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College Intern's Grueling 1.2K-Mile Commute Goes Viral

Sophia Celentano actually saves money by flying from SC to gig in NJ every Wednesday

(Newser) - College student Sophia Celentano gets up around 3am every Wednesday to get ready for her summer internship—not because her gig starts very early (it's a traditional 9-to-5), but because she's a "super commuter," flying 600 miles one way from her home in Charleston, South Carolina,...

Lawmaker in Texas Resigns Before He Can Be Expelled

GOP Rep. Bryan Slaton is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a 19-year-old

(Newser) - A Republican Texas state lawmaker resigned Monday ahead of an expected vote to expel him after an investigation found he had inappropriate sexual conduct with a 19-year-old intern, per the AP . The resignation letter of Rep. Bryan Slaton, 45, did not address the allegations. “I look forward to spending...

Dreading an Internship? Would Being Paid $16K a Month Help?

Finance companies are paying big bucks amid a 'particularly tough recruitment year'

(Newser) - College students continue to vie for coveted Wall Street internships over the summer, and for good reason: Unlike internships in many other industries, they come with a fat paycheck. Fast Company cites a recent Glassdoor ranking of the top-paying US internships, a list in which finance companies "performed extremely...

NASA Intern Gets Canned After Raunchy Online Tweets

She responded to Space Council's Homer Hickam with a vulgar post

(Newser) - "Everyone shut the f--- up I got accepted for a NASA internship," an excited Twitter user wrote Monday. As of Thursday, the internship offer was no more, per BuzzFeed . "Suck my d--- and b---s I'm working at NASA," the user identified as "Naomi H"...

Intern Cursed at Trump. Now, 'Consequences'

Caitlin Marriott, 21, suspended over June 19 expletive

(Newser) - A Democratic senator's intern has been suspended over two words that matter as much as their target. Caitlin Marriott was heard on video yelling, "Mr. President, f--- you!" in the rotunda of the US Capitol on June 19, seconds before President Trump passed by en route to...

High School Grads Don Bikinis for Power Plant Internship

Czech nuclear station apologizes for holding contest, taking pics of girls

(Newser) - The French designer of the bikini may have named his invention after the atoll in the Marshall Islands where the US detonated nuclear devices in the mid-1940s, but a power plant in the Czech Republic is in trouble after drawing too clear a line linking the explosive power source and...

40 Interns Sue Olsen Twins, Claim Long Hours, No Pay

Complaint accuses twins' company of wage theft, demanding work conditions

(Newser) - Performing menial tasks around the clock for no pay is the main complaint in a class-action lawsuit brought by 40 current and past interns at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's company, USA Today reports—a working environment in which interns were forced to, as Gothamist frames it, "suffer numerous...

This 15-Year-Old Intern Found Something 'Amazing'
This 15-Year-Old Intern
Found Something 'Amazing'
in case you missed it

This 15-Year-Old Intern Found Something 'Amazing'

It took 2 years to confirm that WASP-142b is indeed a planet

(Newser) - British high school student Tom Wagg already has a line on his resume most of us can only dream of. While interning at Keele University two years ago, the then-15-year-old found what looked to be a planet; telescopes in Chile were used to take a deeper look, and now astronomers...

'Frank Underwood' Steps Down After Sexting Scandal

Diehl quits Mo. speakership, GOP seat

(Newser) - Missouri House Speaker John Diehl says that he's resigning from the Legislature after acknowledging that he exchanged sexually suggestive text messages with a college student serving as a Capitol intern. The married father of three says he is stepping down both from his House speaker position and from his...

'Frank Underwood' Busted Sending Intern Sexy Texts

Mo. lawmaker John Diehl, married dad of 3, has apologized

(Newser) - Texts like "God I want you right now" and "Laying in bed looking at your pic," accompanied by smiling, winking emoticons, are exactly the types of messages you shouldn't be sending to a college intern if you're a state legislator. But Missouri House Speaker John...

Intern Case Would Be Awkward for Supreme Court
Intern Case Would Be Awkward for Supreme Court

Intern Case Would Be Awkward for Supreme Court

...Because interns there don't get paid, either

(Newser) - Cases have been popping up recently of unpaid interns suing their non-employers , and hopefully someday one of them makes its way to the Supreme Court. "There it would put a spotlight on a great irony: The Supreme Court has unpaid interns, too," Jonathan Weil at Bloomberg points out....

Judge to Intern: You Can't Sue Over Sex Harassment

Because she's not a paid employee

(Newser) - If you thought being unpaid was the worst part about being an "unpaid intern," consider this: A judge has ruled that a female intern can't sue her male boss on a sexual harassment claim because she is not an employee and thus not entitled to the usual...

Bank of America Intern Dies After 3 All-Nighters: Sources

Moritz Erhardt reportedly suffered from epilepsy

(Newser) - A 21-year-old intern at Bank of America in London had reportedly worked 72 hours straight when he collapsed in the shower and died, according to the Independent and other sources , which are citing Internet chatter. Moritz Erhardt "went home at 6am three days in a row," according to...

Intern Recites Mean Girls in 30 Minutes

Christopher Rosa of NextMovie gets it word for word (we think)

(Newser) - Never caught the 2004 flick Mean Girls ? Got 30 minutes to spare? If the answer to both is yes (or if you just love all things Mean Girls), then NextMovie has just the video for you. "Intern extraordinaire" Christopher Rosa recites the entire film in less than 30...

It's About Time We Started Paying Interns

Cullen Seltzer on the 'Black Swan' ruling

(Newser) - The unpaid Black Swan interns who sued Fox Searchlight over having to perform menial tasks like making coffee won their case last week: A federal judge ruled that not paying the interns was a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. It's about time, writes Cullen Seltzer on Slate...

Guess Where Even the Interns Make $6.3K per Month

Facebook tops survey of best workplaces in America

(Newser) - It looks like Facebook should be expecting a lot more friend requests. The social networking giant just topped Glassdoor's latest employee choice awards, making it the best place to work in America, reports Slate . And what makes Facebook such a wonderful place of employment? Good people, swanky snack lounges,...

Foxconn: We Hired Underage Interns

Company sends 14- to 16-year-olds back to school

(Newser) - A Foxconn internal investigation found the company employed underage interns for three weeks, the firm tells Bloomberg . An advocacy group yesterday cited a "small number" of summer interns between the ages of 14 and 16. "Any Foxconn employee found, through our investigation, to be responsible for these violations...

Black Swan Interns Sue Over Having to Make Coffee

They should have been paid for non-educational tasks, they argue

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom states that being an unpaid intern means making an awful lot of coffee, but two such interns decided not to take that sort of treatment lying down. Alex Footman and Eric Glatt are suing Fox Searchlight Pictures over their Black Swan internships, claiming that the production company violated...

Intern Stanched Giffords' Bleeding 'Til Help Came

It was Day 5 on the job for Daniel Hernandez

(Newser) - Daniel Hernandez might have expected to be answering the phone or making coffee, but on the fifth day of his internship he found himself covered in his boss' blood, reports the Arizona Republic: As shots rang out yesterday, Hernandez says he ran toward the victims. "I don't even know...

Students Paying Thousands for Internships

With economy in trouble, paid positions harder to find

(Newser) - As internships get harder and harder to come by, forget the idea that you'll actually get paid for one: Increasingly, college students are the ones paying for the internship. The Washington Post investigates the phenomenon in DC, where the supposedly nonprofit "internship program" industry has been thriving (millions of...

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