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Garfield Creator Has Gift for Auction House

Cartoonist Jim Davis says it was 'just a logical thing'

(Newser) - Cartoonist Jim Davis is offering up more than 11,000 Garfield comic strips hand-drawn on paper in an auction that will stretch into the coming years, with at least a couple of strips featuring the always-hungry orange cat with a sardonic sense of humor available weekly. “There are just...

Weird Garfield Mystery Is Finally Solved

Long-lost shipping container lodged in French cave has been dispensing plastic phones for decades

(Newser) - For 35 years, parts of Garfield novelty telephones have been washing up on the shores of the Brittany region of France, and no one knew why. Now the mystery has been solved: The cat-shaped phones are coming from a long-lost shipping container, reports the BBC . Renewed attention to the weird...

Jim Davis: Yes, Garfield Is Male, Geez

The internet got into a serious thing about Garfield's gender identity

(Newser) - Last week, the internet nearly tore itself asunder arguing about Garfield's gender identity. Yes, that lasagna-loving, Monday-hating Garfield. The literal cat fight started when writer Virgil Texas pointed to a 2014 interview in which creator Jim Davis said Garfield is "not really male or female" because he's...

Garfield Creator Apologizes to Vets for 'Stupid Day' Strip

Yesterday's comic was 'worst timing ever,' Jim Davis admits

(Newser) - Garfield creator Jim Davis has apologized after accidentally causing an uproar with a Veterans Day comic. The strip—viewable here —shows spiders celebrating "National Stupid Day" in remembrance of a squished colleague. Davis says he wrote the strip nearly a year ago and didn't know it would run...

Bill Murray: I Thought Garfield Was Coen Bros. Movie

In rare interview, he finally explains odd career choice

(Newser) - Bill Murray is known for not giving interviews—he’s sat for four in the past 10 years—but he gave one to Dan Fierman for GQ . In it, he admits he’s never seen Seinfeld, calls Kung Fu Hustle “the supreme achievement of the modern age in terms...

What's In and Out for 2009
 What's In and Out for 2009 

What's In and Out for 2009

A new year, a new inane list of trends that are sure to look dumb by December

(Newser) - The New Year is here, and that means it’s time to clean out the cultural wardrobe. Hank Stuever of the Washington Post offers his annual take on things that are so last year, and others sure to be cool in the next 12 months:
  • Out: LOLcats
  • In: “Garfield

'Garfield' Without Garfield Lands Book Deal

Surreal blog branches out with original creator's blessing

(Newser) - Some comic strip authors might be miffed—or turn litigious—if a fan became a minor celebrity by systematically removing the namesake character and posting the edited strips on the Internet. Not "Garfield" creator Jim Davis, Editor & Publisher reports. With his blessing, Davis’ publisher will issue a book...

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