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Men Think Going Green Will Make Them Wimps

But researchers say the right marketing can sway them

(Newser) - A business professor recently set out to learn what is driving one longstanding gender gap. Women tend to be more environmentally conscious than men on all kinds of levels, from energy use to concern about climate change, reports the Washington Post . So Notre Dame business professor James Wilkie conducted seven... More »

Congress Buys GOP's Foam Cups From Ex-Koch Exec

But the cafeteria managers, not GOP, chose his company

(Newser) - The GOP's decision to bring back Styrofoam cups to a Capitol cafeteria has been a real boon for an old pal of the seemingly ever-present Koch brothers. The owner of WinCup, the company supplying the Styrofoam cups, is a former Koch Industries exec, the Huffington Post reports. But everybody swears... More »

Going Green? Bah! GOP Brings Back Foam Cups

Republicans reverse Democrats' green initiatives in Congress cafeterias

(Newser) - The Republicans are back in control of the House, and they're bringing something with them: styrofoam cups. The cups, along with plastic forks and a number of other things seen as not eco-friendly, were done away with four years ago by Nancy Pelosi to reduce Congress's carbon footprint. Now, the... More »

13 Recyclables No One Actually Wants to Reuse

Going green is great and all, but who would want your old bras?

(Newser) - It seems like everyone wants to go green these days—but there are some recyclables that just don’t seem like they should be reused. Brittny Drye lists 13 on The Stir :
  • Bras: You might not want to wear someone else’s stretched-out bra, but The Bra Recyclers will donate
... More »

The Grossest Green Products

Even obsessed eco-lovers might quail at some of these

(Newser) - Going green is good and all, but sometimes it can also be gross. rounds up a dozen weird, eco-friendly inventions, some of which are also fairly icky:
  • Fertilizer: Specifically, made from human waste or, possibly even weirder, human remains.
  • Clothing: We all need something to wear, but would
... More »

Sun Chips Dumps Loud —and Green—Bag

No one wants their chips to sound like a jet engine, apparently

(Newser) - Frito-Lay tried to go green, it really did, but that compostable Sun Chips bag was just too darn loud . The biodegradable bag, made from plant material, made more of a splash for its ridiculous volume than it did for its ability to be recycled, and has been compared to a... More »

NBC's Eco-Love Could Make You Green

'Behavior placement' goes beyond product placement

(Newser) - Tune into NBC Universal the week of April 19th and you'll see characters recycling, reducing their carbon footprints, and eating organic food. This semi-annual week of 100 hours of eco-friendly programming is part of the network's "behavior placement" strategy, which drives ad sales by inserting a feel-good theme into... More »

5 Big Fat Green Food Lies

McDonald's and other companies that aren't as green as they act

(Newser) - The food industry hasn’t missed the fact that many people are hopping on the green bandwagon. But how can you tell the difference between true sustainability and marketing baloney? Anna Lappe lists the five least green claims in her book Diet for a Hot Planet, excerpted by Salon :
  • Sara
... More »

Why Canned Beer's Better (And Which to Pick Up)

Bottle pales in comparison on taste and eco-friendliness

(Newser) - Canned beer isn’t just for redneck fishing trips any more, and next Sunday’s Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to re-introduce yourself. Via Serious Eats, reasons why cans are better than bottles, and the best canned brews out there:
  • Cans stack well in the fridge—leaving room for
... More »

Green Buying Leads to Bad Behavior

After earning 'moral credits,' subjects more likely to cheat, steal

(Newser) - The satisfaction people get from purchasing environmentally friendly products is apt to lead to other selfish, even morally repugnant decisions later, writes Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow on Slate . It's not just the complacency that comes from thinking you've done your part for the planet, however insignificant. It's something researchers call "moral... More »

Gisele Named UN Goodwill Ambassador

Bundchen more than just a supermodel, has long campaigned for environmental issues

(Newser) - Gisele Bundchen will have more than a baby with hubby Tom Brady to keep her busy—yesterday she was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, the Boston Herald reports. “Mother Earth is our fundamental life-support system, and by becoming aware and responsible now, we can... More »

Timberlake Opens 'Green' Golf Course

First to receive Audobon certification

(Newser) - Justin Timberlake took his well-known passion for golf and channeled it into creating an eco-friendly course, the first in the nation to be dubbed an Audubon Classic Sanctuary, the Commercial Appeal reports. Mirimichi, located near Memphis, was a $16 million labor of love for the singer, who says that in... More »

Plastic Wine Bottles Eco-Friendly, but Drink It Fast

Wine can go bad after less than a year

(Newser) - Some are looking to recycled plastic bottles as the future of wine packaging—but though they are more eco-friendly, such bottles are less wine-friendly, Reuters reports. They’re “fine for wine you plan to use under 12 months, but not for wines that are designed to improve in the... More »

Eco-Kosher Jews Aim for Sustainable Sabbath

Culinary consciousness 'gives taste to the text we study': advocate

(Newser) - A new wave of “eco-kosher” Jews treats environmentalism as law, the Los Angeles Times reports. To strengthen their ties to their faith, culinarily conscious believers are hosting sustainable Sabbath dinners using homemade, locally grown foods. “Jewish tradition should heighten our awareness of the choices we’re making,”... More »

Green Marketing Blossoms Despite Recession

'Eco-friendly' products are selling even as consumer spending dwindles

(Newser) - Manufacturers of eco-friendly products are finding themselves in the green despite the sputtering economy, Advertising Age reports. One research company reports 458 launches of products that claim to be sustainable or environmentally friendly in 2009, a trend that—if it holds—would triple the number of green launches last year... More »

9 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

(Newser) - Being sensitive to the environment doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, the green option is often the most cost-effective one. Scientific American spotlights nine ways of cutting your bills as you save the Earth:
  • Shrink your living space. Prefab homes and plans for dwellings as small as 65
... More »

Surging Whiskey Sales Inspire Eco-Distillery

Demand for whiskey hits an all-time high

(Newser) - Worldwide demand for whiskey has prompted Scotland to start building a new eco-friendly distillery, the Guardian reports. The huge, industrial-scale plant will emit only 15% of the usual CO2 and recycle all of its water; its leftover liquids will be used to generate heat. "The important point is that... More »

Biodiesel Gains Converts on Home Front

Reputable retailers selling kits to turn veggie oil to fuel

(Newser) - Half a billion gallons of it were brewed at home last year, and we're not talking beer. Homemade biodiesel is expanding from the days of hippies converting old electric water heaters to mainstream retailers offering safer, reliable processors, Wired reports. Anyone with the equipment, ranging from $3,000 to $13,... More »

Water-Neutral Campaign Is Nothing but Eco-Guilt

If rich countries were really water-neutral, we'd all be dead

(Newser) - A new UK campaign urging people to be more “water wise” lays bare a flaw in the environmental movement, Brendan O’Neill writes in Spiked. The campaign urges people to be conscious of the “virtual water” used on their behalf to carry out tasks like growing coffee beans... More »

Cable Channel's Eco-Cred a Bit Overcooked

Programming on Planet Green 'dappled with incongruities'

(Newser) - Cable channel Planet Green spotlights the eco-friendly in everything, although its message is “dappled with incongruities,” Alessandra Stanley writes in the New York Times, “from an all-fats-allowed celebrity chef to advertisements that undermine the channel’s most heartfelt messages.” The chef in question is Emeril Legasse,... More »

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