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Task Force: Colorectal Cancer Screening Should Start Earlier

They say insurance companies should cover screenings starting at age 45

(Newser) - A government-backed task force says that with cases of colon and rectal cancer steadily rising among younger people, it is lowering the recommended starting age for colorectal cancer screening from 50 to 45. If the proposal from the US Preventive Services Task Force is finalized, which is expected to happen...

Teresa Heinz, Fighting Cancer, Urges Mammograms

Heinz says under-50s should continue annual mammograms

(Newser) - Teresa Heinz, wife of Sen. John Kerry, is being treated for breast cancer discovered in her annual mammogram. The 71-year-old will undergo radiation treatment next month to raise her chances of survival to 95%. Heinz says she believes younger women should continue getting annual mammograms, despite the US Preventive Services...

We Must Reduce Health Care Costs*
We Must
Reduce Health Care Costs*
Eugene Robinson

We Must Reduce Health Care Costs*

*But please don't touch mine, no matter how wasteful

(Newser) - The brouhaha over mammograms proves that we’ll never corral health care costs for one simple reason: no one wants to give up any care. Intellectually, women may understand that life-threatening breast cancer is pretty rare before age 50, but rare doesn’t mean non-existent. “Many women would rather...

Women Refuse to Cut Back on Mammograms: Poll
Women Refuse to Cut Back on Mammograms: Poll
they overestimate risk, too

Women Refuse to Cut Back on Mammograms: Poll

But most are misinformed about the risks

(Newser) - An overwhelming majority of American women intend to ignore the recommendation that they get fewer mammograms, with most wildly overestimating their risk of breast cancer. In a new poll, 84% of women aged 35 to 49 say they still intend to get routine mammograms before age 50, in keeping with...

Welcome to the Conspiracy to Ration Mammograms
Welcome to
the Conspiracy
to Ration Mammograms
Gail Collins

Welcome to the Conspiracy to Ration Mammograms

Don't you dare deny us unnecessary tests!

(Newser) - Republicans are right: the new government guidelines urging women not to have mammograms in their 40s are definitely a nefarious conspiracy to start rationing care. “Whatever happens, we do not want the government conducting any studies on whether current health practices actually do any good,” writes Gail Collins...

Doctors Blast New Mammogram Guidelines

Cancer societies, gynecologists won't follow government's lead

(Newser) - There was an instant backlash from oncologists and gynecologists yesterday after a government panel recommended that that women in their 40s stop getting annual mammograms. “I think it is unfortunate that they came to this conclusion,” the director of imaging at one breast cancer center told the Los ...

Depression Screening for All Teens Worries Parents

Task force calls for adolescent testing with focus on psychotherapy instead of drugs

(Newser) - A federal task force recommendation that all adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 be screened for depression is causing controversy among parents and pediatricians, the Washington Post reports. Critics fear the amount of antidepressant drugs prescribed to teens will rise massively, although the Preventive Services Task Force stressed...

Panel: Don't Screen Older Men for Prostate Cancer

Treatment may be more harmful than helpful after the age of 74

(Newser) - Physicians should stop screening men 75 and older for prostate cancer, according to new guidelines issued by national health task force. Prostate cancer is "overdiagnosed" in up to 44% of cases—that is, the cancer is present but so slow growing that it would probably never produce symptoms in...

8 Stories
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