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Vanderbilt Responds to MSU Shooting Using ChatGPT

2 associate deans will 'step back from their responsibilities' as a result

(Newser) - Staff at Vanderbilt University's office of equity, diversity, and inclusion took an unconventional approach to their letter to students following the deadly shooting at Michigan State: They used ChatGPT to write it. Thursday's letter , which described "recent Michigan shootings" as "a tragic reminder of the importance...

Dolly Parton Says She Got a 'Dose of Her Own Medicine'

Singer gets the coronavirus vaccine, which she helped fund

(Newser) - Saying she was getting a "dose of her own medicine," Dolly Parton on Tuesday got her first COVID-19 vaccination shot. The 75-year-old helped to fund the Moderna vaccine by donating $1 million to Vanderbilt researchers, USA Today explains. In fact, she received the shot from the Vanderbilt physician...

Footnote in Vaccine News Credits a Familiar Face

Dolly Parton's $1M donation to Vanderbilt helped fund Moderna's vaccine

(Newser) - Everyone was so excited by the New England Journal of Medicine's announcement that Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine was shown to be 94.5% effective that many missed the footnote giving partial credit to a country music superstar. Back in April, Dolly Parton donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical...

A 'Professor' Dies of COVID, but Maybe She Never Existed
After 'Professor' Dies of COVID,
Bizarre Hoax Theory Emerges
in case you missed it

After 'Professor' Dies of COVID, Bizarre Hoax Theory Emerges

It appears the professor never existed and the related Twitter feed was bogus

(Newser) - It's a convoluted tale without a lot of answers at the moment. It revolves around an apparently fictitious professor at Arizona State University, the announcement of that professor's death on Twitter of COVID-19, and a prominent crusader against sexual harassment in the sciences. Digging in:
  • The death: Last

A Bolton Predecessor Gives Him a Hard Time

Ex-national security advisers face off

(Newser) - Two former national security advisers faced off at a Vanderbilt University event Wednesday, with the Obama administration's Susan Rice taking former Trump staffer John Bolton to task for not testifying in the impeachment process against President Trump. NBC News reports that Bolton scoffed at the idea his testimony regarding...

Surgical 'Never Event' Leads to $25M Lawsuit

Woman had stent put in wrong kidney at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

(Newser) - Two doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have admitted to implanting a stent in the wrong kidney of a woman who sued in March for more than $25 million. Carla Miller of Jackson, Tenn., died two months later, though her children are continuing with the lawsuit and will argue kidney...

Vanderbilt to Pay $1.2M to Zap 'Confederate' Name

University seeks to rename Memorial Hall

(Newser) - In an attempt to bury a relic of its past, Vanderbilt University announced Monday that it will pay more than $1 million to remove the word "Confederate" from one of its dorms, the Tennessean reports. Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos called the inscription on Confederate Memorial Hall "a reminder...

First Mass Extinction Likely Caused by 'Utterly Weird' Animals

Animals shaped like 'Frisbees and lumpy mattresses' may have killed early Ediacarans

(Newser) - New fossil evidence dug up in Namibia lends credence to the theory that we should blame "ecosystem engineers" for the world's first mass extinction, and that's not a euphemism for man, asteroids, or aliens. Instead, per a Vanderbilt University study published in the October issue of the...

Ex-Vanderbilt Student Guilty of Rape—Again

Unlike Brock Turner, Brandon Vandenburg faces minimum 15 years

(Newser) - Years before the Brock Turner uproar, there was the shocking Vanderbilt rape case , which is still going through the courts. In the latest development, ex-Vanderbilt football player Brandon Vandenburg was found guilty Saturday of taking part in the rape of an unconscious woman in his dorm room in June 2013....

Vanderbilt's Jewish Frat Defaced With Swastikas

Police conducting hate crime investigation

(Newser) - Police are conducting a hate crime investigation after students found three swastikas spray-painted in a Jewish frat house at Vanderbilt University on Saturday, the Tennessean reports. The student president of the Alpha Epsilon Pi frat says students were "horrified" to discover the Nazi symbols, painted in an elevator and...

Ex-Vanderbilt Students Guilty on All Counts in Rape Trial

Cory Batey, Brandon Vandenburg face long prison sentences

(Newser) - One stared ahead stoically and the other mouthed "No"—after a jury found two former Vanderbilt football players guilty on all counts in a rape trial that included shocking video and images of the assault, the AP reports. Cory Batey, 21, and Brandon Vandenburg, 21, each face decades-long...

DA: Vanderbilt Players Giggled, Texted During Rape

Jurors shown video of accused carrying passed-out victim into dorm

(Newser) - Jurors in the rape trial of two ex-Vanderbilt football players have watched surveillance video of a female student being carried into a dorm, put in an elevator, and dragged out after the doors opened. Four former players are accused in the alleged rape of the unconscious female in a dorm...

Vanderbilt Football Players Arrested on Rape Charges

JaBorian McKenzie, Brandon Vandenburg, and Cory Batey indicted

(Newser) - Four recently-dismissed members of the Vanderbilt University football team were arrested over the weekend in the alleged rape of an unconscious 21-year-old student in her dorm room. The rape allegedly occurred on June 23. University officials discovered the incident while checking dorm surveillance footage for an unrelated matter. Brandon Vandenburg,...

America's 10 Priciest Colleges
 America's 10 Priciest Colleges 

America's 10 Priciest Colleges

...that we definitely haven't saved enough for

(Newser) - Oh, sweet journalistic irony: Forbes releases its list of the country's most expensive colleges, and MarketWatch reports on a Sallie Mae survey released today that finds that, on average, families have saved $48,367 for school by the time their kid leaves for college. (Though, disturbingly, 24% of parents use...

Ranking America's Most Stressful Schools

These colleges might just drive you to suicide

(Newser) - This month, lots of high school overachievers will be anxiously awaiting acceptances from the halls of Ivy—even as concerns mount that these schools might not be great for your mental health. Cornell University, for example, had two suicides in as many days last month. So the Daily Beast decided...

Buzzer-Beater Notches First Tournament Upset
 Buzzer-Beater Notches 
 First Tournament Upset 
murray state stuns vandy

Buzzer-Beater Notches First Tournament Upset

And lucky President Obama picked 'em in his bracket

(Newser) - The president called this one, all right. Danero Thomas hit a 15-footer at the buzzer as 13th-seeded Murray State stunned No. 4 seed Vanderbilt 66-65 in the first big upset of the NCAA tournament. It's the school's first tournament win since 1988. Maybe President Obama was onto something picking these...

EPA Cuts the Value of a Life by $1M
EPA Cuts
the Value of a Life by $1M

EPA Cuts the Value of a Life by $1M

Statistical trim makes life-saving regulation harder to justify

(Newser) - The Environmental Protection Agency has quietly reduced the hypothetical value of a human life by almost a million dollars to $6.9 million, reports the AP. The figure is used in cost benefit analyses to weigh the life-saving potential of environmental protection policies. Placing a lower value on human life...

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