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Xprize Winner Is Betting on Seaweed to Save the Planet

Seaweed farms are a food source and store carbon, but some scientists are wary

(Newser) - The Climate Foundation won a $1 million Milestone award from Elon Musk's Xprize foundation last year for its innovative solutions to trapping carbon via seaweed farming. Now, the group is vying for part of the foundation's $100 million fund alongside 14 other prize winners, but the Guardian reports...

After Decade, Lunar X Prize Sets One Final Deadline

Five teams still hoping to reach moon to win $20M prize

(Newser) - It's officially a five-team space race for $20 million, Quartz reports. The X Prize Foundation announced Tuesday that just five teams remain in its 10-year contest to land a private spacecraft on the moon. According to CNET , the Google Lunar X Prize was first announced in 2007, but none...

X Prize: $7M to Map the Ocean Floor

Foundation will offer big bucks to teams who explore the 'unexplored'

(Newser) - Have a great idea about how to map the ocean floor? It could be worth millions. The X Prize Foundation, which two years ago asked for a way to gauge ocean acidification , is offering $7 million to teams able to develop high-resolution maps of the seafloor over the next three...

Crack Team of Scientists' Goal: 'Make 100 the New 60'

Craig Venter, other experts to form Human Longevity Inc.

(Newser) - A crack team of scientists is coming together with an ambitious goal: Battle aging. Craig Venter, the geneticist who created synthetic life , is pairing up with stem cell leader Dr. Robert Hariri and Dr. Peter Diamandis, founder of the X Prize Foundation ; their Human Longevity Inc. has set its initial...

X Prize's New $2M Task: Gauge Ocean Acidity

Latest X Prize contest could help save coral reefs

(Newser) - The latest X Prize is a big one with a pretty payout. The task? Find out how to measure ocean acidification and you could get close to $2 million for your trouble. You'll also have the added ego boost of helping the world better understand the process behind decaying...

Yes, It's Real: New Company Will Mine Asteroids

It will scour near-earth sites for precious metals

(Newser) - It's official, earthlings: The world's first asteroid-mining company has launched. Planetary Resources had its official coming out party today, the AP reports, with its co-founders laying out their plan to mine outer space for precious metal. The company, which is backed by such big-name investors as James Cameron...

Very Light, Gas-Powered Car Gets 100mpg
 Very Light, Gas-Powered 
 Car Gets 100mpg 
and it's safe for highways

Very Light, Gas-Powered Car Gets 100mpg

700lb car takes on electric and hybrid models in X-Prize competition

(Newser) - The X-Prize competition for fuel-efficient cars is, as you might expect, dominated by hybrids and electric cars. So the Edison2 Very Light Car stands out. It’s a four-door sedan—the last such car remaining in the competition—and it runs on good old-fashioned gasoline, NPR reports. Developed by a...

'Crazy Green Idea' Video Wins Students $25K

Clip challenges techies to create long-term power-storage device

(Newser) - Two California film students won $25,000 for a YouTube video challenging the tech community to develop a rechargeable device far more eco-friendly than standard batteries, BusinessGreen reports. The clip was one of 133 entries in a contest to create a challenge to be met for a future environmental prize....

Contest Offers $25K for Best 'Crazy Green' Scheme

X Prize proposals to be posted on YouTube

(Newser) - The X Prize Foundation is at it again, this time with a new eco-challenge offering $25,000 for the best “crazy green idea” to stop global warming, reports CNET. The organization, famous for its high-stakes engineering contests, is looking for breakthrough ideas in energy and housing. Proposals must be...

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