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Calif. Shelters See Surge in Chihuahuas
 Calif. Shelters See 
 Surge in Chihuahuas 

Calif. Shelters See Surge in Chihuahuas

Fashion dogs on track to eclipse pit bulls as most abandoned

(Newser) - A Hollywood-fueled demand for Chihuahuas in California has morphed into shelter populations that make up 50% of the dogs in some places. “It's been a slow and steady climb,” a San Francisco animal control spokeswoman tells the Los Angeles Times . “We call it the Paris Hilton syndrome....

Foreclosure of Shelter Leaves Animals at Mercy of Bank

Evicted owner takes Wells Fargo to court

(Newser) - After being evicted by Wells Fargo, the owner of a Rhode Island animal shelter wants a judge to force the bank to provide food and care for the animals—which he says haven't been properly cared for since Monday’s foreclosure. Dan Mackenzie has seen “total strangers walking off...

Sack Vick, Feed a Dog: Animal Shelter

To raise awareness of pit bull plight, group will match tackles with food

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania animal shelter has put a price on Michael Vick’s head—sort of. Main Line Animal Rescue ran an ad in the Washington Post promising to donate five bags of dog food to local shelters every time a Redskin sacks Vick during their Oct. 26 game. “We...

Calif. Budget Cuts Means Ax Falls Sooner for Strays

Holding period halved from 6 days to 3; may doom lost pets before owners can find them

(Newser) - California's budget deal could mean lost family pets meet the Grim Reaper sooner rather than later, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The deal cuts the time shelters are required to hold animals from six days to three, and officials fear the move could mean animals in shelters lacking resources will...

Bo's 'Rescue' Has Animal Groups Growling

(Newser) - Did President Obama fulfill his pledge to adopt a shelter pooch by taking in a pricey purebred that had been returned to its breeders? That’s a question being hotly debated among animal-rescue groups, the Hill reports. The Humane Society, which got a donation from Obama when he decided to...

Shelters Hold Pet Free-for-All Jan. 24

Campaign aims to find 3,000 animals a home

(Newser) - Pet shelters across the nation are urging Americans to get on the Obama bandwagon and adopt a pet; as an added incentive, they're dropping regular fee for the first 10 adoptions at each of 300 participating shelters Jan. 24, USA Today reports. Fees for the 3,000 pets will be...

Hard Times Bite Dogs, Cats
 Hard Times Bite Dogs, Cats 

Hard Times Bite Dogs, Cats

Out of work owners leave pets at shelters

(Newser) - As man's bills pile up, man's best friend is all too often getting the heave-ho, reports the AP in a look at the economic impact on animal shelters across a recession-battered America. As dogs and cats of broke owners stretch shelters to their limits, the sinking economy also cuts into...

Mice Spark Blaze That Scorches 100 Cats

(Newser) - Mice started a fire in a Toronto animal shelter that killed 100 cats and three dogs, the Telegraph reports. The rodents likely sparked the blaze by chewing through electrical wires. Canadians nationwide have been donating money and offering temporary homes and meals for the few animal survivors. “People are...

Pets Are Losing Homes, Too
 Pets Are Losing Homes, Too 

Pets Are Losing Homes, Too

Recession sparks rise in animal abandonment

(Newser) - Animal shelters are being filled with pets abandoned because of the recession and home foreclosures. In Massachusetts, a rescue league has seen a 45% jump in owners citing money or housing problems when they surrender a cat or dog. Others are just leaving their pets on the streets or in...

Bird Shelters Overrun as Foreclosures Take Toll

Exotic animals not always welcome, and require special care

(Newser) - The US foreclosure epidemic, hard on all kinds of pets, appears particularly devastating for exotic birds, Reuters reports. People forced to vacate their homes are finding that cockatiels, macaws, and the like won’t fly at their new digs. Shelters for cats and dogs aren’t equipped to handle the...

Economic Slump Hits the Dog House
Slump Hits the Dog House

Economic Slump Hits the Dog House

More abandonments, fewer adoptions put burden on shelters

(Newser) - Our furry friends don't know what an economic downturn is, but they're feeling its effects as much as we are, Reuters reports. Between owners finding they can't afford the best cat food to dogs being sent to foster care when homes are foreclosed, shelters are seeing a spike in abandonments....

College Dorm Rooms Go to the Dogs
College Dorm Rooms Go
to the Dogs

College Dorm Rooms Go to the Dogs

More campuses allow pets in hopes of de-stressing students

(Newser) - College students have long been expert at sneaking everything from gerbils to puppies into their dorm rooms, but a number of schools have made furry residents official, reports USA Today. The pet-friendly movement's spread to more than a dozen campuses, where officials hope reducing the stress of college life and...

Locals in Fla. Keys Stay Back for Animals

6-toed cats, nervous birds among the lucky as Ike moves in

(Newser) - Animal lovers are staying back in the Florida Keys to make sure six-toed cats and frisky dolphins survive a brush from Hurricane Ike, the Fort Mill Times reports. While some residents flee, kennel owners and wild life managers are bunking up with extra food and medicine. "They are very,...

Police Rescue 1,000 Dogs From Kennel in W. Va.

(Newser) - The longtime owner of a West Virginia kennel has surrendered her approximately 1,000 dogs to humane officials amid allegations that the animals were never let out of their cages and were rarely, if ever, touched by a human being. Authorities raided the facility over the weekend. To avoid arrest,...

Pet Adoption Hurdles Irk Would-Be Owners

Animal shelters need to make process more friendlier, critics say

(Newser) - Animal shelters are hitting would-be pet owners with a vetting process they say puts them on a short leash, the Chicago Tribune reports. Prospective owners often face pages of queries on condo rules, finances, marital status—and even home visits. “We got a lecture about how having a dog...

Move Over, Garfield, There's a New Fat Cat in Town

NJ feline tips scales at 44 pounds

(Newser) - Talk about New Jersey's fat cats. A 44-pound feline was found waddling around last week without a collar, and officials at the Camden County Animal Shelter hope she gets a nice—and hopefully, diet-friendly—home. Shelter officials are calling the porky cutie "Princess Chunk." "She's built like...

Humane Society Finds Its Inner Pit Bull

CEO aims to strike fear into the hearts of animal abusers

(Newser) - The Humane Society may spend a lot of time fighting for cute, furry creatures, but it's been  shedding its mild-mannered, do-gooder image under the direction of CEO Wayne Pacelle, writes the Los Angeles Times. Pacelle, a 42-year-old vegan who admires the NRA's steamroller approach, has turned the organization into a...

Dog Reunited With Family After 5 Years

Beagle returns to Queens home after turning up at Georgia shelter

(Newser) - A Queens family experienced its own version of the Incredible Journey last weekend when it was reunited with a beagle puppy after 5 years—and more than 850 miles, reports the New York Post. No one knows where Rocco's travels took him in the interim, but when he turned up...

Queen of Mean's Billions Go to the Dogs

With $8B, Helmsley trust will dwarf all animal charities

(Newser) - Leona Helmsley made headlines last year for leaving $12 million to her dog while stiffing two of her grandchildren. But the pooch's payday looks like small change compared to the bonanza in store for America's dogs, the New York Times reports. A charitable trust being built with the late hotel...

Battered Women Deserve Help Over Animals
Battered Women Deserve Help Over Animals

Battered Women Deserve Help Over Animals

Critics irked US has nearly triple shelters for abused pets

(Newser) - With 3,800 animal shelters in the US to only 1,500 shelters for battered women, economist Allison Schrager tackles the disparity in More Intelligent Life. "If we value people more than animals can we ever justify giving to an animal-welfare charity?" she asks, and underlines the complexities that...

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