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Kennedy's Widow: Don't Let Ted Down on Health Care

Please finish 'the work of his life,' writes Victoria Kennedy

(Newser) - In an impassioned plea to Democratic senators threatening to vote against the health care reform bill, Victoria Reggie Kennedy begs them not to squander this opportunity because the bill isn't all they would like it to be. "Ted often said that we can't let the perfect be the enemy...

Joe K Won't Run to Succeed Teddy

Joseph Kennedy II says he'd rather work for 'social justice' in private sector

(Newser) - Joe Kennedy II will not run for his late uncle’s US Senate seat, the Boston Herald reports. In a post on the website of his charity Citizens Energy, the former congressman says he prefers to pursue social justice through the private sector rather than electoral politics. The announcement means...

Sen. Vicki Kennedy? No Consensus on What's Next

Widow was deeply involved in Ted's political career

(Newser) - All agree that Vicki Kennedy turned around husband Ted’s life, but there is little consensus on where the 55-year-old widow will go from here, Politico reports. “All this stuff about her going to the Senate is completely wrong,” says longtime family adviser (and speechwriter) Bob Shrum. Indeed,...

In Politics and Love, Vicki Rescued Ted

Politically savvy wife brought long-sought happiness to senator

(Newser) - As a love story and a political partnership, Ted Kennedy's relationship with wife Victoria defined the last decades of his life, the New York Times reports in a piece on the most powerful and politically savvy of the Kennedy wives. When the senator fell in love with banking lawyer Victoria...

Joan & Vicki Kennedy: The Liberal's Lionesses

(Newser) - Over the years, Ted Kennedy relied a lot on his wives, first Joan Bennett and then Vicki Reggie, and the two women couldn’t have been more different, writes Martha Moore of the USA Today. Joan, one of the celebrated Camelot-era Kennedy wives, was reserved and troubled, but it was...

Kennedy Drinking Again: Book
 Kennedy Drinking Again: Book 

Kennedy Drinking Again: Book

Family fighting over Lion's legacy

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy’s grim health prognosis has driven him to drink, according to Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died, a new book from longtime Kennedy scribe Edward Klein. In an excerpt in Vanity Fair, Klein says Kennedy’s wife moved him to Florida after the seizure because his Hyannis...

Kennedy Doing Well, Wife Reports

Senator responding to cancer treatment

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy is responding well to cancer treatment, according to his wife, Vicki. Although he's experiencing some fatigue—a “word that has never been in Teddy’s vocabulary before”—he is exercising every morning and sailing nearly every day. The venerable senator is halfway through 6 weeks of...

Smart, Capable, and in Control
Smart, Capable, and in Control

Smart, Capable, and in Control

Ted Kennedy's wife, Victoria, is helping him recover—and could even take his job

(Newser) - She whipped Ted Kennedy's staff into action after his seizure; she brought the family to his bedside; she allowed the aging senator, diagnosed with brain cancer, to join in the traditional Cape Cod regatta on Memorial Day weekend. Victoria Reggie Kennedy, his wife of 16 years, is right by his...

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