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To Locate Plane Crash, Chile Turns to Psychic

17 bodies still missing from air force crash on Friday

(Newser) - With the bodies of 17 victims still missing from an air force plane crash on Friday, Chilean officials have turned to a psychic to help find the bodies, reports the AFP . "We're are working with a person who is on one of the (search) boats," says Chile'...

Feds: 'Psychic' Family Scammed $40M

Claimed they spoke to God, made a fortune

(Newser) - If only they were real psychics, maybe they would have seen this coming. A Florida family has been indicted for running a psychic advice business that scammed clients out of $40 million over two decades, reports the Miami Herald . In "Operation Crystal Ball," federal prosecutors charged 10 people...

Psychic's Tip Fruitless: Texas Cops Find No Bodies

Police swarmed rural farmhouse to investigate

(Newser) - Deputies who swarmed a rural Texas neighborhood today to search a farmhouse where a person claiming to be a psychic told officials multiple bodies were buried found no evidence of even a single homicide. Liberty County Sheriff's Capt. Rex Evans said there was no indication of bodies being anywhere...

My Pet Is Psychic, Say 2/3 of US Owners

Most Americans believe pets have a sixth sense, at least about weather

(Newser) - Two-thirds of American pet owners believe their pets are psychic—about the weather, at least. And a whopping 43% say their pets have a sixth sense about bad news, a new survey shows. Pet owners relate stories of dogs and cats alerting them to thunderstorms, earthquakes, seizures, panic attacks—one...

We Foresee: Paper on ESP Will Spark Outrage

Respected journal publishing paper claiming proof of psychic ability

(Newser) - A paper to be published in one of psychology's most respected journals already has believers in the paranormal excited and academics crying foul. The paper, by Cornell professor Daryl Bem, has been accepted by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and its author says it presents strong evidence for...

Germany to Spain: No Way You're Getting Paul

Psychic octopus transfer bid rejected

(Newser) - Paul the octopus' German hosts are less than impressed by the Madrid Zoo's offer to trade some coral or small sharks for the world-famous cephalopod oracle. Spain is eager to get its hands on the octopus that predicted its World Cup win, and has offered money if the Germans aren't...

Vengeful TV Host Throws Octopus Into Blender
 Vengeful TV Host 
 Throws Octopus 
 Into Blender  
world cup fallout

Vengeful TV Host Throws Octopus Into Blender

Relative of Paul the psychic cephalopod meets grisly end

(Newser) - And you thought the run on octopus recipes was bad—a relative of Paul the newly retired World Cup psychic wound up in a blender on Argentine TV, reports the UK Sun . "Adios," Roberto Pettinato croons to the "pulpo Nazi" as he takes shooting the messenger to...

World Cup 'Psychic Octopus' Predicts Spanish Win

Bad news for home country Germany

(Newser) - Paul the octopus isn't betting on his home country this time. The "psychic" octopus, who has become a sensation in Germany for correctly predicting the results of all the country's World Cup games so far this year, picked Spain to win the semi-final game. Paul, who lives in a...

Heidi Montag Fires Psychic Manager

Spencer Pratt's replacement turns 'creepy'

(Newser) - Heidi Montag has fired her psychic manager after only a week. The actress, who had just fired hubby Spencer Pratt as manager, cut Aiden Chase loose when he showed up on the set of a movie she's in and got pushy about demanding a big cut of her earnings from...

Introducing Heidi Montag's New Psychic Manager

Aiden Chase believes we can all heal ourselves, but he's happy to help

(Newser) - Heidi Montag’s new manager offers psychic guidance, sure, but he calls it the less crazy-sounding “life guidance.” Aiden Chase, “third generation healer and intuitive,” introduced himself to the world last year in a YouTube video uncovered by Perez Hilton . Among other things, he firmly believes...

Heidi Fires Hubby, Hires Psychic
 Heidi Fires Hubby, 
 Hires Psychic 
new management

Heidi Fires Hubby, Hires Psychic

But don't worry: Montag, Pratt still married

(Newser) - Heidi Montag is getting serious about her career, and that means getting a new manager…a psychic manager. "No longer is my husband the face of my business or managing my career," the reality star tells People , although—thank goodness!—the two are still married. Replacing Spencer...

Feds Sue 'Psychic' Over $6M Stock Scam

SEC: man preyed on 'gullible' investors

(Newser) - The SEC is suing a self-proclaimed stock 'psychic' for allegedly bilking $6 million from gullible investors. Regulators say Sean David Morton, who runs the Delphi Investment Group out of California, falsely claimed to have a record of predicting the market. He funneled investor money into foreign currency trading firms and...

Twitter Gets Psychic With 'Tweance'

With all the celebrities who died this year, the pickings will be ripe

(Newser) - It was only a matter of time before even the dead celebrities found a way to overshare on Twitter. The microblogging site will play host to the world’s first online séance—dubbed the “Tweance”—the day before Halloween, the Sun reports.

Psychic's Tools Go Up for Auction in DC

Jeane Dixon left loads of quirky paraphernalia behind

(Newser) - What would you pay for a pre-owned crystal ball? A Washington, DC, auction house is refusing to make predictions as it organizes a sale of the psychic tools—er, props, for non-believers—of America's most famous seer, the Washington Post reports. Jeane Dixon, predictor of JFK's death and astrologer to...

Twitter Trial to Test 'Remote Viewing'

UK prof asks people to try out psychic skills online

(Newser) - A British psychologist plans to test the theory of "remote viewing" by asking Twitterers to identify far-off locations, the Telegraph reports. Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychic phenomena specialist, will show volunteers five photographs and ask which one a researcher has visited. If voters nail it in three of four...

'Miss Cleo': TV Psychic to Lesbian Activist

(Newser) - Remember Miss Cleo? Her thick Caribbean accent is familiar to many late-night TV watchers, from pitches for the Psychic Readers Network. The Miami Herald finds that since the lawsuit that took down Youree Dell Cleomili Harris’ former employer, she’s come out as a lesbian, voice-acted in a video game,...

Is Recession in the Cards? More Turn to Psychics

One clairvoyant's advice beat the market

(Newser) - Canadian Ray Pambrun sold many of his stocks in late October and managed to miss the market’s most recent downswing. His secret? Consulting a psychic, who beat out the financial advisers and economists predicting a bottom. It may not be the soundest investment strategy, but clairvoyants have seen business...

Frazzled Investors Turn to Psychics for Help

Investors flock to psychics for economic insight

(Newser) - Maybe they failed to predict today's economy, but psychics are certainly profiting from it, the New York Times reports. Frustrated with traditional financial advice, many investors are booking appointments with soothsayers, who say their business is on the upswing. “Your mortgage agents, your realtors, your bankers, you can’t...

Business Woes? Call a Corporate Psychic

Execs search farther afield for help

(Newser) - More businesses are seeking a new breed of consultant to give them guidance in tough economic times, Newsweek reports: psychics. Blue chip operations across the nation, from tech concerns to corporate law firms, are coughing up big bucks to hire “intuitionists,” with executives hoping their otherworldly expertise will...

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