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NPR Suspends Editor Who Issued Scathing Critique

Uri Berliner has received 'final warning'

(Newser) - The NPR editor who issued a scathing critique of his employer has now been suspended by the media outlet. NPR announced the move Tuesday, saying Uri Berliner was being "formally punished" for his essay with a five-day unpaid suspension that started Friday. Berliner's complaint that NPR has a...

'Pretty Dire' Situation for NPR in COVID-19 Climate

Nonprofit says it will make major cuts while facing budget deficit

(Newser) - On Thursday night, New York Times media columnist Ben Smith reported on a "pretty dire email" from National Public Radio CEO John Lansing, and the news was dire indeed: The nonprofit media group is being forced to initiate big cost-cutting measures in the wake of a budget deficit that...

Emails Refute Pompeo's Version of Testy NPR Interview

They show Mary Louise Kelly never agreed to take any topics off the table

(Newser) - Mike Pompeo says journalist Mary Louise Kelly "lied" to him regarding his Friday interview on NPR's All Things Considered, which ended with an expletive-filled tirade after Kelly asked the secretary of state about Ukraine. But emails appear to support Kelly's side of things. While Pompeo said during...

NPR Running in the Red, Considers Cuts

Corporate sponsors decline, endangering Tell Me More show

(Newser) - One of NPR's main sources of funding—corporate underwriting—has declined steeply this year, and the organization is considering staff and programming cuts, reports the Washington Post . The daily Tell Me More, aimed at minorities, could be the first to go, insiders tell the newspaper. The nonprofit NPR has...

NPR Freelancer Canned for Joining Occupiers

Lisa Simeone hosted show on opera

(Newser) - A freelance radio host has lost her NPR World of Opera gig after an outcry over her involvement with a group affiliated with Occupy DC. Baltimore resident Lisa Simeone is acting as spokesperson for protesters under the October 2011/Stop the Machine banner; NPR responded to her involvement in a memo,...

PBS Is a Dead Man Walking
 PBS Is a Dead Man Walking  

PBS Is a Dead Man Walking

Forget the battle over NPR—PBS is the one in trouble: Mark Oppenheimer

(Newser) - Between Juan Williams , James O'Keefe , Vivian Schiller , and that whole defunding thing , NPR has had a rough couple of months. But here's the thing, writes Mark Oppenheimer for Slate : NPR is thriving on FM radio while the rest of FM radio withers. Oppenheimer argues that it's time to shift our...

Steve Inskeep: NPR Isn't Biased, It's Honest and Attracts Conservatives, too
 NPR Isn't Biased, 
 It's Honest 

NPR Isn't Biased, It's Honest

Audience mostly middle-of-road, conservative, Morning Edition host says

(Newser) - James O’Keefe’s sting video purports to expose NPR’s liberal bias, but anyone who actually listens will realize it has “nothing to do with what NPR puts on the air,” argues Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. “I congratulate Mr....

O'Keefe Asks Fans to Pay His Credit Card Bill

ACORN 'pimp' says he spent $50K filming NPR video

(Newser) - Fake pimping just doesn’t pay like it used to. Just ask James O’Keefe, who says he and his friends spent $50,000 on their NPR “sting” video , racking up “major credit card debt” in the process. Now, he’s sent an email to his supporters asking...

GOP Calls Emergency Session to Defund NPR

Bill would ban all federal funding of network

(Newser) - House Republicans may have taken note of Juan Williams' op-ed on NPR yesterday, because they've called an emergency meeting—to try to block NPR's funding. The Rules Committee session today will take up legislation to permanently ban federal funding for NPR and its affiliate stations in the wake of conservative...

Surprise! NPR Sting Video Deceptively Edited

But organization says some statements still 'egregious'

(Newser) - James O’Keefe’s NPR “ sting video ” has caused some major problems for the organization, but it turns out that it doesn’t quite present the entire truth. O’Keefe recently posted two hours of raw video from the exchange, and experts tell NPR that the 11-minute version...

NPR's Vivian Schiller Resigns in Wake of O'Keefe Sting

President and CEO had also been criticized for Juan Williams' firing

(Newser) - Following yesterday’s news that an NPR fundraiser was taped calling the Tea Party “seriously racist,” NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned. Schiller was quick to condemn the comments, which were recorded as part of a sting by James O’Keefe , and the fundraiser in question...

Former NPR Exec Caught Calling Tea Party 'Racist'

James O'Keefe runs sting on organization

(Newser) - James O'Keefe is at it again. This time, he had some actors pose as members of a Muslim educational organization and offer to donate $5 million to NPR, the Daily Caller reports. That scored them a meeting with then-NPR fundraising executive Ron Schiller, who proceeds to summarily bash Republicans, whose...

Public Broadcasting Can Afford to Go Private
Public Broadcasting Can Afford to Go Private
Jim DeMint

Public Broadcasting Can Afford to Go Private

And it's time the broadcasters did just that, writes Sen. Jim DeMint

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Jim DeMint has one simple reason why public broadcasting should go private: Because the presidents of such broadcasting companies "are making more than the president of the United States"—and if PBS can afford to pay its president $632,233 per year, "surely it can...

Roger Ailes: NPR Brass Are 'Nazis'
Roger Ailes: 
NPR Brass
Are 'Nazis'

Roger Ailes: NPR Brass Are 'Nazis'

Fox News boss also says Jon Stewart is 'crazy'

(Newser) - Roger Ailes thinks Juan Williams is a “true liberal,” but he hired him anyway because he was mad at NPR. “They are, of course, Nazis,” the Fox News chief told Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast . “They are the left wing of Nazism. … They...

NPR Chief Sorry for Williams 'Psychiatrist' Dig

Ombudsman says firing mishandled; DeMint want to cut funds

(Newser) - NPR’s chief has apologized for suggesting Juan Williams keep his feelings about Muslims between himself and “his psychiatrist or publicist,” the station’s website notes. “I spoke hastily and I apologize to Juan and others for my thoughtless remark,” said Vivian Schiller. In a separate...

Louis CK Sex Talk Gets NPR Show Cancelled

'Fresh Air' and Terry Gross booted in Mississippi

(Newser) - Mississippi Public Broadcasting dumped the popular NPR show “Fresh Air” and its host Terry Gross on Monday, citing “recurring inappropriate content.” Speculation ran wild that the inappropriate content might be political, or related to its recent gay rights interviews. But, nope, it turns out it was an...

National Public Radio Changes Name to ... NPR

It's no longer just radio anymore

(Newser) - The interwebs have killed National Public Radio! Sort of. The network has changed its name to NPR in low-key manner, reports the Washington Post . The reason: It's no longer just radio. "NPR is more modern, streamlined," says NPR's chief executive, likening the move to the Cable News Network's...

NPR's Carl Kasell Delivers Last Newscast

'I'll still be around,' says news reader synonymous with public radio

(Newser) - "I'm just saying, 'I'm Carl Kasell, NPR News, Washington,’” went the veteran newsman’s last broadcast for Morning Edition on NPR today. “I'm not saying goodbye, because I'll still be around.” And that he will, continuing on as judge and scorekeeper for quiz show Wait,...

'Rasputin' Axelrod Razzed on NPR Quiz Show

(Newser) - Obama adviser David Axelrod took the bait and appeared for a taping last night of NPR’s quiz show, Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!—with by turns earnest and hilarious results, Politico reports. When host Peter Sagal asked if he’d been in on the presidential pooch...

NPR Snagged Most Listeners Ever in '08

23.6M tuned in, but public radio still faces budget shortages

(Newser) - There’s one growth story in the otherwise moribund news media industry, and it’s downright old fashioned: National Public Radio. Riding its hugely popular “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” shows, NPR had more listeners than ever in 2008—23.6 million a week—up 8.7%...

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