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CBS Story on Down Syndrome Causes Ruckus Over Abortion
Story About Iceland Sets Off
Angry Debate Over Abortion

Story About Iceland Sets Off Angry Debate Over Abortion

CBS explored the declining number of Down syndrome births

(Newser) - A story by CBS News about the declining number of Down syndrome births in Iceland has caused an uproar, with conservative critics accusing the story of celebrating abortion and others lashing out at Iceland itself. There's so much to unpack that even the myth-busting site Snopes has weighed in...

Palin Angers Animal Rights Groups With Trig Photo

Post shows her son standing on family dog

(Newser) - A new Facebook post by Sarah Palin has raised the ire of animal rights groups because it shows 6-year-old Trig Palin standing on the family dog, reports Politico . Palin was making the case that her son, who has Down syndrome, had provided a lesson in determination and ingenuity. Her post:...

Sarah Palin: Why Trig Is a Blessing
 Sarah Palin: Why 
 Trig Is a Blessing 

Sarah Palin: Why Trig Is a Blessing

Palin reflects on life with a special-needs child

(Newser) - When Sarah Palin learned her baby, Trig, would be born with Down syndrome, she was so scared she "dared not discuss my pregnancy for many months," she writes in the Daily Beast . "All I could seem to muster was a calling out to God to prepare my...

Levi: Bristol Had Baby for Revenge on Sarah

Wasillan releasing tell-all memoir

(Newser) - There's no love lost between the Johnston and Palin clans, and Levi's new tell-all memoir is set to keep the feud going. In Deer In the Headlights, to be released later this month, Johnston claims that Bristol became pregnant with his child to get even with her mother...

Anchorage Columnist: Sarah Is Trig's Mom, Period

Alaska journalists 'believed she was pregnant because she was pregnant'

(Newser) - Now that the "Is Sarah really the mother of Trig?" question is back in play, an Anchorage Daily News columnist issues a plea: "Make it stop." Julia O'Malley dismisses a Kentucky journalism professor's paper on the matter as heavy on "innuendo" and Photoshopped images,...

'Trig Palin Birtherism' Is Back: New Paper Alleges Sarah Palin Really Isn't His Mom
 'Trig Palin Birtherism' Is Back 

'Trig Palin Birtherism' Is Back

New academic paper asserts that 'conspiracy theory' is actually true

(Newser) - More than two years after it first emerged , the issue of Trig Palin's birth is back in the headlines, thanks to a Northern Kentucky University journalism professor. Brad Scharlott's 29-page academic paper on the matter concludes that all the conspiracy theorists were right: Sarah Palin is not Trig's real mother,...

Andrew Sullivan, Let Go of the Trig Conspiracy
Andrew Sullivan, Let Go
of the Trig Conspiracy
dave weigel

Andrew Sullivan, Let Go of the Trig Conspiracy

Sullivan's own guest-blogger criticizes him

(Newser) - One of the guest bloggers filling in for the vacationing Andrew Sullivan this week is Dave Weigel, who's using the space to criticize Sullivan himself. Weigel—the Washington Post blogger recently fired over the JournoList email flap—takes issue with Sullivan's relentless speculation that Trig Palin is the son of...

Down Syndrome Family Guy Actress Rips Palin for 'Using' Trig

'She carries son like loaf of bread, looking for sympathy'

(Newser) - The actress with Down syndrome at the center of a Family Guy-Sarah Palin feud has slammed the one-time VP candidate for carrying around her son "like a loaf of French bread, looking for sympathy and votes." Andrea Fay Friedman was the voice of Chris Griffin's date on a...

You're Right, Palins: Family Guy Writers Are Jerks

Williams reluctantly agrees that Trig gag was just tasteless

(Newser) - Mary Elizabeth Williams would like Family Guy to tone down its shtick a bit, because she agrees with Sarah and Bristol Palin that the show poked unnecessary fun at son Trig...and “I don’t want to have to find myself agreeing with Sarah Palin again for a long...

Sarah, Bristol to Family Guy: 'Heartless Jerks'

Palins use Facebook to air grievances toward Fox

(Newser) - In a moment of restraint, Sarah Palin responded to the Family Guy controversy with a Facebook rant—except it wasn’t a rant, and it wasn't hers. In a post titled “Fox Hollywood—What a Disappointment,” Palin calls the episode that “mocked” son Trig “another kick...

Family Guy Takes on Trig Palin
 Family Guy Takes on Trig Palin 

Family Guy Takes on Trig Palin

Female Down's syndrome character mentions Palin-like mom

(Newser) - Now that Family Guy has taken on Trig Palin, can a demand by his mom on Facebook that the program be yanked be far behind? The popular TV series waded into treacherous waters yesterday with an episode in which a bossy female character with Down's syndrome dating Chris Griffin mentions...

Be Careful, Sarah Palin, You're Exploiting Trig
Be Careful, Sarah Palin, You're Exploiting Trig
kathleen parker

Be Careful, Sarah Palin, You're Exploiting Trig

She needs to pull back from using him as a political tool

(Newser) - Kathleen Parker offers some "mother to mother" advice to Sarah Palin in her column today: "Be careful" about using Trig as a political weapon. "Each time she sallies forth as Mama Bear to America's special-needs citizenry, invoking Trig's name amid demands for her children's privacy, a tiny...

Limbaugh 'Retard' Rant 'Crude And Demeaning': Palin
 Limbaugh 'Retard' Rant 
 'Crude And Demeaning': Palin 

Limbaugh 'Retard' Rant 'Crude And Demeaning': Palin

... but doesn't call for firing, as with Rahm Emanuel

(Newser) - Sarah Palin proved today to be a defender of political correctness no matter which side of aisle the assault comes from, ripping Rush Limbaugh for his use of “ retard .” However, while the former Alaska governor, and mother of a special-needs child, “believes crude and demeaning name calling...

Palin Backs Off Birther Talk
 Palin Backs Off Birther Talk 

Palin Backs Off Birther Talk

Calls birth certificate hoopla 'stupid conspiracy' theory

(Newser) - Sarah Palin backpedaled mightily today on her comments that it was “fair” to question the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate. On a radio show yesterday, Palin said voters were “rightfully making it an issue.” But at 1am today, a posting appeared on her Facebook page...

Sarah and Trig Emerge as Anti-Abortion Stars

Palin's Downs syndrome son a huge hit on the 'Going Rogue' tour

(Newser) - The anti-abortion movement has a new star, and his name is Trig. And, oh yeah, his mom Sarah Palin. While Palin has always been an abortion foe, her profile in the movement has soared since she left the Alaska governor's office, and especially since she started the Going Rogue tour....

'The Wasilla Whack-Job' Reads My Blog!

 'The Wasilla 
 Reads My 

'The Wasilla Whack-Job' Reads My Blog!

Sarah Palin's threat of a libel suit goes a bit awry

(Newser) - Back in the day, public figures were cautioned not to pick fights with people who bought ink by the barrel—namely, newspaper publishers. In the age of the blogger, it's more important to guard against fueling your antagonists with the 21st-century version of ink: attention. Paging Sarah Palin: "The...

Palin Lashes 'Mean' Exhibitionist Levi

Trig is an 'angel,' not 'retarded,' she says

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has lashed out against Levi Johnston for his digs against her, calling him "mean-spirited" as well as "desperate" because he's appearing in Playgirl. "We are appalled at the inflammatory statements," Palin said yesterday through her spokeswoman. She said Levi's comments on CBS yesterday that...

Calm Down at Town Halls: Palin
 Calm Down at Town Halls: Palin 

Calm Down at Town Halls: Palin

(Newser) - Sarah Palin urged supporters to show restraint at town hall meetings, arguing that disruptive protests were giving Democrats ammunition. “There are many disturbing details in the current bill that Washington is trying to rush through Congress,” she said on Facebook yesterday, but we must “not get sidetracked...

Death Panels? Really, Sarah?


Death Panels? Really, Sarah?

(Newser) - So now Sarah Palin alleges that President Obama's "death panels" might have killed Trig had they been in place. "Where to start?" wonders Joan Walsh in Salon. "Palin's entire statement is so ignorant, so bollixed rhetorically and morally, it hurts to read it." Most "health...

Palin: Obama's Health Plan Is 'Downright Evil'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has denounced the Obama administration's plans for health care reform as "downright evil" in a posting on her Facebook page, TPM reports. "The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand...

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