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The Web Is Dead. The Internet Rules
 The Web Is Dead. 
 The Internet Rules 
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The Web Is Dead. The Internet Rules

Forget the open WWW—it's all about apps now

(Newser) - As the World Wide Web turns 18, Wired declares it dead—even as the Internet continues to rule. Chris Anderson takes us through a typical user's day: email checked and Facebook browsed on an iPad; podcasts and Pandora listened to; Skype and IM conversations held. "You’ve spent the...

Anderson vs. Gladwell: The Battle Over Free

Anderson's new book sets off old-school journalists' feud

(Newser) - Chris Anderson's new book, Free, examining the repercussions the Internet trend of bringing costs to zero, triggered a mini-war with Malcolm Gladwell, who lambasted him for arguing that "the New York Times should be staffed by volunteers, like Meals on Wheels." In the London Times, Antonia Senior does...

Wired Editor Plagiarizes Wikipedia in New Book

Ironically, Anderson's tome is on free content

(Newser) - The Virginia Quarterly Review has found almost a dozen plagiarized passages in Chris Anderson’s upcoming book Free, a book that, ironically, is all about free content. Most of the passages were cribbed verbatim from Wikipedia, while another was from a professor’s personal website, and yet another from another...

Is Web's 'Long Tail' Really a Tall Tale?
 Is Web's 'Long Tail'
 Really a Tall Tale? 

Is Web's 'Long Tail' Really a Tall Tale?

Harvard prof questions theory that Internet fuels boom for niche commerce

(Newser) - The "Long Tail" theory of the internet—that the Web's boundless democracy is enabling a boom in niche culture and commerce—is coming under fire just as its author releases the paperback version, Farhad Manjoo writes on Slate. After reviewing data that should back Chris Anderson's theory, a Harvard...

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