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No Labels Will Not Run a Candidate This Year
No Labels Gives Up
on a 2024 Run

No Labels Gives Up on a 2024 Run

Centrist group will not field a presidential candidate

(Newser) - After running up a series of high-profile rejections from potential candidates, No Labels is abandoning its efforts to field a 2024 presidential ticket, reports the Wall Street Journal . The centrist group announced the decision on Thursday after being rebuffed by contenders including Chris Christie , Nikki Haley, Joe Manchin, and former...

Longtime Sen. Joe Lieberman Crossed Political Lines

Connecticut politician ran with Al Gore but later backed John McCain

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman, a four-term senator who was elected as a Democrat, won reelection as an independent, endorsed a Republican presidential candidate, and helped found the No Labels movement, died Wednesday. His family said he died in New York City of complications after suffering a fall, per the Washington Post . He...

They Ran in 2008 Together. Now, McCain's 'Gut Punch' to Palin

She says it's painful to hear that he regrets picking her as a running mate

(Newser) - John McCain promised he'd be speaking his mind more as he faces down his terminal brain cancer, and he has offered one such blunt insight in his new memoir: that when he ran for president in 2008, he should've ignored advisers' advice and picked independent Sen. Joe Lieberman...

McCain: I Regret Not Picking Someone Else in 2008

Ailing senator says he should have ignored advice and picked Joe Lieberman as VP running mate

(Newser) - As John McCain debated his choice for vice presidential running mate in 2008, advisers warned him against the optics of picking Joe Lieberman, a pro-choice Independent senator who caucused on the other side of the aisle. "It was sound advice that I could reason for myself," he writes....

Lieberman on Dropped FBI Bid: It Would've Looked 'Terrible'

He wants to avoid appearance of conflict of interest

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman, who was at one point considered the front-runner for FBI director, has dropped out of the running. The former senator said he wanted to avoid the "appearance of a conflict of interest" after President Trump hired Marc Kasowitz, who works at the same law firm as Lieberman,...

FBI Front-Runner Was on Democratic Ticket in 2000

But not all Democrats are fond of Joe Lieberman

(Newser) - The emerging front-runner to replace James Comey as FBI director was the Democratic candidate for vice president in 2000—but Joe Lieberman may now get more support from Republicans than his former Democratic colleagues in the Senate. President Trump confirmed Thursday that Lieberman was one of his top picks, despite...

'Sore Loser Laws' Are Ruining Elections
 'Sore Loser Laws' 
 Are Ruining Elections 

'Sore Loser Laws' Are Ruining Elections

Mickey Edwards on how little-known laws are undermining democracy

(Newser) - How did an extremist like Ted Cruz make it to the Senate? Well, he got a lot of help from a little-known phenomenon known as the "sore loser" law, writes Mickey Edwards at the New York Times . These laws, which are on the book in some form in 44...

Congress Slaps NYT Benghazi Report: Qaeda Was Involved

Issa, Rogers say evidence doesn't indicate video was to blame

(Newser) - Congressmembers took turns today swinging at yesterday's New York Times report that al-Qaeda wasn't involved in the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi , with Darrell Issa defending his past statements implicating the terror group. "There is a group that was involved that claims an affiliation with...

The Short List to Replace Napolitano

Ray Kelly, maybe Joe Lieberman

(Newser) - Janet Napolitano is officially headed for an exit on stage left , which invites the question of who will succeed her at Homeland Security. Politico and the Daily Beast round up some of the frontrunners to be the sprawling department's fourth leader:
  • NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly: Chuck Schumer has already

Senate Report Blasts State Dept. on Benghazi

Lieberman-Collins report echoes independent probe

(Newser) - The State Department didn't provide its Benghazi team with enough protection against possible threats, a bipartisan Senate report finds, marking the second slap at State this month over the Libya attack. What's more, intelligence pointed to the attack being the work of terrorists all along—but the Obama...

GOP: Obama Wants to Sail Right Over Cliff
 GOP: Obama 
 Wants to Sail 
 Right Over Cliff 


GOP: Obama Wants to Sail Right Over Cliff

Barrasso sees political gold at bottom for president

(Newser) - Whether he gets "that for free" or not, President Obama has no interest in averting the fiscal cliff, says the No. 4 Republican in the Senate. "I think he sees a political victory at the bottom of the cliff," Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso told Fox News today,...

The US' 51st State: New Columbia?

Sen. Joe Lieberman introduces bill, but little time left to pass

(Newser) - Is it time at last to create a 51st state? No, not Canada. Four senators introduced legislation yesterday to turn Washington, DC, into the state of "New Columbia," reports Buzzfeed . Federal buildings and the mall would remain under Congressional control, but the rest of the city would get...

Lame-Duck Congress Back as Fiscal Cliff Looms

Postal Service, Sandy relief may also be on agenda

(Newser) - Congress is back in Washington today, bracing for battle over how to avoid the fiscal cliff. Legislators have seven weeks to hit on a deal, with tax cut extensions taking center stage, notes Reuters . But analysts warn that "the longer it takes the president and Congress to negotiate a...

Secret Service Boss: Sorry About the Hookers

Senate panel airs 64 sex misconduct cases

(Newser) - Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan testified on Capitol Hill today, apologizing for the first time for the Colombian prostitution scandal—even as the Senate Homeland Security Committee brought new indiscretions to light. Employees "did some really dumb things," Sullivan said, assuring lawmakers that the behavior "is not...

Expect More Secret Service Firings: King

One agent was in Obama's hotel, agency reveals, as House and Senate close in

(Newser) - Heads probably haven't finished rolling at the Secret Service over its prostitution scandal, Rep. Peter King said today on Meet the Press, saying he expected "several" members to depart in the "near future." The House Homeland Security chair promised a thorough investigation, and has already sent...

Collins: Where Are Women in Secret Service?
 Where Are 
 Women in 
 Secret Service? 

Collins: Where Are Women in Secret Service?

Lawmakers suggest elite guards could use some diversity

(Newser) - The Secret Service prostitution scandal dominated the talk show air waves today, with a pair of female legislators openly questioning whether more women in the elite guards' ranks could've averted the scandal. "It defies belief that this is just an aberration," Sen. Susan Collins told This Week....

Obama 2012? Some Dems in Congress Won't Say

Some moderates, liberals reluctant to voice support for reelection bid

(Newser) - It may not come as a surprise that Joe Lieberman isn’t sure where he stands on President Obama’s reelection bid—but a number of Obama’s fellow Democrats aren’t rushing to support him, either. Instead, they’re refusing to comment or choosing their words carefully, Politico finds....

McCain Pushed to Arm Gadhafi, WikiLeaks Reveals

Cable details 2009 meeting

(Newser) - John McCain may be talking tough about Libya these days, but back in 2009 he promised Muatassim Gadhafi—Moammar’s fifth son and his national security adviser—that he’d do what he could to help Libya obtain military supplies, particularly new aircraft, a cable released by WikiLeaks reveals. McCain...

Homeland Security Blowing $300M on Sketchy Scanners

Department skipped a mandatory test on ASP device, GAO complains

(Newser) - Homeland Security plans to buy 400 new radiation detection machines, even though it’s skipped its own internal requirements to test them first, the Government Accountability Office complained in a report today. These Advanced Spectroscopic Portal machines have a checkered past, the Washington Post reports: In January, the National Academy...

Paul Krugman: Don't Listen to Joe Lieberman--Medicare Means Savings

 Actually, We 
 Need More 
paul krugman

Actually, We Need More Medicare

Lieberman's plan to raise eligibility to 67 would mean huge costs

(Newser) - Joe Lieberman’s proposal to raise Medicare eligibility to age 67 is proof that we’ve really “gone off the rails,” writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . Really, we should be doing the opposite: extending Medicare, because it “actually saves money—a lot of money—...

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