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Yankees to Reggie Jackson: 'Stay Away' From Team

Team upset at Mr October's interview bashing A-Rod

(Newser) - Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson has been told to "stay away" from the New York Yankees after he ripped Alex Rodriguez for steroid use in a recent interview, reports the New York Daily News . "There is no ban. There is no suspension," Jackson said last night,...

Let's Just Legalize Steroids
 Let's Just Legalize Steroids 

Let's Just Legalize Steroids

If they're taken safely, why continue to ban them?

(Newser) - Let’s put a stop to the controversy of steroids in sports right now—by making doping legal. “I see nothing unjust or wrong about professional athletes using chemical compounds and medical knowledge to improve their abilities and performance,” writes Kyle Munkittrick on Discover . “Let me rephrase...

McCready Disses Sex With Roger Clemons

 On Sex Tape, 
 Disses Rocket's 
  . . . Readiness 
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On Sex Tape, McCready Disses Rocket's . . . Readiness

Clemens was good in bed 'when he could get It up'

(Newser) - Mindy McCready’s sex tape will be released Monday, and it sounds rather, um, unusual: In addition to sex, the tape includes interviews. The country singer is—conveniently enough—asked about Roger Clemens' batting average. Was her former lover good in bed? “When he could get it up,”...

Don't Cry for Mark McGwire
 Don't Cry for 
 Mark McGwire  

Don't Cry for Mark McGwire

Confessed steroid user is no victim

(Newser) - Mark McGwire's acknowledgment that he used steroids is no surprise to "anyone with a lick of sense," and the backlash now that he's finally fessed up shouldn't come as a shock, either. "Like all confessions that are motivated by public relations as opposed to, say, police interrogation,...

Bodybuilders Warned About Kidney Damage

Steroids, muscle mass cause damage that forces some to retire in 30s

(Newser) - Kidney damage is proving to be a sometimes fatal weakness for many in the world of competitive bodybuilding. Long-term steroid use is believed to be the main cause, but doctors also blame a training regimen that can wreak havoc on the body. The increased muscle mass of bodybuilders can put...

FDA Warns Against Steroid-Laced Supplements

(Newser) - The FDA has issued a serious warning urging consumers to steer clear of bodybuilding supplements advertised as containing steroid-like substances, the Los Angeles Times reports. The products are unapproved drugs, not dietary supplements as claimed, and adverse effects include kidney failure and major liver damage, officials warn.

Baseball Hall Voters Reject Plan to Weigh Steroid Use

(Newser) - The Baseball Writers’ Association of America—which decides the annual Hall of Fame class—has voted down an attempt to make new guidelines for players implicated in steroid use, the AP reports. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Telander had suggested a committee be formed to create new rules that acknowledged the...

To Cash In, Jose Canseco 'Saved Baseball'

His steroid stories prompted investigations of ignored problem

(Newser) - “Sometimes it takes a jerk to change the world,” and for baseball, Jose Canseco is that jerk, writes Jonathan Eig in the Washington Post. Canseco’s confessions and finger-pointing have helped expose widespread steroid use in the big leagues, and thus have “saved baseball.” His 2005...

Clemens Offers Fresh Denial of 'Impossible' Steroid Use

(Newser) - Roger Clemens again denied past steroid use today, and criticized a new book that claims to detail his transgressions, the New York Daily News reports. It’s “impossible” that trainer Brian McNamee injected the pitcher with steroids “because he’s never given me any,” he told an...

You're Not Hollywood, A-Rod; Just Be Human

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez’s troubles have less to do with what he’s done than who he is, Michael Rosenberg writes for Fox Sports. “We all know he is desperate to be liked,” Rosenberg writes. “And yet, everything he does to be liked makes people hate him.”...

Witness Says She Saw Bonds Being Injected

Family friend, ex-Giant catcher to testify at slugger's perjury trial

(Newser) - Prosecutors say they have a witness who saw Barry Bonds being injected by his trainer, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Kathy Hoskins, a personal assistant and friend of Bonds' since childhood, is expected to be a key witness at the slugger's perjury trial along with former Giants teammate Bobby Estalella,...

Selig: A-Rod 'Shamed the Game'
 Selig: A-Rod 'Shamed the Game' 

Selig: A-Rod 'Shamed the Game'

MLB boss, powerless to impose penalty, scolds player over drug use

(Newser) - Bud Selig slammed Alex Rodriguez yesterday for "shaming the game" by using steroids, reports the AP. Angry words may be the only thing the MLB commissioner can use to punish the Yankees player, however, since his positive test was meant to be anonymous and took place years before the...

Madonna Fumes as A-Rod Turns to Ex-Wife

Singer wants him back, bad

(Newser) - Will the drama never end? Alex Rodriguez should have known Madonna would be "pissed" when he ran back to ex-wife Cynthia as he did damage control after Saturday's steroids bombshell, the New York Daily News reports. “To Madonna, this is the ultimate dis,” says an insider, adding...

Besieged A-Rod Runs Back to Ex

Wife who dumped him for cheating is at his side again

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez made a quick about-turn from partying to the arms of his ex-wife as the steroids scandal broke last weekend. The defamed Yankee was partying in the Bahamas when news of his steroid use broke, but arrived at Monday's confessional with Cynthia Rodriguez in tow, the Daily News reports....

Jamaican Hurdlers Linked to Steroids

Drugs sent through Internet network, Sports Illustrated discovers

(Newser) - Two Jamaican Olympic hurdlers received shipments of banned performance-enhancing drugs in 2006 and 2007, according to documents obtained by Sports Illustrated. The drugs were sent to addresses linked to Delloreen Ennis-London and Adrian Findlay, both members of the Jamaican team in Beijing. Findlay denied using steroids, while Ennis-London was unreachable....

Documentaries: Box Office Wimps

Even with critical acclaim, they can't draw decent audiences

(Newser) - Although big-name documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth and Sicko have raised the genre's profile, recent ones just aren't pulling in audiences, the Los Angeles Times reports. The critically acclaimed steroid film Bigger, Stronger, Faster has grossed only $164,000 since its release three weeks ago, and the Oscar-winning Taxi ...

Critics Pumped for Steroids Doc
 Critics Pumped for Steroids Doc 
movie review

Critics Pumped for Steroids Doc

Bigger, Stronger, Faster sifts through the pharmaceutical enhancements

(Newser) - The documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster is drawing raves for its clear-eyed, nuanced look at the world of steroid users. Christopher Bell, a bodybuilder and onetime juicer, directs and narrates an "incisive and compulsively watchable look at America's love affair with steroids," Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly writes.

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