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No One Charged in Filmed Sex Act Called Assault

Woman reportedly gave consent, but she doesn't remember night

(Newser) - After bystanders filmed a man publicly performing oral sex on a woman, the woman reported an assault—but a grand jury has decided against any charges, a prosecutor says. The two 20-year-old students had been drinking in a bar together, says Athens County, Ohio, prosecutor Keller Blackburn. They walked out...

Live Orgasm in Class Creates Mess for Northwestern

University president says he's troubled by incident

(Newser) - Northwestern University initially backed the professor whose idea of an extracurricular activity was allowing his students to watch a naked woman orgasm onstage —but after the incident received national attention, officials now say they are investigating. In a statement, the university president said the demonstration "represented extremely poor...

Sex 101: Northwestern Class Watches Live Orgasm

Human sexuality class gets live demonstration

(Newser) - Class presentations don’t get much more unconventional: last week Northwestern psychology professor John Bailey held an optional after-class demonstration in which a naked woman had an orgasm live onstage, as a man identified as her fiance used a sex toy known as a “f---saw” on her. The girl...

It Takes a Village to Raise a Sex Rumpus

 It Takes a 
 Village to Raise 
 a Sex Rumpus 

It Takes a Village to Raise a Sex Rumpus

Puttenham grapples with al fresco assignations

(Newser) - A quaint English village is being overtaken by wildlife—and it's not the furry kind. Puttenham, population 2,500, has become a favorite spot for "dogging"—public sex—by British exhibitionists as well as their trailing audience of voyeurs who love to be entertained al fresco. Dogging is...

Ballpark Booty Call Rattles Fan, Young Son

Dad complains to newspaper about restroom assignation

(Newser) - Dr. Paul Nemeth got an unwelcome extra show when he took his 6-year-old son to the bathroom during Opening Day at US Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox. As they were waiting in line for a urinal, Nemeth noticed a pair of feet twitching oddly under a stall....

Now Sexting Lands Dubai Travelers in Prison

Flirty texts indicated pair 'aimed to commit sin'

(Newser) - Dubai has lowered the boom—again—on travelers whose behavior runs afoul of the nation's strict morality laws by sentencing a couple to 3 months in prison for sexting. The flirty texts indicated the Indian pair, who work for Emirates airlines, intended to "commit sin," according to court...

Couple Caught Having Sex on Windsor Castle's Lawn

(Newser) - Let's hope the queen had her shades drawn. A couple in Britain stripped off their clothes and began having sex on the lawn of Windsor Castle today, the Guardian reports. “People were shouting things like, ‘What are you doing?’ but the couple didn't seem to care,” said...

Man Jailed After Tryst With Car-Wash Vacuum

Crime is 'receiving sexual favors' from machine

(Newser) - A 29-year-old Michigan man was been jailed over the weekend for “receiving sexual favors from a vacuum” at a car wash, the Saginaw News reports. The policeman who—responding to a call of “someone acting suspicious”—discovered the man in the act said, “I've seen some...

Brits Sentenced for Dubai Beach Sex

Vacationing couple slapped with 3-month sentences for sand snuggle

(Newser) - A British couple has been slapped with a three-month sentence for a drunken roll in the sand on a Dubai beach, the Guardian reports. Prosecutors say the pair—an expatriate woman and a visiting businessman—were spotted having sex on the beach after meeting each other at a champagne brunch...

Pair Gets it On ... in a Police Lot

(Newser) - Cops didn't have to go far to find a Pennsylvania couple having sex in a car after some weekend revelry, the Morning Call of Allentown reports. In their haste, the pair had parked in a police station lot. Both said they were drinking at a college party and did not...

Why Take the Risk of Public Sex?
 Why Take the Risk
 of Public Sex? 

Why Take the Risk of Public Sex?

Confessionals, beaches, bathrooms: 22% of Americans are oddly willing

(Newser) - The story of a quickie in an office bathroom got one scribe wondering: Why risk job, humiliation, and even prison to do it in a public place? Diane Mapes admits in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer to fooling around by a river, but never on a beach or a church during Mass—...

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