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Canada's Niagara Region Calls State of Emergency on Eclipse

Niagara Falls mayor says he expects to see most visitors to his city ever in a single day on April 8

(Newser) - Ontario's Niagara Region has declared a state of emergency as it prepares to welcome up to a million visitors for the solar eclipse in early April. The total solar eclipse on April 8 will be the first to touch the province since 1979, and Niagara Falls was declared by...

Canadian Schools Sue Social Media Giants

Lawsuits say apps are wreaking havoc with students' education

(Newser) - Four of the largest school boards in the Canadian province of Ontario launched lawsuits Thursday against TikTok, Meta, and Snapchat, alleging the social media platforms are disrupting student learning. The lawsuits claim platforms like Facebook and Instagram are "designed for compulsive use, have rewired the way children think, behave,...

Beekeeper Says 'I Hope to Never Experience It Again'
Beekeeper Says 'I Hope
to Never Experience It Again'

Beekeeper Says 'I Hope to Never Experience It Again'

5M bees fell off a truck in Canada on Wednesday

(Newser) - "I hope to never experience it again," says a beekeeper who was asked to come to the rescue on Wednesday morning after 5 million bees toppled off a truck in Canada. Police phoned Michael Barber, owner of Tri-City Bee Rescue, and requested he assist at the scene in...

City's Mayoral Race Certainly Has Interesting Candidates

Molly the rescue pup, comedian, former police chief, high school senior all vying for Toronto title

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan made his picks for the six top contenders to be the next mayor of Ontario's capital, after Friday's deadline for submitting candidacy papers came and went. Most notable in this year's mayoral race, Keenan wrote: the "whopping" 102...

He Signed $400K Deal for Home, Was Told to Pay Another $100K

'Toronto Life' explores the chaotic world of Ontario real estate

(Newser) - Toronto is certainly not the only city in recent years to experience a building boom and soaring home prices. Nor is it the only place whose construction industry was upended by pandemic-related supply and labor crunches. But the greater Toronto area had a shortage of affordable housing long before the...

Brothers Who Haven't Spoken in Decades Both Want to Be Mayor

Estranged siblings are squaring off for the office in Canadian town of Port Colborne

(Newser) - Port Colborne is looking for its next mayor, and on Monday, the small Ontario town will decide if that person is going to be incumbent Bill Steele or his only challenger, Charles Steele—the estranged brother he hasn't spoken to more than 30 years. "A lot of politicians...

TikTok Influencer's First Skydive Ends in Tragedy

Tanya Pardazi, 21, died during jump outside Toronto last month

(Newser) - On Aug. 29, a statement from Skydive Toronto announced the death two days earlier of a 21-year-old skydiving student, citing "fatal injuries obtained from an emergency situation." It didn't identify the student, but now her name is out, and it's a fairly well-known one: Tanya Pardazi,...

Not the Loch Ness Monster in Detroit, but Something Else Amazing

What may be first river otter seen in 100 years in Detroit River shows water pollution is decreasing

(Newser) - "As a PhD student in marine ecology, Eric Ste Marie knew what he saw was rare." That sighting in the Detroit River last month, as described by WXYZ , is now making headlines, and it may be the first of its kind in a century. Ste Marie, a 27-year-old...

Crash of Small Plane Kills 2 Wanted Gang Members

Including the No. 2 on Canada's most-wanted list

(Newser) - Two men with ties to organized crime—one an alleged international hit man and the other accused in a murder plot, both with outstanding warrants for their arrests—have died in a small plane crash in Canada. Authorities are investigating what brought down the plane over a stretch of forest...

She Fled Home After Assault. The Worst Was Yet to Come

Canadian police seek help in finding Elnaz Hajtamiri following Jan. 12 abduction

(Newser) - Opening up the door of the home in the small Canadian town of Wasaga Beach, the owner saw three armed men who looked like police officers. They claimed to have an arrest warrant for Elnaz Hajtamiri, a 37-year-old Iranian-born woman who was staying at the home, whom they proceeded to...

Man Armed With Hatchet, Bear Spray Attacks Mosque

He was subdued by worshipers at Canadian mosque

(Newser) - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the courage of worshipers at a Toronto-area mosque after they fended off an attacker armed with a hatchet and bear spray. Police say the attacker was subdued by worshipers at the Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Center in Mississauga Saturday morning, the CBC reports. Mohammad Moiz Omar,...

Police Help Woman Who Contacted Wrong Force—3K Miles Away

Canadian woman mistakenly reported break-in to Durham police in the UK, rather than Ontario

(Newser) - Police in the UK helped ensure a Canadian woman received help after she reported a break-in to the wrong Durham police force. The victim had meant to contact Ontario's Durham Regional Police Force on Wednesday morning. Instead, she reached out to the Durham Constabulary in the UK using a...

Cops Show Up at Dawn at Ambassador Bridge

Trucker protest seemed to dissolve peacefully as police moved in to enforce injunction

(Newser) - A tense standoff at a US-Canadian border crossing crucial to both countries' economies appeared to be dissolving peacefully Saturday as Canadian police moved in to disperse the nearly weeklong blockade, and demonstrators began leaving without resistance. Many protesters drove away from the Ambassador Bridge spanning the river between Detroit and...

Ontario Judge Orders Truckers to End Blockade of Bridge

Premier declares state of emergency in the province

(Newser) - Updated: This file has been updated with the injunction issued in Ontario. After nearly two full weeks of protests in Ottawa and other Canadian cities, Ontario's premier has a message for the protesters. "It's time to end these occupations and go home," Doug Ford said in...

New Rx From Canadian Docs: Date With Mother Nature

Canadian doctors can prescribe free yearlong pass to 80 national parks, historic sites to boost health

(Newser) - Just what the doctor ordered: a stroll through your local national park. That's the new prescription that patients in several Canadian provinces might now receive from health care professionals, thanks to a program being backed by Parks Canada. The Squamish Chief reports the government agency has joined PaRx: A...

3 Nurses Sue for $1M After Airing COVID Views

Ontario RNs accused of spreading misinformation file complaint against nurses group, media org

(Newser) - Three nurses in Canada who saw repercussions after voicing conspiracy theories online about COVID have now filed a $1 million libel lawsuit. Per the CBC , the complaint by Kristen Nagle, Kristal Pitter, and Sara Choujounian—registered Dec. 13 against the Canadian Nurses Association, CNA executives, and Together News Inc., a...

Police: Teenage Thief Got $36M in Cryptocurrency

Canadian scammer intercepted authentication request, investigators say

(Newser) - A cross-border investigation has led to the arrest of a teenager in Canada suspected of a cryptocurrency theft of more than $36 million US from a single person. Officials called it the largest cryptocurrency scam involving one person in Canadian history, CTV News reports. Police did not release the age...

Trapped Miners All Freed After 'Physically Taxing' Climb

They used a secondary ladder system to reach the surface

(Newser) - Update: More than three dozen miners who were trapped underground in central Canada on Sunday have all been freed thanks to ladders. The BBC reports a secondary ladder system enabled them to leave the mine, but required that they climb as many as 4,000 feet to the surface. The...

Prof to Teach Class on Drake, the Weeknd: 'It's Time'

Canada's Ryerson University is offering deep-dive course on Toronto-born performers

(Newser) - If you're an undergrad at the Creative School, part of Toronto's Ryerson University, there's a class on Aubrey Drake Graham and Abel Makkonen Tesfaye that may interest you. Don't recognize those names? You likely know them as Drake and the Weeknd, and if you want to...

Cop Who Shot Fellow Cop: I Kept Firing Till He Dropped His Gun

Shane Donovan says Nathan Parker came at him with a baton: 'It was either me or him'

(Newser) - A Canadian police officer who fired at least 10 shots at a fellow officer during a 2018 altercation says, "It was either me or him." Though Niagara Regional Police Det. Sgt. Shane Donovan was the one to open fire, it's Constable Nathan Parker who's on trial...

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