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Cops: She Was Detained for Hijab 'Education.' Now She's Dead

Outrage in Iran after witnesses say Mahsa Amini died after being beaten by 'morality police'

(Newser) - The existence of Iran's "morality police"—authorities who patrol the streets to ensure Islamic code on how women dress is being followed—has been increasingly under fire there, and a young woman's death this week has just exacerbated the backlash. Witnesses say 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died...

'Morally Compromised' J&J Vaccine Shunned by NOLA Archdiocese
'Moral Concerns' Hover
Over J&J Vaccine
in case you missed it

'Moral Concerns' Hover Over J&J Vaccine

Archdiocese of New Orleans, Diocese of Baton Rouge slam it for using cell lines from abortions

(Newser) - As health experts continue to plead with the public to accept any vaccine currently offered—be it one from Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson —a new wrinkle has emerged for the latter shot in Louisiana. That's because on Friday, the Archdiocese of New Orleans implored Catholics to,...

Almost Everyone Thinks Atheists Are the Worst
Almost Everyone Thinks
Atheists Are the Worst

Almost Everyone Thinks Atheists Are the Worst

'Atheists are broadly perceived as potentially morally depraved and dangerous': study

(Newser) - When given a hypothetical scenario describing a fictional character who progresses from torturing animals as a child to murdering homeless people as an adult, most people assume that this person is an atheist—and that includes atheists themselves. That's what researchers at the University of Kentucky in Lexington are...

Childless Couples Can Spark 'Moral Outrage'
Childless Couples Can
Spark 'Moral Outrage'
study says

Childless Couples Can Spark 'Moral Outrage'

Even total strangers have strong reactions to couples who don't have kids

(Newser) - Be honest: When you see a couple of child-bearing age that doesn't have kids, do you cringe? Get angry? Feel "moral outrage," even? Because apparently some do. Reporting in the journal Sex Roles , researchers at Indiana University say they asked nearly 200 college students to read one...

Oklahoma Town's Morality Ordinance Prohibits V-Day Dance

City council won't vote to repeal until after the holiday

(Newser) - In a scene that seems straight out of Footloose, a small town has cancelled a dance simply because it was to be held 300 feet from a church. Henryetta, Okla., is a town of roughly 5,500 people 60 miles south of Tulsa, and had planned a Valentine's Day...

Cocaine, Meth Can Mess With Your Morals
 Cocaine, Meth Can 
 Mess With Your Morals 

Cocaine, Meth Can Mess With Your Morals

Stimulant use is particularly prevalent in criminal populations, researchers say

(Newser) - Which comes first, the hard drugs or the criminal behavior? Researchers asked essentially that in a study just published in the journal Psychopharmacology in which they investigate whether cocaine and meth use might hamper moral judgment on a neurological level. The short answer is probably, though further research is required....

'Moral Symbols' at Work Can Keep Bad Bosses in Line

'Righteous' quotations, religious items can help workers avoid unethical requests

(Newser) - Could the whole subprime mess have been avoided if bankers had some inspirational Gandhi quotes laying around? That's the question the Chicago Tribune asks after reviewing a study that shows employees who display "moral symbols"—an "ethically righteous quote" or religious item like rosary beads—are...

Study: Religion Makes Children Less Generous

Some kids just really don't want to share their stickers

(Newser) - Religion makes people more generous and empathetic toward their neighbor, right? Wrong, according to a study published Thursday in Current Biology. Forbes reports researchers found children from religious backgrounds are actually less altruistic than children from secular households. Researchers tested more than 1,100 Christian, Muslim, and nonreligious children between...

Your Essence Is Rooted in Your Character, Not Intellect

Who we are may have more to do with what we stand for than what we know

(Newser) - In an attempt to begin to tackle the age-old question of what shapes one's identity, researchers at Duke and the University of Arizona surveyed the caregivers of those with different neurodegenerative diseases to see which ones seemed most likely to strip away the essence of a person. Reporting in...

Men, Women Not Eye-to-Eye on Killing Hitler

Women less likely to commit harm for the 'greater good,' study says

(Newser) - If you had a time machine, would you go back and kill Hitler before he could lead the Nazis? Men and women both see the benefits of such an act, but men seem more likely to pull the trigger, the Independent reports. Researchers came to this conclusion by poring over...

Morning People Are Liars at Night
 Morning People 
 Are Liars at Night 
study says

Morning People Are Liars at Night

Conversely, night owls are more likely to lie in the morning, study finds

(Newser) - Think morning people are somehow morally superior? Think again, say researchers whose new study, the Morality of Larks and Owls , finds a strong link between a person's ethical inclination and chronotype—which refers to when people are most naturally inclined to be asleep or awake. When outside of one'...

We're More Honest in the Morning
 We're More Honest 
 in the Morning 

We're More Honest in the Morning

As the day goes on, our scruples grow weary

(Newser) - Never trust anyone after lunch. People tend to be a lot more scrupulous in the morning, a new study from Harvard and University of Utah researchers suggests. In a series of experiments, people were asked to solve math problems—some of which were impossible—either in the morning or afternoon,...

You're Wrong to Listen to Newtown Tapes

 You're Wrong to Listen 
 to Newtown Tapes 

You're Wrong to Listen to Newtown Tapes

Jeffrey Kluger thinks we're all rubbernecking a tragedy

(Newser) - "If you're careful, you'll get through today without doing something morally monstrous." That's how Jeffrey Kluger begins his meditation on the morality of listening to the Newtown 911 tapes in Time . Yes, he allows, there are "moral lifelines" you can use to justify this...

GOP Needs to Get Real About Caring for Poor

Arthur Brooks: Time for conservatives to focus on the needy

(Newser) - The Republican Party has a serious image problem: Too many Americans think the GOP cares "only about the rich and powerful," writes Arthur Brooks at the Wall Street Journal . Indeed, Mitt Romney's 2012 loss can be linked to a single figure: The fact that as of April,...

Hey, Guys: Women Are Better People Than You

And we all grow more moral as we age: study

(Newser) - Women are the more moral sex, making choices in light of others' needs, a study suggests. Men, on the other hand, tend to focus on themselves, the Telegraph reports. The female approach "tends to produce better decisions," says the philosopher who conducted the study. But both sexes become...

Final Hitchens Book to Hit Shelves Next Year

Morality is based on cancer struggle

(Newser) - For fans of Christopher Hitchens , one final book. A memoir entitled Mortality will be released in early 2012; it's based on a series of articles the journalist wrote for Vanity Fair describing his battle with esophageal cancer, reports the Guardian . A spokesman noted that the book had been in...

'Political Morality' Divides America
'Political Morality'
Divides America
paul krugman

'Political Morality' Divides America

Krugman: We can't agree on fundamentals; let's strive to raise the tone

(Newser) - Calls for unity are welcome, but it’s time we face facts: America is a country “deeply divided” by “fundamental disagreement about the proper role of government,” writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . The left believes the wealthy should be taxed to help the poor;...

US Charity Pays UK Addict to Get Vasectomy

Start of 'cash for vasectomy' program in Britain

(Newser) - Here's an odd bit of international relations: An American charity has paid a British heroin addict to undergo a vasectomy. The group, called Project Prevention , paid the man about $315 dollars in the hope of preventing him from passing his addiction on to the next generation. The man, John, said...

The Pill Is Killing Marriage: Raquel Welch

Birth control is the reason people can't 'keep it in their pants'

(Newser) - Raquel Welch knows exactly why "nobody seems able to keep it in their pants" these days: birth control pills. In an article for CNN , the actress acknowledges the upsides to the Pill but blames it for eroding the institution of marriage—and fueling anarchy. "I'm ashamed to admit...

Green Buying Leads to Bad Behavior
 Green Buying Leads 
 to Bad Behavior 


Green Buying Leads to Bad Behavior

After earning 'moral credits,' subjects more likely to cheat, steal

(Newser) - The satisfaction people get from purchasing environmentally friendly products is apt to lead to other selfish, even morally repugnant decisions later, writes Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow on Slate . It's not just the complacency that comes from thinking you've done your part for the planet, however insignificant. It's something researchers call "moral...

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