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Girlfriend: Married Texas Police Chief Duped Me, Others

Authorities say Jason Collier sent phony annulment papers to one of his mistresses

(Newser) - A tale of betrayal went viral on Facebook this week, and now a Texas police chief has stepped down—and faces charges. The post put up Tuesday by Cecily Steinmetz, of Amarillo, noted that she did not recommend the City of Stinnett, mainly due to Jason Collier being a "...

Judge Annuls Marriage Due to Lack of Sex
In Move 'So Rare,'
Marriage Annulled 
Due to Lack of Sex

In Move 'So Rare,' Marriage Annulled Due to Lack of Sex

Man couldn't maintain an erection, Canada woman claims

(Newser) - In what the CBC declares "a legal procedure so rare Statistics Canada doesn't even track the numbers," a Canadian couple had their marriage annulled because of the husband's inability to maintain an erection. A British Columbia Supreme Court justice granted the annulment sought by a BC...

Pope Changes Annulments in Biggest Way Since 1700s

Francis makes them easier, cheaper to obtain

(Newser) - Pope Francis majorly reformed annulments today, in a move that Reuters describes as the "most substantial changes" to the process since the mid-1700s, changes that "radically" simplify it. CNN reports that the reforms, contained in two "motu proprio" ("by his own initiative") documents, are threefold:...

Getting an Annulment Is Getting Easier

Francis, who has long called for them to be free, issues new reforms tomorrow

(Newser) - Pope Francis tomorrow will release a new streamlined process for annulling marriages after he—and generations of Catholics before him—complained that the church's current system is cumbersome, costly, and often unfair. The Vatican said Francis would release the new rules after a commission of canon lawyers spent the...

WNBA Marriage Gets Nasty, Implodes After 28 Days

Brittney Griner files for annulment against Glory Johnson

(Newser) - This looks messy: WNBA players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson seem headed for a breakup just 28 days into their budding marriage, People reports. The move comes right after Johnson announced her pregnancy, and six weeks after the 24-year-olds were arrested and got league suspensions for getting in a fight...

Pope Marries Couples Who Were Living in Sin

Marriage is 'real life, not some TV show,' he says

(Newser) - Telling his audience that marriage is "real life, not some TV show," Pope Francis today married a somewhat risque group—by Catholic Church standards, anyway—of 20 couples that included a guy who annulled his first marriage, the mother of an out-of-wedlock daughter, and couples who were already...

'Baby Bride' Wins Annulment
 'Baby Bride' Wins Annulment 

'Baby Bride' Wins Annulment

Bride married at 1, wins annulment at 18

(Newser) - An Indian "baby bride" wedded at the age of 12 months to a 3-year-old groom has won an annulment of the marriage 17 years later. "I was unhappy about the marriage,” said Laxmi Sargara. “I told my parents, who did not agree with me, then I...

Pope: Marriage Is Not a Right
 Pope: Marriage Is Not a Right 

Pope: Marriage Is Not a Right

Benedict wants better pre-marital counseling to reduce annulments

(Newser) - Marriage isn't a God-given right and it's not just for any schmuck, Pope Benedict said yesterday in an annual speech to the Vatican's tribunal that rules on annulments. "No one can make a claim to the right to a nuptial ceremony," he said. The pontiff also urged priests...

Ambassador to Dubai Annuls Marriage to Bearded Wife

Diplomat says he was duped throughout courtship

(Newser) - An Arab country's ambassador to Dubai had his marriage annulled after discovering he'd accidentally married a bearded, cross-eyed woman. The ambassador says his bride-to-be's face had been covered by a niqab throughout their courtship and he only discovered the beard when he went to kiss her at their wedding. He...

Saudi Preteen Seeks Divorce From 80-Year-old Husband

Human Rights Commission backing girl

(Newser) - A 12-year-old Saudi girl is seeking a divorce from her 80-year-old husband with the help of the state-run Human Rights Commission. The preteen was married last year to her elderly cousin against her and her mother's wishes in exchange for a $30,000 dowry. It's the first time the Saudi...

Make Annulments Tougher: Pope
 Make Annulments 
 Tougher: Pope 

Make Annulments Tougher: Pope

Benedict thinks pessimism about lasting marriage is driving trend

(Newser) - Pope Benedict wants Catholic Church tribunals to make marriage annulments more difficult to get. “We run the risk of falling into an anthropological pessimism which, in the light of today's cultural situation, considers it almost impossible to marry,” he said today. Marriage is stronger than people think, he...

Saudi Child Bride's Marriage Annulled

Wedding to middle-aged man sparked global controversy

(Newser) - The marriage of an eight-year-old Saudi girl to a man in his 50s that drew worldwide attention has been annulled in an out-of-court settlement, the BBC reports. A judge had twice denied the girl—reportedly married off by her father to pay a debt—a divorce. The case has led...

Virginity Lie Not Grounds for Annulment

French court ruling makes Muslim couple married again

(Newser) - France has overturned a lower court decision annulling a Muslim couple’s marriage on grounds that the bride lied about being a virgin, the BBC reports. That means the couple is married again—whether they like it or not. Husband and wife both accepted the original decision, but it sparked...

More Muslim Women Seeking Surgery to 'Restore' Virginity

Demand for operation rises at private European clinics

(Newser) - An increasing number of Muslim women in Europe, caught between the sexual freedom of the West and the traditions of their families, are undergoing hymenoplasty  to "restore" their virginity after lapses, the New York Times reports. The surgery to repair the hymen, if done properly, won't be detected when...

French Judge Annuls Wedding Over Virgin Fib

Country outraged by decision for Muslim groom

(Newser) - A judge's decision to annul a Muslim wedding because the bride was not a virgin has caused outrage in France, the London Times reports. The groom emerged from the bedroom to complain about his bride while the wedding party was still going on and went to the judge the next...

Pam Anderson Annuls 10-Week Marriage

Cites 'fraud' in dumping Paris' infamous ex, Rick Salomon

(Newser) - Uber babe Pamela Anderson's latest marriage has been annulled, making it her shortest yet, AP reports. The former Baywatch star married Rick Salomon—best known for co-starring in the Paris Hilton sex tape—in Vegas in October. The pair separated 10 weeks later. Court documents filed last week cited "...

Separated at Birth, Twins Marry
Separated at Birth, Twins Marry

Separated at Birth, Twins Marry

British court annuls incestuous union

(Newser) - A British court has annulled the marriage of a couple who learned they were twins separated at birth, the Telegraph reports. Their identities and the specifics of their romance remain secret, but a member of the House of Lords who have access to the details said the siblings had felt...

Church Nixes Joe K's Annulment
Church Nixes Joe K's Annulment

Church Nixes Joe K's Annulment

Political scion's first marriage just won't quit

(Newser) - Politics and religion collided today with the revelation by Joe Kennedy's ex-wife that the Catholic Church has reversed its decision to annul their marriage. Sheila Rauch Kennedy, an Episcopalian, tells Time that the process of invalidating her marriage to the ex-congressman was "dishonest, and it was important to stand...

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