of oil, and surrounding villagers " carrying domestic pots rushed to the scene to collect oil and they also made phone calls to their relatives living...

Young Mom Dies in Pastor's Fiery Exorcism Attempt

Nicaraguan woman was bound, put into fire

(Newser) - A story out of a remote mining town in Nicaragua whose details are still being confirmed now has a clear and tragic outcome: The mother of two young children is dead, having suffered burns across 80% of her body. The Washington Post reports on the pieces being put together. It...

This Princess Is Going to Disney World

Safyre Terry, 8, captured the world's heart after her plea for Christmas cards

(Newser) - The story of Safyre Terry , an 8-year-old who lost her entire family in an arson fire more than two years ago, touched the world. After the little girl's request for Christmas cards went viral—more than 300,000 letters have flooded her mailbox since—she got another surprise Monday:...

New Meth Recipe Really Explosive
 New Meth Recipe 
 Really Explosive 

New Meth Recipe Really Explosive

'Shake and bake' method filling hospitals with burn victims

(Newser) - A simple and dangerous new method of making meth is filling hospital burn units around the United States with expensive and usually uninsured victims, reports the AP . Making meth has always been a risky job, traditionally requiring bathtubs or sheds and large spaces. But the new technique, sometimes called a...

3 Teens Set Another on Fire, Police Say

15-year-old victim in Florida will be in hospital for 5 months

(Newser) - Three Florida teens have been charged with the brutal crime of dousing another teenager with a flammable liquid and setting him on fire. The 15-year-old victim, who was sitting by a pool at the time of the attack, is in serious condition and is expected to remain hospitalized for 5...

Iconic Vietnam War Survivor a Symbol of Hope

Kim Phuc now gives hope to burn victims

(Newser) - When Kim Phuc was only 9, she unintentionally played a part in ending the Vietnam War. Nick Ut of the AP photographed Phuc running naked from a napalm attack in which she was horribly burned. She wasn't expected to survive, but survive she did, with the help of Ut, who...

Superbug Kills Face, Hand Transplant Patient

(Newser) - A French man who received a groundbreaking face and double hand transplant to repair damage from severe burns has died from a massive infection, reports the Independent. The patient, 30, suffered a heart attack during surgery to battle a super bug invasion in his face. Despite the problem, his body...

DJ AM Spins Suit Against Pilots

All other passengers already filed suits

(Newser) - DJ AM filed a lawsuit blaming the pilots and faulty equipment for the September plane crash in which he was severely burned, making him the final passenger on the plane to seek restitution, People reports. His suit names the estates of the pilots, who died in the crash, the charter...

Barker Blames Pilots, Tires for Plane Crash

Blink-182 drummer seeks $25K in suit for distress, lost earnings

(Newser) - Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker filed suit yesterday against companies linked to a plane crash he survived in September, People reports. The complaint, filed with the mother of a bodyguard who died in the crash, blames poor equipment and says "the pilots were either poorly trained and/or failed to...

Barker: 'Thankful to Be Alive'
 Barker: 'Thankful to Be Alive' 

Barker: 'Thankful to Be Alive'

Wants to hold kids again, play drums

(Newser) - Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker says he's glad to be alive after suffering severe burns in a fiery plane crash last month. "My biggest fear ever is to be involved in a plane crash, so ... I'm just grateful to be here at all,” Barker told Us Weekly magazine...

'Miracle Marine' Dead After 3-Year Struggle

Struck by roadside bomb, he endured 100+ surgeries

(Newser) - A Marine who endured burns on 97% of his body with good humor and hope has died during routine surgery, USA Today reports. Hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq, Sgt. Merlin German walked, talked, and even danced during his 3-year recovery. Undergoing more than 100 surgeries, he became a...

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