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It's Good News for Those Who Like Black Tea
It's Good News
for Those
Who Like
Black Tea
new study

It's Good News for Those Who Like Black Tea

2 cups a day is linked to a modest increase in longevity

(Newser) - When it comes to the potential health benefits of tea, the green variety tends to get all the glory . However, a large new observational study suggests that black tea also does good things for those who drink it, reports the Guardian . The study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found...

Teen Drinks Green Tea to Lose Weight, Gets Hepatitis

'I will never buy any online tea again'

(Newser) - A 16-year-old girl in England decided she was going to lose weight by drinking green tea, so she ordered two boxes online, the Telegraph reports. Most of the ingredients were written in Chinese, but the girl spent the next three months drinking three cups a day. According to ABC News...

Green Tea, Coffee Reduce Stroke Risk
 Green Tea, Coffee 
 Reduce Stroke Risk 
Study says

Green Tea, Coffee Reduce Stroke Risk

And with green tea, the more the better: study

(Newser) - Good news for caffeine addicts: Green tea and coffee both apparently help reduce the risk of suffering a stroke, reports NPR . A new study of more than 82,000 adults in Japan found that for coffee drinkers, just one cup a day lowers the chances of a stroke 20%. And...

Viagra's Hidden Uses: Diet Pill, Cancer Fighter?

 Viagra's Hidden 
 Uses: Diet Pill, 
 Cancer Fighter? 
in case you missed it

Viagra's Hidden Uses: Diet Pill, Cancer Fighter?

In mice, drug shows potential beyond ED

(Newser) - Viagra may have a future well beyond erectile dysfunction. Someday, we could perhaps see it prescribed for weight loss—or even to combat cancer, in combination with green tea. Scientists know that mice have lower rates of obesity, despite fatty diets, when they're on the drug. Now, researchers in...

Japan Bans 'Radioactive' Green Tea

Contamination found in tea plantations near Fukushima

(Newser) - Some green tea just got unhealthy. Japan has banned the shipment of green tea leaves from a wide swath of tea-growing regions north of Tokyo after excessive levels of radioactive contamination were detected. The ban, the latest to affect produce from around the Fukushima nuclear plant, covers both fresh and...

Green Tea Slows Prostate Cancer

 Green Tea 
study says

Green Tea Slows Prostate Cancer

Compound in tea shows good results in new study

(Newser) - One of the compounds in green tea may stay the advance of prostate cancer. Researchers examining Polyphenon E found that it could lower the concentrations of at least three biomarkers that indicate the onset of cancer. Patients took capsules of Polyphenon E equivalent to 12 cups of green tea for...

Mushrooms, Green Tea Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Study shows big effect among Chinese women

(Newser) - A mushroom a day could keep breast cancer away, according to a study that looked at the diets of more than 2,000 Chinese women. Their rates of the disease are four to five times lower than the worldwide average, and part of the reason may be the chemicals that...

Going Green Could Help Your Heart
Going Green Could Help
Your Heart

Going Green Could Help Your Heart

Dump the Earl Grey: substance in beverage protects blood vessels

(Newser) - Drinking green tea may help keep blood vessels elastic and healthy, a new study suggests. The flavonoids in green tea that work as antioxidants also produce the relaxing effect, which could also help prevent clots. Participants received the equivalent of three to four cups of the tea each day and...

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