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Noah's Ark Replica Owners Sue Over Rain Damage

Owners of Ark Encounter say insurers need to pay up

(Newser) - Don't confuse the original Noah's Ark with the Ark Encounter—only the latter is suing its insurers over rain damage, CNN reports. The Kentucky attraction, which boasts a $120 million replica of the biblical ark, was affected when heavy rainfall in 2017 and 2018 caused a landslide on...

Church Hopes to Crush Science With Giant Noah's Ark

Answers in Genesis' Ark Encounter opens this week in Kentucky

(Newser) - A massive, $100 million replica of Noah's Ark will open Thursday in Kentucky to—its builders hope—"undo the brainwashing" done to children by science, the Courier-Journal reports. According to the Guardian , the Ark Encounter, which was built by Answers in Genesis, is 510 feet long and seven...

$90M Noah's Ark Attraction Gets Opening Date

The ship will sail, so to speak, on July 7

(Newser) - Construction of a Noah's Ark attraction in northern Kentucky is sailing along, and the builders say it will open next year. Answers in Genesis, the Christian ministry leading the project, announced Thursday that the attraction will open to visitors July 7. The massive, 510-foot-long wooden boat is the $90...

Noah Screening Canceled ... Due to Flood

Theater blames ice machine, not angry deity

(Newser) - No giant boats were needed but there was plenty of mopping up to do after a flood forced a British theater to call off a screening of Noah. It's not clear how biblical the scale of the flood, but it forced the Vue Cinema to call off its afternoon...

Noah Is Insane, in a Good Way
 Noah Is Insane, in a Good Way 
Movie Review

Noah Is Insane, in a Good Way

Critics say Aronofsky's biblical epic is ambitious if uneven

(Newser) - Admit it: You weren't expecting the reviews for Noah to be good. But the biblical epic, directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, is actually getting a lot of praise—even if most of it acknowledges that the movie is nuts. Here's what people...

Babylonian Tablet 'Confirms' Noah's Ark, With a Twist

The boat was round, says expert at the British Museum

(Newser) - Anyone seeking alternate versions of the Noah's Ark tale need look no further than Babylonian cuneiform tablets. One, discovered in 1872, pre-dated the Bible and told its own Ark story. Now a tablet has arrived at the British Museum that actually describes how to build the ark, according to...

Dutchman Unveils Full-Size Ark Replica

 20 Years Later, 
 Noah's Ark 
in case you missed it

20 Years Later, Noah's Ark Replica Complete

'Johan's Ark' filled with animals: real, stuffed, and plastic

(Newser) - If the world floods, whether from an angry God or climate change, Johan Huibers is ready. After 20 years of work, the Dutchman has completed a full-sized replica of Noah's Ark as described in the Bible, the AP reports. He followed Biblical instructions precisely to create a boat 427...

Scientist Who Found Titanic: Biblical Flood Probably Real

Noah's Ark story probably based on actual events, he says

(Newser) - The Biblical story of the global flood and Noah's Ark may be more than just a story, an archaeologist tells ABC News . Robert Ballard, the underwater archaeologist who located the wreck of the Titanic, has a team at the Black Sea and thinks he's found proof that the...

Japan Firm Builds 'Noah's Ark' For Next Tsunami

Giant tennis ball also functions as toy house

(Newser) - It’s Noah’s Ark for the 21st century: A Japanese firm has built a tiny, floating shelter that can hold four adults, the AP reports. Called the “Noah,” the enhanced-fiberglass contraption looks like a huge tennis ball and doubles as a toy house for kids. Cosmo Power...

Sink the $40M Tax Break for Noah's Ark Park
Sink the $40M Tax Break
for Noah's Ark Park

Sink the $40M Tax Break for Noah's Ark Park

Much more exciting: A Scientology galactic park at taxpayer expense

(Newser) - Kentucky's plan to grant a $40 million tax break to a Noah's Ark theme park is roiling waters as far away as Los Angeles. The $150 million "Ark Encounter" park, featuring a three-story-high ship, is being conceived by a Christian ministry that believes humans co-existed with dinosaurs and that...

Explorer Goes Missing in Hunt for Noah's Ark

Scottish man hasn't been heard from since September

(Newser) - A Scottish explorer has been reported missing after going off alone in search of the mythical Noah’s Ark, Aol News reports. Donald Mackenzie has gone on several expeditions to Mount Ararat, the ark’s fabled landing spot. His latest was prompted by a Chinese-Turkish expedition’s claims to have...

Evidence Points to Noah's Ark Hoax

Scientist quit group after 'Kurds staged find'

(Newser) - A purported Noah's Ark discovered by a team of Chinese evangelists in Turkey may be a hoax created with old timber by local Kurds, reveals the Christian Science Monitor . "Proper analysis may show this to be a hoax and negatively reflect how gullible Christians can be," said American...

Evangelist Explorers Say They Found Noah's Ark

Group says it found planks on Mount Ararat

(Newser) - A team of evangelical explorers (who knew?) say they've found Noah's Ark on a mountain in Turkey. The Turkish and Chinese archeologists found remains of a wooden structure 13,000 feet up on Mount Ararat. The team believes it couldn't be remains of a human settlement because none are known...

Hong Kong Brothers Brave Tide With Life-Size Ark

Biblical specs set it apart from others worldwide

(Newser) - A trio of billionaire brothers in Hong Kong is offering shelter from the financial storm in the form of a life-size Noah’s ark replica, built using the Bible as a manual, the Wall Street Journal reports. The ark is one of many replicas worldwide, but the only one that...

150 Animals to Star in Massive 'Ark' Musical

Where? Where but Branson, Missouri?

(Newser) - Hold on to your camels, folks: A full-blown Biblical gala is opening tonight in Branson, Mo., in the form of Noah—the Musical. The show will feature more than 40 actors and 150 animals, half live, half animatronic, the Economist reports.

Creation Geologists Rock World
Creation Geologists Rock World

Creation Geologists Rock World

They're well-credentialed and unafraid of data

(Newser) - Today's creationist geologists are not who the secular may think. Numerous and thriving, many hold advanced degrees from top universities, and are making evangelicals more open to scientific evidence. And they are experts for the nearly half of Americans who believe God created the Earth in the last 10,000...

Noah's Flood Transformed Agriculture
Noah's Flood Transformed Agriculture

Noah's Flood Transformed Agriculture

Melting glaciers inundated Black Sea, scattered farmers

(Newser) - The real-life inspiration for the biblical flood may have been responsible for the widespread adoption of agriculture in Europe, according to a new study. About 8,000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age, ice sheets melted, causing massive flooding in the Black Sea basin. That forced...

Hollywood Prays for Laughs from the Faithful

With 'Evan Almighty,' Universal skews pious in comedy division

(Newser) - God is returning to the big screen this Friday in Universal's Evan Almighty, a big-budget comedy aimed at the churchgoing. The LA TImes recalls that Hollywood used to balk at religiously-inflected films, but saw the light when Mel Gibson's spiritual blockbuster The Passion of the Christ raked in $370M in...

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