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Greek Mystery Girl's Mom Identified

Sure enough, Sasha Ruseva of Bulgaria is her biological parent

(Newser) - It's official: The "mystery girl" found living with a Roma couple in Greece is the biological daughter of another Roma couple from Bulgaria , DNA tests have confirmed. Sasha Ruseva and her husband Atanas are genetic matches for the girl, who is known as Maria, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry...

Bulgarian Woman Could Be Mystery Girl's Mother

Police question Roma woman who left a child in Greece

(Newser) - A Roma woman in Bulgaria said today that police have questioned her about whether she is the mother of a girl found living with an unrelated couple in Greece, and that she is willing to do a DNA test and take the child back if she is proved to be...

Roma Rip Fat Gypsy Weddings Show

Over-the-top shindigs fuel prejudice, say critics

(Newser) - The new Big Fat Gypsy Weddings reality series in Britain is infuriating members of the traveler community who charge that the over-the-top shindigs have very little to do with them and are fueling prejudice. The Irish Traveler Movement has demanded a "right of reply" to the Channel 4 program,...

10-Year-Old Mom No Big Deal: Grandma

Gypsy woman says it's a normal development

(Newser) - The grandmother whose 10-year-old daughter just gave birth in Spain doesn't understand what the hubbub is about, the AP reports. The 30-something woman, identified only as Olimpia, says she's happy to have a granddaughter. News of the birth has provoked shock around the world, but the family, Romanian gypsies living...

Actress June Havoc Dead at 97

 June Havoc 
 Dead at 97  

Actress June Havoc Dead at 97

Vaudevillian gained fame as Gypsy Rose Lee's younger sister

(Newser) - June Havoc, the film and theater actress who gained fame as a child vaudeville star and the younger sister of Gypsy Rose Lee, died yesterday. The inspiration for the "Baby June" character in the Broadway musical and movie Gypsy, Havoc was believed to be 97. To accommodate local child...

EU Blasts Italy Over Gypsy Fingerprinting

Proposal to fight crime is racist and must stop, parliament says

(Newser) - Italy’s mandatory fingerprinting of its Gypsy minority is "an act of discrimination based on race and ethnic origin" and should be stopped, the European Parliament said in a resolution passed today. The assembly voted 336-220, with 77 abstentions, to condemn the practice—though the resolution is not binding,...

Italy Plan to Fingerprint Gypsies Under Fire

Measure against ethnic minority decried as racist

(Newser) - Italy has begun taking fingerprints from members of its Gypsy minority, in what the government calls a “census” of the people living in nomad encampments. The plans to document adults and children lacking an EU passport has brought condemnations from critics, who charge that “census” is the Berlusconi...

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