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Lawsuit: LaCroix Ingredients Are Unnatural and Scary

But the suits seems to rely on vague FDA terminology

(Newser) - A class-action lawsuit against LaCroix sparkling water claims its "100% natural" ingredients are really synthetic, CBS News reports. "Testing reveals that LaCroix contains a number of artificial ingredients, including linalool, which is used in cockroach insecticide," the suit says, accusing parent company National Beverage of "intentionally...

Modern Domesticity: Liberating, or a Step Back?

Progressive women bake and sew to resist industrial influence

(Newser) - Peek into your neighbor's house these days and you'll find a progressive woman canning jams, baking breads, knitting, or sewing. But "my baby boomer mother does not can jam. Or bake bread. Or knit. Or sew," writes Emily Matchar in the Washington Post . "Not did...

Frito-Lay to Make Half Its Chips All-Natural

But don't expect Doritos or Cheetos to join the party

(Newser) - Frito-Lay: Health food company? Well, not exactly, but the oft-maligned snack maker is giving its line a makeover that should play well with the Whole Foods crowd. Starting in 2011, 50% of its line will be made from all-natural ingredients, USA Today reports. That means no more sodium diacetate in...

'Natural' Foods Rile Up Organic Advocates

(Newser) - Americans are buying more so-called "natural" foods and angering advocates of organic, who say the distinction is a scam, the Chicago Tribune reports. The natural food market—that is, any food labeled "natural"—has spiked by 10% to $12.9 billion with cheaper-than-organic prices. But it's mostly...

Homemade Ginger Ale Adds Fizz to Standby

Great summer drink fits move toward local, natural, artisanal

(Newser) - If you’re still sipping ginger ale from a can, you must be sadly misinformed about the latest drink trend. The cool thing now is ginger ale from scratch, informs the New York Times, and bars and restaurants are catching on. Why put in the extra effort of steeping ginger...

Forget Sugar; That Dye Can't Be Good for You

Weighing link to kids' hyperactivity, FDA mulls ban on artificial colors

(Newser) - The FDA is weighing a ban on a handful of artificial food dyes in the face of mounting evidence that some of the chemical compounds trigger hyperactivity in children, reports the Los Angeles Times. "The safety testing on these [dyes] was done 30 to 50 years ago," says...

Beware the Word 'Natural.' It Means Nothing
Beware the
Word 'Natural.' 
It Means Nothing

Beware the Word 'Natural.' It Means Nothing

The FDA won't define it, so it can be, and is, slapped on anything

(Newser) - "Is that natural artificial yellow coloring?" asks Barry Estabrook in Gourmet. Absurd as the question sounds, it's not, given that the Food and Drug Administration "can't be bothered to define the term at all." Eager to get on the "natural" bandwagon, manufacturers are "shamelessly slapping...

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